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He's Too Cute - SEPT 20

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Mikey and Alicia talk about him leaving and Frank prepares a special dinner for Jamia

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“Think we should just go out and grab a bite to eat?” Mikey asked looking up from the floor. Actually he was lying on top of his suitcase, which was on the floor.
Alicia giggled, “Think you packed too much?’
He pushed down will all his weight and finally snapped the locks. He rolled off the suitcase and landed flat on his back. Looking up at her he grinned, “I only took what I need.”
Alicia stuck out her hand to help him up. “Right, baby. Just want you need and nothing else.”
Once standing he pulled her into his arms, “Okay, I lied. If I had packed everything I needed you would be in the suitcase.” He whispered into her ear.
“I’m gonna miss the fuck out of you.” Alicia told him laying her head on his chest.
“Same here.” He whispered back. Slowly he rocked her in his arms. “You still could go.”
She smiled sadly, “Can’t. I have Jamia watch and you have Gerard to watch.”
Mikey was surprised by her words. “Gee’s okay now. He and Monica are all good.”
Alicia laughed, “Men, you guys can be so fucking clueless sometimes. Gee hurt Monica bad. Yeah, she says she’s forgiven him and maybe she really has but you gotta know trust is gonna be an issue. He can’t fuck up again. I don’t think she could take another episode like what happened with Eliza in Europe.”
“He won’t.” Mikey said, growing slightly angry. “Give the guy a break.”
“I did, we all did.”
Mikey said slowly. “But it’s over now. Gee loves Monica. He won’t fuck up again.” He tried to say this with conviction.
“I hope you’re right.” Alicia said softly, “Monica is like a sister to me. Fuck, we even argue like sisters now. She had dealt with so much shit in her life. I just want them to be happy.”
“They are happy.” Mikey said. “I know my brother and he loves her.”
“And she loves him. I just don’t want anything to mess up what they have.”
“What could mess up what they have?” Mikey asked wondering what she was thinking,
“Liv” Alicia said softly.
Mikey thought a moment. He wouldn’t have been completely honest if he said he hadn’t thought the same thing.
“But Gee is over her. That was a long time ago. He was a different person then.”
Alicia hugged him closer, “I know but he and Liv had a child together. That’s the bond that will forever keep them in contact.”
“Monica really loves that little girl doesn’t she?”
“Yeah, with all her heart.” Alicia sighed, “and I know that it breaks her heart she will never be able to have a child with Gee.”
Mikey knew what she said was the truth. “Still the love she and Gee have is so fucking strong.”
They both stood holding each other lost in thought. Mikey finally spoke, “So are you hungry?’
Alicia reached up and cupped his face between her hands, “Not for food.” She whispered.
Mikey smiled at his wife. “Oh, really?’
“Yeah baby, really.” She licked her lips seductively.
Passion coursed through his body as she took his hand and led him to their bedroom. He was gonna miss her so damn much. This would be the first time he was leaving his wife since they were married. His wife, man that sounded so wonderful.
“So got any special requests?’ he said when they reached the bedroom, “Feathers?’
Alicia smiled at him determined not to let him see how the thought of him leaving was tearing her apart. “Feathers definitely and well I got another idea too.”
He smiled. He loved her ideas.

Frank was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dinner. He’d had Jamia’s favorite dinner Penne Funghi e Fagiolini, delivered while she was taking a nap. He was loudly singing opera while happily transferring the pasta to plates. Even without cooking, he had somehow managed to destroy the kitchen.
He didn’t notice Jamia leaning on the doorframe quietly watching and chuckling to herself. She bit her lip as Frank dropped a roll on the floor. He picked it up, blowing off any dust then wiping it on his shirt before putting it in the basket.
Jamia quickly left the doorway heading back to the bedroom before laughter overcame her. She sat on the bed letting it wash over her. Turning her head she saw Frank’s bag on the chair beside her, clothes spilling from it. She pulled a tee shirt from the mess, folding it without thought. Placing it on the bed, she pulled out another and started to fold it. Instead she brought it to her face inhaling deeply. Tears came to her eyes.
She didn’t want him to leave. She was afraid for him to leave. This whole pregnancy thing was getting a little scary.
She heard Frank banging around in the dining room. Dinner must be about ready. Not wanting to spoil his surprise, she threw the tee shirts back onto the bag and lay back down.
Hearing him still singing while coming down the hall, a smile played across her face. She pulled Frank’s pillow over and buried her head under it, trying to stifle her giggles.
Frank stopped singing as he reached the doorway. Somehow he thought her hearing only extended to the doorway. A laugh escaped and Frank heard.
“What’s so funny, woman?” He walked to the bed, picked up the pillow and stared at Jamia. Her lips were pursed and her eyes were tightly shut. “You’re not fooling anyone. I know you’re awake and you must …” He flung the pillow “pay..” He licked his finger “the penalty” and stuck it in her ear.
“Oh gross, Frank” Jamia could hardly speak she was laughing so hard. She gave him a playful swat. Frank grabbed her hand and kissed it.
“Come on. I made dinner and it’s getting cold.” He swatted her butt and started to leave the room.
“Hey, help me up.” Jamia waved her arm at Frank. He laughed and moved to grab her hand. He started to pull her upright when she yanked back as hard as she could causing him to fall on to the bed beside her.
“Hey, Big Boy. How ‘bout some dessert first?” Jamia asked in a positively horrible Mae West imitation.
Frank smiled and reached out to touch her face. “You know I’d like nothing better than to give you something sweet but we can’t.” He was far too concerned about the pregnancy to do the things he wanted to do to her.
“But Frankie I asked if you wanted some dessert.” Her hand trailed down his stomach slowly. When her fingers reached the top of his jeans she was pleased to see the fire in his eyes.
“Jamia, Honey, you don’t have to…”
Her mouth came down on his, “Who said anything about have to. I want to.”
Frank closed his eyes when he felt her fingers begin working on the top button of his jeans. He moaned slightly when the soft woosh of his zipper was the only sound in the room. Shit, how could he leave this woman again?

Frank walked down the hall with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face. Jamia followed at a more leisurely pace. She entered the dining room to find the table beautifully set with flowers and candles. The dinner didn’t look too much the worse for the neglect it suffered. Frank was standing behind her chair waiting to seat her.
“You made all of this? By yourself?” Jamia asked as she sat.
“Sure I did.” He then proceeded to pantomime dialing a phone as he walked around the table.
“What’s this?’ Jamia picked up a gift bag that was sitting by her plate.
“Open it”
He didn’t need to say that twice. Jamia opened the bag and peeked inside. She gave a squeal of delight as she pulled the stuffed animal out and hugged it closely.
“I saw how you looked at my namesake so I thought you needed one of your own. But a low maintenance kind. Do you love him?”
Jamia pulled it back and admired it. She’d wanted one of these. Frank could relate to her definite warped sense of humor. What other guy would buy the mother of his children Dax, the Skelanimal Dog? Dead animals need love too.
“Should we return the favor and name him Gerard?” Frank asked.
“No, he’s too cute.”
Jamia sat the dog down and picked up her fork, preparing to try her slightly congealed pasta. She took a small bite while Frank looked on concerned. It tasted a lot better than it now looked. She smiled her approval and dug in.

After dinner Frank had Jamia pick out a DVD while he did the dishes. The thought of him back in the kitchen alone struck fear in Jamia’s heart but there would be plenty of time to fix any damage tomorrow after he left.
She picked out “Young Frankenstein to watch because it was one of Frank’s favorites and hers too. She’d seen it so many times that she wouldn’t be missing anything when she fell asleep. She seemed to be doing that a lot lately.
Popping in the DVD she put it on pause at the first scene. She ignored the crash from the kitchen as she waited for Frank. Dishes are replaceable – keep telling yourself that.
Frank finally came in drying his hands on a dish towel. “All right! Young Frankenstein” He then proceeded to throw out lines from the movie. He settled down on the sofa. Jamia handed him the remote than used his lap as a pillow.
“Nice knockers”
“Sank you, Doctor – now start the movie”
About twenty minutes into the movie Frank noticed he was the only one laughing. He looked down to find Jamia fast asleep, softly snoring, clutching the new dog. He brushed her hair out of her face and thought for the hundredth time what a lucky guy he was. Damn he didn’t want to leave. He wanted to stay here and watch her ripen with his babies. His babies, who’d have thought it? God, don’t let anything happen to her while I’m gone. He didn’t want to tell her how scared he’s been when he found out what had happened. His life would be over if anything happened to her.
He stroked her hair and tried to dispel the unhappy thoughts. Gene Wilder and Teri Garr tried their best to help. He went back to watching the movie but it wasn’t quite the same.
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