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Warmth That Fills My Life - SEPT 24

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This follows Sept 21

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Monica looked up when Gerard entered the bedroom. She had taken her shower and was waiting under the covers. “What took so long? I thought you were gonna warm me up?”
He smiled, “That’s my plan, for sure. I was just talking to Kell. She’s kinda having some problems with Mike.”
Monica sat up and the sheet that was covering her fell to her waist. Gerard’s eyes grew a bit bigger. She was nude. “Is she okay?’ She asked.
He smiled, “Damn, woman. You make it difficult to have a conversation.”
She looked down, “Oh sorry.” Pulling the sheet up to cover her breasts she asked again about Kelly.
Gerard grinned, “I so wasn’t complaining about the view.” He walked over to the bed and sat down. “She was gonna break up with Mike but he talked her out of it.”
Monica frowned, “I didn’t know she was thinking about breaking up with Mike. How come she tells you stuff and not me?”
Secretly he was pleased Kelly confided in him. “I dunno. Probably cause I’m such a great Dad.” He teased.
Monica ignored his comment. “So what’s the problem?”
Gerard grew serious “Mike is drinking more and more. Kell knows it’s wrong and she’s unhappy about it. She said he’s not a nice person when he drinks and that worried me.”
“He hasn’t done anything to her, has he?’
“No, she didn’t say that.” He sighed, “Listening to her talk about Mike made me realize yet again how many people I hurt when I was drinking.”
Monica touched his face tenderly, “But you quit. You turned your life around.”
“I just hope Mike can do the same. I just wish I wasn’t leaving tomorrow. I don’t want Kell to think that I don’t care about her problems.”
Monica sighed, “She understands you have to go. Music is your life and we all accept that.” Since this was their last night together for a while she didn’t want him to fall into a funk. “Hey, still cold here. See?” She lowered the sheet so he could get a good look at her taunt nipples.
Gerard leaned over and took one into his mouth. His tongue swirled around before he began to gently suck. Monica closed her eyes and moaned softly. Suddenly he sat back up. “I gotta take a shower. Remember where we were.” He stood and walked towards that bathroom.
“Not likely” Monica said opening her eyes and watching him.
He stopped at the door, “And don’t fall asleep.” He pointed at her.
Monica laughed, “So you don’t think you’d be able to wake me if I did?”
He smiled sadly, “Oh yeah, I could but it would be fucking hard. I love to watch you sleep. You look so beautiful and innocent.”
She was touched by his words. “Don’t know about beautiful but definitely not innocent.” She answered with a seductive smile.
He took off intending to take one of the quickest showers of his life.
When he returned to the bedroom ten minutes later Monica was lying in bed with her eyes closed. He looked down at her a minute just trying to capture the image in his mind. He wanted to be able to call it up at will when he was so many miles away.
“You took too long, I’m asleep.” She said softly.
Gerard laughed, “Really, talking in your sleep?’
Monica nodded, “Yeah.”
He lit several candles, flipped off the overhead light then climbed into bed. He pulled her body to his. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to wake you up.” His fingers began to trace the outline of her neck. Slowly he brushed them across her collarbone then down to her breasts. He sat up leaning on one elbow so he could look down at her. First he gently caressed one breast then the other. Monica kept her eyes closed tight. “So, still sleeping I see. Wonder what I could do to awaken the fair princess.”
Monica smiled, “She smiles in her sleep, that’s good.” He leaned down and began to suckle the breast nearest him. When it had received enough attention he went to work on the other. Monica tried not to moan with pleasure. “Still cold?”
She shook her head no. Gerard pushed the covers completely to the bottom of the bed and looked over her body. “You are so fucking beautiful in the candlelight.” He said in a husky voice.
Soon he was searing her flesh with a trail of open mouth kisses beginning at her breasts. His mouth then traveled down her stomach before moving further down. This time Monica couldn’t control the soft moan that escaped her lips. “That’s right baby, moan for me.” He whispered. “Let me hear how I’m making you feel.”
“You know how you make me feel. It’s like the world completely stops and there is nothing but just the moment, just us.” She said breathlessly.
His sat up and move down the bed. Gently his hands spread her legs. He opened her to his waiting mouth.
“Gee” she said arching her back.
He smiled, “I think I have awakened Sleeping Beauty.” His tongue made love to her as she moaned his name. “You’re so hot, so wet.” He ground out.
Monica didn’t want this to end. The pleasure he was causing her was making it hard to hold back. Quickly she sat up.
Gerard looked up surprised. Monica smiled, “Oh no you don’t. My turn.” She reached out for him and he moved back up the bed. “Lay down” she commanded softly.
He fell back against the pillows his eyes narrowing with desire. He watched as she pulled off his pajama pants and sent them sailing across the room. Monica straddled his body and leaned down to kiss his mouth. Her tongue invaded his mouth only a moment before she moved to his neck. The soft warm skin was like a magnet. She sucked and licked, sucked and licked. “Gotta stop.” She said unhappily.
“Why” he had been enjoying the feeling.
“I’ll leave a mark on you.” She giggled. “Remember last time I left a hickey on you?”
“Who the fuck cares?” he said roughly.
Monica agreed. He was hers. She could leave her mark on him. Her mouth once more lowered t the same sweet spot on his neck. She sucked, driven on by his moans. When she moved further down his chest he felt ready to explode.
“You’re driving me fucking insane.” He said reaching up and grabbing her shoulders.
“Yeah, I am.” She said passionately, “And I’m not through yet.” Her mouth then moved down to the hardness that had been pressing against her. She took just the tip into her mouth slowly. He moaned and gripped her head. “Baby, don’t tease.” He said pleadingly. She removed her mouth and blew her hot breath across the velvety head.
“Fuck Monica” He tried to push her head down so that her mouth would take in his whole length. She let him. In and out his hands pushed her head pumping her mouth down on him. He let go and Monica looked up at him.
“Enough, I want more.” He said roughly pulling her up his body. He positioned her body over his and slid inside her. “You feel so fucking good.”
Monica smiled, leaned to one side and pulled him with her. Now he was on top of her. She could feel him throbbing inside her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing him even further inside.
“I love you,” he said brokenly as he came.
Monica felt him spill into her and that’s all it took. She let go and felt the passion wash over her in waves. He stayed inside her until he felt her unwrap her legs from around him. He rolled partly off her, his body still laying lightly on hers. “Still cold?” He asked with a grin.
She opened her eyes and looked at the man who held her heart in his hands. “You are the warmth that fills my life. I love you.”
He smiled happily, “And I love you, forever.”
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