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Misery Business

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...and through it all, how could you cry for me? 'Cause I don't feel bad about it. Just shut your eyes, kiss me goodbye, and sleep... just sleep...

Alter Mikey saved me from myself and my old bad habits; I spent the rest of the day with him, Ray and Bob doing a whole lot of nothing. We sat around the TV room, out by the pool, in Bob's room, in the bar, and just about everywhere else we could just, goofing off and having fun.

Everyone except me, that is.

Oh, I tried to join in, tried to laugh at their jokes and even make some of my own. But my thoughts always went back to one thing: Frankie; what he was doing, who he was with, and anything else that had to do with him.

Mikey kept trying to make me smile and join in on the fun, especially when he noticed I was zoning out and wasn't exactly'with them.'

When I got tired of trying, I decided to go to bed even though it was early. The guys all complained and asked me to stay abit more, but I refused, simply saying I was tired.

As I was leaving the room, Mikey got up and walked me to the door, whispering in my ear, "Will you be alright?"

I offered him a little smile and told him not worry; I was just going to sleep. He had taken all of the liquor anyways.

I arrived at my room, and slowly opened the door just a bit to peek in, hoping Frank wasn't there. When I saw that he wasn't, I let out a huge breath of relief and went in, closing the door behind me.

I quickly strode over to my bed, pulling my shirt off on the way and dropping it on the floor, not even bothering with the jeans.

I threw myself onto the bed, not caring about pulling the covers back or anything to get in, and fell asleep almost right away, which was surprising.

Sometimes I wished I could just sleep the world away...

I had no idea what time it was when I heard Frank come in; the alarm clock was on the other side of my bed, between the two beds, and I was looking towards the wall.

He came in trying to not make any noise and stopped when he saw me in bed. He then slowly and cautiously walked over to me, to see if I was sleeping or not. I wasn't, but I pretended to sleep.

Walking over to the space between the wall and my bed, he crouched down next to me, and I could feel his intense gaze on my face.

I wanted to open my eyes and look at him but I thought it would be better to remain 'sleeping.' I didn't want him to freak out again.

I almost cried out in surprise when I felt the back side of his hand softly touching my cheek. He stroked it lightly and let out a sigh of what I thought was almost adoration.

"Oh, Gee..." he whispered, and placed a light kiss on my cheek where he had been stroking.

I thought I let out a little smile but Iguess he didn't see it because he got up and went to his bed, undressed and got in.

I was so confused and yet I wanted to scream and jump in happiness.

/Could Mikey really be right? /I was getting all excited and wanted to dance instead of sleeping, until another thought entered my head.

...or was all that because he feels sorry for me?

I would like to say that I fell asleep with the happy thoughts, but the truth is that I fell asleep the same as I had before Frank had arrived: sad, alone and miserable.
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