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Im so dirty babe

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“Come in, make yourselves at home…” Gerard said to my parents, as they entered the Way’s house.
Frank and I had gone back there with Gerard and Mikey after the meet up at Ray’s flat earlier.
“The living room is that way, if you’d like to sit down,” he pointed out the room in which Mikey, Frank and I were sat, arguing about video games, “my parents will be along shortly, they are busy at the moment I’m afraid.”
Damn he is sexy when he acts all posh.

Donna and Donald were in the kitchen preparing our meal, and an awkward silence filled the air in the room where the rest of us sat waiting.
This silence was finally broken by my dad…
“So, Gerard. Do you have a job?” he faked a smile. It was really obvious he still wasn’t all that fond of Gee.
“Well, not exactly.” Gerard stuttered.
“What do you mean, not exactly?” My dad threw him a concerned look.
“Well, Mikey and I have applied for jobs at Barnes and Noble, but we don’t know if we got them yet. We should find out sometime next month,” Gerard’s proud look was soon shot down by my dad’s disgusted stare.
“Frank and Sarah have had jobs since they first turned 15,” he was comparing me and my brother to my fucking boyfriend?
“Dad..” I groaned for him to stop.
“No Sarah. This young mad needs a job, so that he can support you properly when the baby comes along,” he smiled flatly , “so good luck to you Gerard, and you too Michael. I hope you get those jobs.” the word ‘jobs’ he placed in inverted commas.
I sighed and shook my head at his behaviour, which made Frank giggle to himself, under his breath.
“Its Mikey,” Mikey smiled weakly at my dad, making Frank laugh even more.
“Also, we are hoping that our band gets off the ground soon,” Gerard tried to gain my dad’s attention again, determined to make himself liked.
“Oh really? A band eh? Is that the one that you have been telling us about Frank?” My dad was suddenly interested. One mention of music and you couldn’t shut him up for hours.
Frank nodded. “We don’t have a name yet, but we are hoping that if we do a few gigs in people’s basements, we could maybe get signed if we are lucky.”
“Ah. So, into music are we Gerard?” my dad had suddenly taken a liking to Gee, who was grinning at me as if to say I told you id get him to like me.. sort of like an ‘I told you so.’
“Yes. I play a bit of guitar and also I sing in the band,” he smiled.
“Oh, wow. Could you give us a demo?” my dad smiled, nudging Gerard playfully.
“Well, errrrm, I…” Gerard stuttered, trying to think of a way out of it.
“Oh, go on Gerard,” my dad winked at him, “sing us something, it will pass some time.”
That sure sounded nice dad… ‘it will pass some time.’
“If you insist,” Gerard tugged at the collar of his shirt, and stared at me.
He began to sing.
It was really beautiful.
I’m sure ive heard this somewhere before…
“I’m trying, to let you know just how much you mean to me…” he stopped there and shook himself out of the trans he was in, “Ill stop there.”
He looked down at his feet, as if he was ashamed of something.
“That was.. lovely,” my mum smiled, showing her teeth.

We had not long since finished eating, and Gerard and I were bored to death.
Our parents were chatting amongst themselves and so were our brothers.
We were sat right in the corner, squashed up together on a chair. My legs hung over Gerard’s, and his arm lay limply around my shoulders.
He was staring at my stomach, looking gloomy and bored as hell.
Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. Lets add a touch of excitement to this lifeless Christmas, shall we?
I moved my knees up slightly, and slid my body around so that I was facing Gerard, who snapped out of his trans and looked at me, puzzled.
I undid the button on his tight fitting jeans, and quietly giggled at the look on his face. I placed my hand down and rubbed him through his boxer shorts.
He was smiling, but at the same time trying to be serious.
He shot me the ‘but our fucking parents are here’ look, but I continued. I found it quite amusing to see him like this…
worried, but enjoying every minute of it.. I could tell by the glint in his eyes.
“Sarah!” he grunted quietly under his breath, “stop it, if they see us..”
“What?” I pretended I didn’t know what he was talking about.
I felt him harden, and so, trying not to laugh at the expression on his face, I slid my hand down inside his boxers, and continued to shake things up.
His eyes lit up and his ass lifted slightly off the chair, as my cold fingers ran across him.
I smirked as he struggled not to moan.
“Please stop, oh god,” he muttered as I continued to stroke him.
“Why, just think of it as an extra Christmas present,” I whispered into his ear, before my tongue darted into his mouth.
“Sarah,” he muttered between kisses.
I could tell the pleasure was getting intense by the look in his eyes, so I stopped suddenly, teasing him.
“Ill continue later,” I grinned, turning to check that everyone was still chatting, and that nobody had noticed what was happening over in the naughty corner.
“I look forward to it,” he smirked, licking his lips.
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