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Piecing It All Together

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Cult of the X
Chapter 12: Piecing It All Together


The air was tense. Kurt clearly had some explaining to do. Before the presence of Ayla and Arion, the high priests of the Church of X, and the entire Praetorian Guard, he had to reveal that he, the incarnation of a god, was marrying a mortal human. Amanda was scared, restrained by Athena while Kurt was on the spot. Lilandra, Beast, and Professor Xavier stood by him.

“You say this human woman is your fiancé?” said Arion, casting Kurt an apprehensive gaze.

“Yes,” said Kurt, his voice strained, “Please, don’t hurt her.”

“We don’t hurt those who have done nothing, Lord Wagner,” said Ayla, “But this is a most startling revelation.”

“But what’s so startling about Kurt marrying Amanda?” inquired Beast, “Surely this is a personal matter.”

“Under lesser circumstances it would,” said Athena, “But I’m afraid this conflicts with Atlantean scripture.”

“Conflicts?” said Xavier with an appalled look, “But…”

However, a solemn gaze from Lilandra silenced the Professor. He knew it was true. As peaceful as the Church of X was, they took scripture very seriously. One of their gods marrying a non-believer was clearly taboo. But Xavier was not willing to abandon his student.

“Kurt? What’s going on?” said Amanda, clearly scared under the stern protection of the Praetorian Guard.

“Don’t vorry, liebe,” assured Kurt, “I’ll be alright. It’s all just a misunderstanding.”

“I wish it were, my lord,” said Arion with a distant gaze, “But our laws are clear. The incarnations of the gods of Atlantis simply cannot marry humans, especially non-believers.”

Kurt’s face contorted in anger. For all the good the Church of X had done for them, they meant nothing if they were going to deny him the right to marry the woman he loved. Seeing Amanda so confused and nervous was torture. But there was nothing he could do.

“Non-believers?” exclaimed Amanda, “I don’t even know who your people are!”

“I would advise you to watch your tone, Miss,” said Athena with a threatening glare.

Kurt was about to attack Athena for disrespecting Amanda, but Beast and Lilandra held him back. Xavier could sense Kurt’s frustration, but Ayla and Arion would not compromise their faith.

“Please, let’s be reasonable about this,” said Xavier, “Kurt’s relationship with Amanda has been ongoing for years. I thought you said you monitored us.”

“We did,” said Arion, “But we respected your privacy on personal matters.”

“So…what are you going to do to me?” said Amanda nervously.

Arion cast a disgruntled look. He did not like the presence of outsiders, particularly non-believers. But he maintained his professional poise.

“Rest assured, no harm will come to you,” said Arion, “But we cannot allow you to stay. You will be sent home immediately and you will not divulge any information about our society.”

“Divulge?” spat Amanda, “I don’t even know what this place is!”

“And we want to make sure it stays that way,” said Ayla, “We’ll prepare your return immediately.”

But Kurt wouldn’t have it.

“No!” he yelled, teleporting next to Amanda’s side and porting her to a corner of the room, “I von’t let you take her!”

“My Lord…” began Arion.

“I’m varning you!” he said, guarding Amanda protectively.

The Praetorian Guard surrounded Kurt and Amanda. Athena took lead, taking a ready fighting stance while her comrades boxed them in. She was clearly reluctant, but dead serious.

“Please, let’s talk about this!” urged Xavier, “I won’t allow you to harm my student!”

“We are not out to harm anybody, my lord,” said Arion, “But scripture is scripture.”

“I don’t care!” shot Kurt, “Amanda is my decision! I don’t care vhat you say! You von’t take her from me!”

“My lord, please understand…” began Ayla.

“No you understand!” shot Kurt, “I love her! I’m going to marry her! And nothing you do or say vill change zhat!”

Athena took a step closer. Kurt was prepared to fight her off. Amanda’s heart was racing. She was so confused. She didn’t know what was going to happen. She was breathing hard. Her head was spinning. It was like a bad dream. She just wanted it to end.

“Please, Lord Nightcrawler,” pleaded Athena.

“You do vhat you have to,” said Kurt strongly, “I’ll do zhe same.”

Amanda felt her legs giving out. Closing her eyes, her face contorted in frustration. It was burning from within. She couldn’t hold it any longer. Something had to give.

“No…” she panted, “Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!”

Suddenly, Athena and half the Praetorian Guard were knocked back by a hail of force bolts that shot out from Amanda’s hands. It was enough to even knock Xavier out of his chair, causing him to land atop Lilandra in a rather awkward position with him on top and her underneath him.

Ayla and Arion looked at the young woman in amazement. Athena, who was still reeling from her injury by Artemis, groaned in pain. The guard was equally confused while Amanda struggled to keep her balance, her hands still glowing.

“Amanda?” said Kurt, shocked by his girlfriend’s sudden show of power, “Are…are you okay?”

“I’m sorry, Kurt,” she said in a fit of exhaustion, collapsing in her arms, “I…I should’ve told you.”

Beast helped Athena back to her feet while the guard assisted Ayla and Arion. However, Xavier and Lilandra were a bit slower to get up.

“Uh…sorry, Lilandra,” said Xavier, blushing as he lay atop the beautiful woman.

“Don’t be. You look comfortable,” she grinned as she helped him up.

Beast tried to restrain his laughter. He had to cover his mouth to hide it. Even Ayla and Arion noticed it, but Xavier was quick to pick up on it.

‘Don’t even think about it, Hank.’

‘Wouldn’t dream of it, Charles.’

When the confusion died down, Amanda held her head low. She clung to Kurt’s warm embrace for dear life. She was dazed and confused, but glad to be with the man she loved. The truth was out now. It was inescapable.

“You’re…you’re a mutant?” said Kurt, caressing his girlfriend’s face.

“Yes,” she said, diverting her gaze.

“But…” he began, but his words quickly trailed off.

“I don’t know,” said Amanda, “It’s come and gone over the years. I’ve been trying to contain it.”

“But vhy?” said Kurt, wiping away her tears, “Vhy vould you be afraid to tell me zhis? You know I’d understand.”

“It’s not that, Kurt,” she sobbed, “I…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Unable to go on, she broke down in the arms of her lover. Kurt embraced her, lending what comfort he could. All the while, Ayla and Arion exchanged smiles. Athena and the guard were still on alert, but the situation was different now.

“What are your orders?” asked Athena, returning to a ready poise.

“At ease, Athena,” assured Arion as he approached Kurt in a peaceful manner, “This woman is a mutant. That clearly changes things. And we have made a most horrible mistake.”


Back in the lower levels, Tabitha and much of X-factor had finished a nice relaxing dip in the bath house. They were still sore from Logan’s training session. Whenever there was a threat, he was always the first to crack down on their free time. It sure put a damper on their vacation, but the work of the X-men was never done.

Walking down the halls wearing expensive silk robes reserved for gods Tabitha, Amara, Ray, Roberto, Bobby, Jubilee, Rahne, and Jamie were all tired. But at least the bath house had helped them relax.

“Ah what a dip,” said Amara with a sigh of contentment, “I almost forgot how wonderful bath houses were.”

“Amen girlfriend,” said Tabitha, who was drying her hair with a towel, “Maybe we could convince the Professor to build one. It sure would make recovering from Danger Room sessions easier.”

“Definitely,” agreed Jubilee, “Maybe after we get back we can start begging.”

“Yeah, it’s not like he doesn’t have the money,” said Bobby.

“Hell, I don’t even know if I wanna go back,” said Roberto, “This place is just too awesome.”

“Even with this crazy Orion Prophecy messing things up?” questioned Jubilee.

“It’s still a step above all the anti-mutant riots we get back home,” argued Roberto.

“That’s true,” sighed Ray, “I wonder if they’ve died down at all since we left.”

“Ah doubt it, Ray,” said Sam, “When it comes to intolerance, people got a long memory.”

The team of mutants sighed at that. They had been watching the news since they arrived and not much had changed. The X-men were still wanted for the attempted assassination of Mayor Kelly. The protests had waned somewhat, but hatred towards mutants wasn’t going down anytime soon. It felt like the only place they were safe was on this secluded island.

“So how much longer do you think the Professor will stay here?” wondered Bobby.

“Beats me,” shrugged Jamie, “I’m guessing after this whole Orion deal is over with.”

“Aye, but who knows when that’ll be,” said Rahne.

“All the more reason to enjoy things here while they last,” said Tabitha in a more upbeat tone.

“That’s a nice thought, Tabby,” said Sam with a yawn, “But for now Ah think Ah’m gonna catch up on some sleep.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Jamie, “It’s probably better we get some rest now before the big bad Wolverine sticks us with more training and…”

But before Jamie could finish, he was cut off as he and the rest of X-factor froze. They had just turned a corner when they ran right into Logan, who was accompanied by Ororo in similar silk robes.

Naturally, the mutant youths stammered before the presence of their stern instructor. Jamie bit his lip before saying another word, afraid he’d instigate more punishment. But something seemed different this time.

“Uh…hi Mr. Logan,” said Bobby nervously.

“Yeesh, do I scare you guys that much?” said Logan with a chuckle.

“You probably don’t want them to answer that,” said Ororo, sharing in a good laugh.

Something was off. Logan was actually smiling. He never smiled. He was always so grumpy and on edge. But he looked different now. He was relaxed, calm, and happy for once. It was a strange sight. Nobody knew what to make of it.

“Uh…is everything alright?” asked Jubilee.

“Of course,” said Logan with a wolfish grin, “Everything’s just fine.”

It was at this point that they noticed Ororo and Logan holding hands. Something between them had happened. The way they were smiling was a clear giveaway. But at the risk of spoiling this rare event, the young mutants of X-factor chose to leave it as is.

“Okay then,” said Tabitha, rubbing the back of her neck.

“Rest up you guys,” said Logan as he walked off hand in hand with Ororo, “Ya never know when something big will happen.”

As they walked off, the others looked on as Logan and Ororo stayed close. They exchanged confused glances. It was not something they expected to see, but a happy Logan was better over a grumpy Logan any day of the week.

“That was weird,” said Ray, his eyes still wide with shock.

“I’ll say,” said Amara.

“Meh, I’ll take it,” shrugged Tabitha, “I always knew Logan needed to get laid. Just never thought it would be with Ororo.”

The mutant youths exchanged a good laugh as they walked off, looking to take advantage of this rare window. If this Orion Prophecy really did mean trouble, then it would probably help if they got a little rest.


Up in the kitchen Jean, Kitty, and Laura were unwinding from their workout with a light snack. The palace was stocked with all kinds of food and there were skilled cooks waiting to fix them whatever they craved. For Kitty it was a vegetarian grade sandwich, for Jean it was fresh tub of strawberry ice cream, and for Laura it was a healthy serving of pork chops. With so much going on, it was easy to work up an appetite.

“Guess those pregnancy cravings are kicking in early,” remarked Kitty as she saw Jean eat a large scoop of ice cream.

“Don’t be melodramatic Kitty,” said Jean, rolling her eyes, “Not everything I do from now on is because I’m pregnant.”

“Funny, I don’t remember you eating ice cream after a workout before,” remarked Laura.

“I’m on vacation,” shrugged Jean, “I’ll eat what I want.”

Kitty and Laura shook their heads in amusement. Jean being pregnant was going to take some getting used to, but she was genuinely excited about it. It was a big event for them and the X-men. After all the hardships she and Scott faced with Apocalypse and the Phoenix, they deserved to be happy.

As the three girls continued eating, Rogue entered the kitchen wearing a green silk robe. She bore a radiant smile the likes of which they had never seen with her before. She was practically glowing, not to mention she was also walking funny.

“Hey y’all!” she said in a chipper tone, “Mind sharin’ some of that ice cream, Jean?”

Jean, Kitty, and Laura looked at her awkwardly. Rogue was a complicated woman, but this was bizarre even for her.

“Uh…you okay, Rogue?” said Laura, freaked out by her behavior.

“Of course,” she said, still smiling, “Never felt better in mah life. Now you gonna share or not?”

“Um…sure,” said Jean, lending her a scoop.

“Thanks sugah. Ah don’t know about you, but Ah’m starvin’.”

Rogue wasted no time in digging into the ice cream. After all the ‘activity’ she endured earlier, she needed some nourishment. But that only heightened the curiosity of her friends.

“So are you going to tell us?” said Kitty, trying hard not to laugh at her old roommate.

“Tell ya what?” she said playfully, “Ah got nothin’ to hide.”

“Rogue, you do realize you’re sitting next to a psychic, right?” smirked Jean, “And just so you know, you’re projecting your thoughts really loudly.”

“Really?” she grinned, “Sense anything ya like?”

Now it was Jean’s turn to blush. Rogue was really having fun with this. It was not her style, but she didn’t seem to care. She was just too happy.

“I’m guessing this has something to do with Gambit,” said Laura.

“Oh? And what makes ya say that?” said Rogue, casually stretching her limbs.

“Well for one, you reek of his scent…especially between your legs.”

Rogue blushed as the smile on her face grew wider. At this rate her face was going to cramp. Nothing was going to take away from this moment. The first day of the rest of her life just began. And her friends were just the first witnesses.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Kitty, “You didn’t!”

“We did,” said Rogue with a content sigh, “Ah know it took a while, but Remy and Ah finally got our act together.”

“That’s one way of putting it,” muttered Laura, laughing under her breath.

Jean and Kitty let out a cheer for their friend as they sat closer to her. Like the rest of the mansion, they had seen Rogue and Remy flirt incessantly for years. They knew there was something between them, but neither made a move. It was nice to see them finally get over their insecurities. And for Rogue, it was definitely worth the wait.

“Wow…” said Jean, smiling at her friend, “This is just…wow.”

“Ah know. Go ahead and say it,” sighed Rogue, “It’s about dang time.”

“Well it is!” said Kitty, brimming with excitement, “You two are, like, so head over heels for each other!”

“Yeah, Ah ain’t afraid to admit that anymore,” said Rogue, still smiling radiantly, “After all this time, Ah finally let it out.”

“So that’s why you two didn’t show up at training?” said Laura with a humored look.

“We still got a hell of workout,” she said with a suggestive grin.

Kitty and Jean burst into laughter. They had no idea Rogue had such a dirty mind. Maybe she was just too happy to care. She had so many inhibitions over the years because of her powers. Now she was finally shedding them and embracing new feelings.

“So does this mean you and Remy are official?” asked Jean as the laughter died down.

“Ah don’t think we can get more official than this,” said Rogue proudly.

“Awesome!” chirped Kitty, “Now we can double date and talk dirty about you-know-what with our respective you-know-who’s!”

“One step at a time, Kitty,” said Rogue, laughing at her old roommate’s energy, “Remy and Ah’ve still got some things to work out. But yeah, Ah guess it’s that serious.”

“Well we’re all happy for you, Rogue,” said Jean, giving her friend a hug.

“Yeah, just try and tone down the afterglow, will you?” said Laura.

“No promises,” grinned Rogue.

The three girls continued their mini feast, celebrating this new development. Rogue had never been so happy before. It was a real turning point in her life. Being in a relationship was a new experience and there was no telling where things would go from here. But in her current state, Rogue was anything but worried.


After the commotion with Amanda died down, she and Kurt sat comfortably before Ayla and Arion. Athena was with them, having dismissed the rest of the Praetorian Guard. They were all humbled after the revelation about Kurt and Amanda’s engagement. Xavier, Lilandra, and Beast were with them for support. After explaining her ordeal, things finally settled.

“So you knew you were a mutant, Amanda,” said the Professor, his kind voice helping to ease the young woman’s anxiety.

“I…I didn’t know for sure,” she said, looking down at her feet, “Sure, these powers were a major giveaway, but…”

“But vhat, liebe?” said Kurt, hugging his lover close, “Vhy vould you hide zhis?”

Amanda sighed, having kept this in for so long. But in the presence of her fiancé and the Professor, it was nice to get it off her chest.

“I was afraid,” she sighed, “I saw all the hardships you and your friends faced every day. I always admired you for your strength for fighting against all the hatred in the world. Every time I saw you in uniform I thought ‘Wow…I could never be that strong.’ And when I find out I’m a mutant I just…I didn’t know how to handle it. So I kept it a secret.”

Amanda hung her head low. Kurt caressed her face and smiled, taking her hand and giving it a loving squeeze. This was a dramatic experience for her. She had been around mutants for years, but she never knew what it was like to be one. It was a lot to take in, but she had plenty of people to support her.

“It’s okay, Amanda. Everybody has mixed feelings when they learn they’re different,” said Beast kindly.

“I know,” sighed Amanda, resting her head on Kurt’s shoulder.

“And if vhat you’ve shown me in all the years you’ve supported me is any clue, I’d say you are plenty strong to handle it,” smiled Kurt.

“You think so?” said Amanda, a look of hope in her eyes.

“I know so,” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Ayla and Arion smiled. They were privileged to witness such a scene. Lord Nightcrawler clearly had a lot of love for this woman. There was little doubt that had Amanda not stepped in, he would have fought to the death for her. They had done a grave dishonor to their lord and they were eager to make up for it.

“You are clearly dedicated to this girl, Lord Nightcrawler,” said Arion, “Please forgive us for our actions. You have our most unabated regret.”

“So you mean to tell me zhat it’s all better now because she’s a mutant?” said Kurt in a somewhat cynical tone.

“Our texts speak out against our lords marrying regular humans,” said Ayla, “But it is a wonderful event when one of them weds another mutant. I know it is narrow and short sighted, but I beg of you’re my lord…we were only adhering to what our faith tells us. We…”

Kurt had heard enough. Holding his hand up, he cut her off. As a man raised Catholic, he knew the power of faith. And even though it had been tense, Ayla and Arion’s dedication was admirable.

“Really, it’s okay,” said Kurt, “As long as zhere is no more hostility.”

“But surly there is something we can do to make up for it,” said Arion, “Perhaps we could help with your wedding plans.”

“Yes, that’s a grand idea,” said Ayla with an excited smile, “A wedding for our lord is worthy of celebration. I’m sure the entire island will pitch in.”

“A vedding? Here?” said Kurt, smiling at the idea.

Amanda, having not seen the full grandeur of Xavier Island, was confused. But Kurt liked the idea. Here they wouldn’t have to worry about hate-mongering crowds protesting their union. People celebrated their love on this island. Everybody had already been worked up about Scott and Jean’s baby. A wedding would be just a big.

“Zhat vould be vonderful!” he exclaimed.

“Kurt?” questioned Amanda.

“Oh don’t vorry, liebe. You’ll love it here. I have so much to show you,” said Kurt with renewed enthusiasm.

“Um…sure,” she said, smiling despite her ignorance of what was going on, “Just as long as I can call my parents.”

“Of course,” said Arion, humbly bowing before the soon-to-be-wed couple.

“Oh this is a grand event!” said Ayla, sharing in the excitement, “We’ll get to planning it as soon as possible.”

“Zhank you,” said Kurt with a smile, “Zhis really means a lot to me.”

“It’s the least we can do, my lord,” said Athena.

Amanda smiled. Despite coming into this place in a rather unpleasant manner, this place was getting better by the minute. Kurt was excited and if he trusted them then that was enough for her.

“We’ll spread the word as soon as possible,” said Arion.

“Indeed,” said Athena, “And rest assured, I’ll ensure the monster who abducted you is brought to justice.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think you’ll find him,” said Amanda, “That lunatic just left me chained to a bed. He’s probably long gone by now.”

“No distance is enough to escape my just wrath,” said Athena strongly, “Do you remember anything about him? Did he tell you his name?”

“Sorry, but this guy was just plain crazy. He kept going on and on about how the world was coming to an end. I do remember one thing though. He called himself Isaac.”

Ayla, Arion, and Athena froze. The sound of that name sent chills down their spine. Even Lilandra was overcome with shock. Xavier, Beast, Kurt, and Amanda all looked on in confusion. Clearly, there was a lot more to this name.

“I have to go,” said Athena, abruptly storming out.

Ayla and Arion exchanged worried looks. Professor Xavier was especially curious now. Whoever this figure was, he was a clear cause for concern.

“Oh no,” dreaded Arion, “This can’t be good.”

“Why? What is it?” asked Xavier intently, “Who is Isaac?”

Lilandra took it from here, placing a hand over Xavier’s shoulder.

“It’s a long story, Charles. And it is sure to make our situation much more complicated.”


Upstairs in one of the lounges, Remy Lebeau was laying on the couch feeling more relaxed than he had in years. He still couldn’t believe it. He and Rogue came together. After years of beating around they bush, they finally admitted to having feelings for each other. And to cap it all off, they made love in her bed.

It was the most intense experience of the Cajun mutant’s life. Rogue had always held a special place in his heart, but with this new development between them their lives would never be the same.

“Don’t you look happy, comrade,” came a familiar Russian voice.

Looking up over the couch, he saw Scott and Piotr enter. Still swimming in a sea of happiness, he greeted his friends.

“Hey there, fellas. What’s de good word?”

“Maybe we should be asking you,” said Scott, taking a seat next to the Cajun.

“Ah, so Remy takes it ya already know,” he surmised.

“Da, Katya was very vocal about it,” grinned Piotr, his ears still ringing with his girlfriend’s chipper enthusiasm.

Remy laughed at that. He had a feeling the girls would be clamoring around Rogue given how upbeat she was when he last saw her. Now it was his turn.

“Well Remy ain’t gonna lie,” he sighed, “Rogue and I finally worked things out.”

“I’m happy for your, comrade,” said Piotr, giving his friend a pat on the back, “You’ve been pining for this girl since before we joined the X-men.”

“What can I say?” he shrugged, “Rogue’s an amazing woman. She’s always been special to Remy. Guess it’s serious now.”

“Well as long as you two are happy,” said Scott in a more serious tone, “Just be careful. Rogue’s a good friend of mine.”

“Relax, homme. You know Remy would never do anythin’ to hurt his cherè,” said Remy confidently.

“I’m sure that you won’t,” said Scott, “I just want to give you something to think about if you really do feel strongly for her.”

Remy smiled, the memories of him and Rogue coming together still fresh in his mind. Every feeling, emotion, and sensation was etched in his mind. There was little doubt that this would change his life a great deal. But he wasn’t worried in the slightest.

“Thanks for de concern,” said Remy, “But I already know I’m in love with her. Just gotta take things as dey come.”

“Good idea, comrade,” said Piotr, “Although I would advise you to tone down the attitude if you’re going to be a one woman man.”

“Hey, de attitude is part of what Rogue loves,” grinned the Cajun.

“Whatever you say, Remy,” said Scott, rolling his eyes, “In the meantime the Professor asked us to check the news for any developments back home. We’ll have plenty of time for relationships later.”

“Still serious even on a vacation,” said Remy, rolling his eyes, “How does yo’ wife put up with ya?”

Shaking his head, Scott grabbed the remote and turned the large 55-inch plasma TV on.

“You know I could say the same about you and Rogue, but…”

However, as soon as the three men got a glimpse of what was on the news, they froze. They knew the news back home wasn’t good, but they never expected this. Standing there in front of the UN and live before a global audience, Magneto, the ruler of Genosha, was delivering a historic speech.

He had a lot to say, but it was all summed up in the main headline ‘Mayor Kelly assassination attempt a setup. Conspiracy against X-men and United States government revealed.’

“Oh no,” said Scott in a grim tone, “We better tell the Professor.”


Cameras flashed and reporters clamored around the UN building in New York City as Magneto finished his speech. All over the world, evidence of humanity’s capacity for deception and hatred blared over every media outlet. News coverage ran everywhere. Internet sites crashed under intense traffic. But it was all for the better of mutant kind. Magneto was assured of it.

Playing the tapes and broadcasting the images gathered by the Brotherhood, Mayor Kelly was revealed to be cooperating with the Friends of Humanity, a militant anti-mutant organization that was trying to seize power in government affairs and turn the public against mutants by any means necessary, even if it risked the lives of innocent people.

There was sure to be a major backlash throughout the country. The public was going to ask for Mayor Kelly’s head on a platter for putting innocent citizens in the line of fire and the president of the United States was going to be put in a precarious position over the involvement of Henry Peter Gyrich, a man he hired to his cabinet.

But none of this mattered to Magneto. Humanity could scramble all they wanted. Now that the truth was out, he had the public in the palm of his hand. He and the Brotherhood were in the perfect position to make a move.

“How long do you think it will take before the FOH is in jail?” asked Mystique as she and the Brotherhood met Magneto back stage after his UN speech.

“They’ll be demonized for a while,” said Magneto indifferently, “But they won’t go to jail. Bigots of that nature are like cockroaches. They’ll come back in some form or another as long as there are humans to hate us.”

“Eh big deal,” said Toad, “We got em by the balls now!”

“Yeah, we just humiliated them in front of the world,” said Blob, “They won’t be bothering us anytime soon!”

“I sincerely doubt that, Blob,” said Magneto, grabbing his cape and helmet.

The commotion out in the assembly could still be clearly heard. Politicians and reporters alike were scrambling to make sense of this revelation. Magneto had put the evidence out there. He knew it was going to cause chaos. But that was not his problem.

“So what do we do now?” said Pyro, “Burn em while they’re down?”

“No, Pyro. We have other concerns.”

“Oh come on, father!” exclaimed Pietro, “This is the perfect time to organize mutants everywhere! After what they pulled…”

“Enough Pietro!” shot Magneto, silencing his son, “Our time will come. But before we can lay this matter to rest, we have one last loose end to tie up.”

“The X-men,” said Wanda, sensing it still wore heavy on her father’s conscious.

“Don’t tell me we’re actually going to help them,” scoffed Lance.

“Hate to break it to you, man,” said Todd, “But we already have.”

Lance muttered a curse under his breath. After being involved with the X-men, especially his ex-girlfriend, Kitty, he had little respect for them. But Magneto still considered Xavier a friend, even if he did stand in their way. He never understood why he still cared, but that was Magneto’s decision.

“Come, we have much to do,” said Magneto, leading the Brotherhood towards the stairs, “We must find out what happened to Xavier and the X-men. I must speak to him.”

Suddenly, just as they entered the stairs, a dark voice sounded above them.

“Monster…you’ll do no such thing.”

Magneto and the Brotherhood looked up, instinctively taking a battle stance. But before they could make a move, they were hit with a burst of strange purple lightning that surged through their system and set every nerve on fire.


The bodies of Magneto, Mystique, Avalanche, Toad, Blob, Quicksilver, Pyro, and the Scarlet Witch went limp. The thick smell of smoke and ozone littered the area. Only Magneto was strong enough to fight the coming unconsciousness despite every muscle in his body shutting down.

The last thing he remembered seeing before going under was the stern poise of Artemis, the lone soldier who stood to fulfill a 10,000 year old prophecy against the incarnation of history’s greatest beast.

“Sleep well, monster,” said Artemis, her words seething with hatred, “You’re tyranny will end as well the rest of this sick world. So it is written in the Orion Prophecy.”


Up next: The X-men learn of Isaac’s madness and so does Magneto.
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