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The Great Purification

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Cult of the X
Chapter 13: The Great Purification


The story of Isaac was not pleasant for Ayla and Arion, the high priest and priestess of the Church of X. But after learning that he had been the one behind Amanda’s abduction, the truth had to come out. Professor Xavier deserved to know, but that didn’t make it any easier.

“Please tell me…” said Xavier, now more curious than ever, “Who is Isaac?”

“I warn you, my lord. This will greatly complicate things,” said Arion, “But I believe it answers many of the questions we have been struggling with.”

“What do you mean?” asked Beast, equally intent.

“Isaac…is a complicated figure,” began Lilandra, “I know because I worked with him for nearly a year. In fact, had he not taken certain paths, he would have been the one to greet you instead of me.”

Xavier and Hank exchanged looks. This story did not have a pleasant vibe. But they continued to listen.

“Before coming to our Church, Isaac was a respected biblical scholar famous for translating parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls,” explained Arion, “He was known for introducing radical interpretations into theology, granting him a controversial reputation. When he heard of our organization, he was appalled at first. But once we allowed him to look at the artifacts we found in Egypt, he quickly became entranced.”

“He became the most dedicated of all the clergy,” continued Ayla, “It’s because of him we were able to translate and archive Atlantean knowledge so quickly and build our society. But of all the texts he was fascinated with, the Orion Prophecy garnered special attention.”

Xavier’s face grimaced at the mention of the prophecy. Having translated a great deal of the text already, he was weary of the potential it had for death and destruction. This Isaac character appeared to be equally fascinated by it.

“He spent days on end with that text,” mused Lilandra, shaking her head remorsefully, “He worked out of the archives seldom sleeping or eating. He wanted to learn the truth. Nothing short of absolute certainty was going to stop him.”

“But why would he obsess so much over a single text?” wondered Beast.

Arion sighed in exasperation.

“I suppose that’s part of who he is,” he said in a low tone, “See, he was part of the apocalyptic Christian cult, the Branch Dividians growing up. But after what happened at Waco, he was betrayed by his faith and sought out the true path as he saw it. So he studied theology. He always attacked ancient mysteries and worked them until they were solved. It’s what made him so good at his job. But he never faced something like the Orion Prophecy. It baffled him and I suppose he wouldn’t accept that. Over time, he grew more distant. Eventually, it affected him so much that he became mentally unstable.”

“That’s why we had to demote him from the clergy,” said Ayla sadly, “He was so dedicated, but his ego proved to be his undoing.”

Ayla, Arion, and Lilandra spoke bitterly about this man. He had done a lot for their organization, but his persona was just too volatile.

“I take it demoting him did little to stem his obsession,” surmised Xavier.

“You’re right, my lord,” said Arion bitterly, “We were tempted to vote him out of the clergy, but he was just too good a scholar to let go. So we kept him as a monk for the archives and allowed him to continue his research. Yet he still caused problems.”

“Every so often,” continued Lilandra, “He would claim that he had made a major discovery about the Orion Prophecy. He would preach to the masses, saying a time of reckoning was at hand. For a while, he established a loyal faction that threatened to split our church in two. But as many of his predictions and interpretations were debunked, he lost credibility and fell back into obscurity.”

In her frustration, Xavier took Lilandra’s hand and held it in his. It helped calm her despite this difficult subject. Isaac did not sound like a level headed figure. But many questions still remained.

“So why would he resort to kidnapping?” mused Beast, “Has he done anything like this before?”

“He’s done some pretty extreme things,” muttered Arion, “But he’s never gone this far before. After the people stopped heeding his words, he spent most of his time in a private study. He hasn’t caused any problems for the last two years so we kept our distance. I fear that may have been a mistake on our part.”

Arion held his head low before his lord, but Xavier did not cast any blame.

“It wasn’t your fault, Arion,” he said, “This Isaac fellow sounds very dangerous. But something has to have happened if he’s made a move like this.”

“Yes, I agree,” said Lilandra, “Isaac must have found something in the prophecy. It’s the only logical reason.”

“But what?” mused Beast, “What could he have found?”

Looking back at the wide range of texts scattered throughout the room, the possibilities were daunting. This text had stumped them ever since they arrived and Isaac had been looking over it for years. He knew something they had overlooked. It was just a question of what it was.

Xavier, Lilandra, Arion, and Ayla were at a loss. Isaac had outwitted them. He had gone beyond his usual limits in kidnapping Amanda, but there was so much they didn’t know. And it all came back to the Orion Prophecy.

“I suppose this is where Isaac has bested us,” sighed Arion, “Whatever he knows, it’s pushing him to new limits.”

“And given his instability, there’s no telling how far he may take it,” added Ayla.

“Then I suppose that leaves one logical solution,” said Xavier, drawing everybody’s attention, “We must find what Isaac has found. It’s the only way to find out what he’ll do next.”

It seemed simple, but given the text they were dealing with it seemed like a long shot at best.

“That’s a bold proposition, Charles,” said Lilandra, “There may not be enough time. You remember what Amanda told us. Isaac is already making his move.”

“Which is why we must act fast,” he said with renewed determination, “There must be something we missed. There must be something we…”

Suddenly, the doors to the library flung open and Scott and Piotr stormed in, each with an urgent look.

“Professor, I think you might want to take a look at the news,” said Piotr.

“The news? Why? What’s going on?” said Xavier.

“See for yourself,” said Scott, grabbing a remote control off the desk and turning on the flat screen TV on the back end of the room.

They didn’t even have to change the channel. The same feed appeared on all the networks. It was a breaking news story of historic proportions. Images of people gathered outside the UN building, mutant and human alike, were shouting at authorities in protest. Police and military officials struggled to contain the crowd, throwing tear gas and pepper spray into the crowd.

At the center of this conflict was a story relating to the very incident that brought the X-men to Xavier Island. And yet another piece of the puzzle fell into place.

“For those of you just joining us, we’re live in New York as city officials try to contain protesters who have gathered around the UN building. Less than an hour ago, Magneto, the infamous ruler of the mutant nation of Genosha, delivered a speech to the international community exposing the attacks on Mayor Kelly as an elaborate conspiracy between NSA head Henry Peter Gyrich and the Friends of Humanity, an organization that was allegedly disbanded over six years ago after one of their sentinels decimated New York. Magneto presented recordings and pictures, showing that Mayor Kelly had been collaborating with the FOH as well as many other government officials. The evidence has been circulated all over the world through the internet and media, causing widespread outrage from both mutant and non-mutant circles. Mayor Kelly is still at large, but the still absent X-men have been cleared. However, rumors of their whereabouts persist. Here’s a short clip of Magneto’s now famous speech.”

Xavier, Lilandra, Ayla, and Arion watched in shock at this startling turn. Xavier turned back towards the text of the Orion Prophecy and then back at the broadcast. He had a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was nice to hear the X-men had been proven innocent, but at the same time it sparked a deep sense of dread in regards to its possible connection to the ancient prophecy.

“The evidence is clear. Charles Xavier and the X-men were set up. Officials in your own government worked to instigate a war through lies and deception, simply because of their utter hatred for mutant kind! I have long been regarded as a war monger, but at least I am in good company. Your own government allowed this to happen. No matter what the cost, men of hate desired support for their own agenda. I now leave the fate of this conflict in the hands of the public. Do you wish to live in a world of lies? Or do you want the cold hard truth?”


After clearing up earlier misunderstandings, Kurt eagerly showed Amanda around the island. He was thrilled to have her with him in this enchanted land. Here he could walk down the streets without being scorned for his appearance. People revered and worshiped his presence, making way for him and his fiancé as they walked through the busy city.

Amanda was amazed. She had never conceived of a society so advanced before. Not in her wildest dreams had she imagined a people so peaceful, prosperous, and sophisticated. It was also strange to see how everybody revered the X-men as living gods. Around every corner, there were statutes of their likeness and everybody who saw Kurt bowed in his presence. It was a real paradise on Earth, perfect for their wedding.

“This place is incredible,” said Amanda as she and Kurt stopped near an elegant fountain near one of the many markets.

“Ja, it’s been a strange ride since ve arrived,” said Kurt, holding his lover’s hand, “But zhe people here are genuinely sincere. Zhey treat everybody kindly and live together vithout zhe conflict ve see back home.”

“Plus, everybody here reveres you,” grinned Amanda, watching as a group of people passed by and bowed before Kurt’s presence, “So they really believe you and the X-men are the reincarnated gods of Atlantis?”

“Zhat’s vhat zhey say,” said Kurt, kindly waving at the people.

“Do you believe them?” she asked curiously, “I know how religious you are, Kurt. Does any part of you believe it could be true?”

Kurt thought about Amanda’s words for a moment. Looking at her and up at the statue over the fountain which depicted Xuthasius, his spiritual side started musing. He had long been a believer in the word of God. He was a devout Catholic who drew strength from God’s love. But after hearing the story of the Church of X, he couldn’t help but wonder. Did he truly bear the soul of a man who ascended to godhood with his friends? It was a daunting thought, but his faith in God never faltered.

“I believe zhat God has a plan for everybody,” said Kurt, still fixated on the statue, “Perhaps vhat zhey say is true and perhaps it isn’t. Vhat matters in zhe end is how much faith people have in zheir beliefs. And I believe zhat everything happens for a reason.”

“So I may actually be marrying a god,” grinned Amanda, giving her lover’s hand another squeeze.

“Is zhat an issue?” said Kurt playfully.

“Of course not,” she said, slipping her arms around Kurt’s fuzzy neck, “It just gives me something to brag about. I mean me, Amanda Sefton, wife of an incarnation of an ancient god. I like that.”

Kurt laughed as he slipped his arms around his soon-to-be wife’s waist. Even in the face of such revelations, she was still the wonderful woman he had fallen in love with back in high school. She kept him grounded when he faced hardships. She gave him companionship when he felt destined to be alone. It was now clearer than ever. This was the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with.

“You are an amazing voman, Amanda,” said Kurt, gently caressing her face.

“And you’ll always be a god to me, fuzzy,” she grinned.

Despite being in public, the happy couple met in a deep kiss. They were together in a place where they wouldn’t have to face stigma or hatred. People who passed by cheered Kurt and Amanda showed their love to the world. And soon, they would solidify it in holy matrimony in this most holy of places.


Ororo couldn’t stop herself from smiling. After her time with Logan, she had been walking in a daze. It all happened so fast. One minute they were talking and the next they were making love in a sauna. The memory of that fateful moment played out in her mind many times. She was sure to remember it for a long time to come. But at the same time, there was no telling where it would lead.

She and Logan had known each other for years. They had worked together and lived together. She always held a great deal of respect for him and they had been close, but never in a romantic way. A lot of things changed when Logan adopted X23. He was unprepared to be a father to a teenage girl, but Ororo helped a great deal along the way. Perhaps taking on motherly roles for Laura was where it started. She saw a side of Logan that was so much deeper than the tough guy Wolverine persona he always put on. There was a big heart under that burly exterior. And now she may be falling for him.

“Don’t you look happy,” came a voice as Ororo was lounging in the living room, “Is everything okay, Ororo?”

Turning around, Ororo saw Jean, Kitty, Bobby, and Jubilee standing before her. Bobby and Jubilee had changed out of the workout clothes they had been given while Jean and Kitty wore the elegant togas they had grown so fond of.

“I’m fine, Jean,” said Ororo with a smile, “Just a resting a bit.”

“Bet you need it,” muttered Jubilee under her breath, earning a scold from Jean.

Ororo heart and blushed at the younger girl’s comment. But she didn’t retort. There was no denying what happened and she was not ashamed of what she had done.

“So is it true?” said Kitty in an excited tone as she sat with Ororo on the red velvet couch, “Are you and Logan really…you know.”

Ororo smiled. Word did travel fast around the X-men. It wasn’t like she and Logan tried to hide it, but she didn’t expect to be confronted by it so soon. Nevertheless, she maintained her happiness.

“Well if you must know, yes something happened,” she said, “Logan and I…got close.”

“That’s one way of putting it,” said Bobby under his breath.

“Yes, but you seem to already know the details so I won’t bother repeating them,” quipped Ororo, “Indeed, things have changed between me and Logan. It’s come a little fast, but I already know it’s significant.”

“Oh, so it’s not, like, official?” said Kitty.

“No, not yet at least,” sighed Ororo with a smile, “But let’s just say we took the first step…as unexpected as it was.”

Jean, Kitty, Bobby, and Jubilee all smiled at the weather goddess. For years she had been like a mother to them. It was odd hearing her becoming romantically involved with someone. It was even odder that it was with Logan. But from what they gathered, it was a positive event for both of them.

“Wow…” said Jean, “This is just…wow.”

“I’ll say,” said Bobby, “Man, who’d have thought anybody could get the Wolverine to mellow out?”

“Someone special no doubt,” said Jubilee, giving Ororo a pat on the shoulder, “You really accomplished something Ms Munroe. I always thought Logan needed a girlfriend. The guy has some serious issues that need feminine coaxing.”

“Like that’ll be enough for the Wolverine,” laughed Bobby.

“Hey, never underestimate the influence of a good woman!” said Jubilee proudly.

“Whatever,” shrugged Bobby, “Still doubt you’d drag Logan to a chick flick or a garden show.”

Ororo laughed, her grown students getting ahead of themselves. But it did give her something to think about. If she was going to have a relationship with Logan, they would have to work out how they were going to do it.

“Well I’m happy to see the both of you explore this,” said Jean, giving Ororo an affectionate hug.

“Thank you, Jean,” said Ororo to the girl she had seen grow into a woman, “It’s still new to the both of us.”

“Yeah, there’s always that initial part,” said Jean, “Scott and I went through the same thing when we got together.”

“And look where it led,” grinned Kitty, patting Jean over her stomach where her baby was growing.

“Yeah, it seems as though everybody’s hooking up or knocking up,” joked Bobby, “First Rogue and Remy and now you two. Wonder who’ll be next?”

“Oh I don’t know. Us?” said Jubilee playfully, grabbing his arm and flashing him a flirtatious look.

Bobby stammered and blushed, causing Jean, Kitty, and Ororo to laugh. It set the weather goddesses lingering uncertainties at ease. What happened between her and Logan was new and unexpected, but the idea of something strong developing between them was starting to settle. There was no telling where they would go from here, but she looked forward to finding out.

“No fair!” said Bobby, trying to fight off his blush.

“Now who’s on the spot?” teased Kitty.

“Shut up,” muttered the Iceman.

“Oh lighten up, Bobby,” said Jean, “Isn’t that what you’re always telling us to do?”

“Yeah, well I…” he stammered.

Suddenly, everybody heard an urgent psychic call in their minds.

‘X-men, please report to the study. Something urgent has come up.’

“Whew, saved by the psychic emergency,” said Bobby.

“Shut up and let’s go,” said Jean, taking the Professor’s call more seriously as they all filed out to see what was up.


In the backyard of the elaborate palace, Logan was having a quiet drink of hard wine. The pool was empty and most of the servants were helping the others relax after their workout. But for Logan, he had rarely taken time to just sit back and marvel at this strange place. It was so quiet and peaceful. It allowed him to let his mind wander.

A lot had changed since they arrived at Xavier Island. Despite his initial skepticism, the Church of X had proven to be a peaceful people. They were not without controversy. Word of what happened with Kurt and Amanda got him worked up with anger. He yelled at Athena for her actions, but for some reason she just apologized and said she had other matters to attend to. It was suspicious, but not yet pressing.

Then there was Ororo. Sipping his wine, he couldn’t help but smile as his thoughts dwelled on the weather goddess. It was still hard to believe. He and Ororo made love in a sauna. It was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced. She was so kind and loving. She was the only one who could reach beyond his feral nature and bring out the man he was at heart.

After the sauna, things between him and Ororo would never be the same. Logan could no longer deny what this woman meant to him. It was not easy to confront, but he was starting to accept it. He had feeling for Ororo. And there was no telling where they would lead.

“There you are,” came a familiar voice, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you, father.”

Turning around, Logan smiled to see Laura taking a seat next to him. They hadn’t had a chance to talk about what happened. The affair with Athena got in the way. But since everybody was off doing their own thing, they had time for a father/daughter moment.

“Hey kid, everythin’ alright?” said Logan, taking another drink.

“For now, I guess,” sighed Laura, “Still no word for Athena. But I thought I heard the Professor talking to Scott about something major. I don’t know the full story, but I’m sure he’ll tell us when the time’s right.”

“He always does,” said Logan, musing over what might be so pressing.

There was a moment of silence between them. Laura looked away, a sense of awkwardness coming over her. She was not the most social person in the world, but Logan had helped her over the years. However, she never approached him with a matter such as this.

“So is it true?” she asked.

“Is what true, darlin’?” said Logan.

“I heard Bobby talking about you and Ororo. I don’t know if he was just joking around, but he said you two were holding hands.”

Logan smiled at the memory. He knew he would have to confront Laura about this sooner or later.

“So…did something happen between you two?” said Laura intently.

“Well for once, popsicle wasn’t lying,” said Logan, setting his drink down, “It’s true. Ro and I were holding hands. We…worked some stuff out.”

“Is that all?” she said, casting her father a skeptical look.

“Hell no,” said Logan with a slight laugh, “A lot happened…most of which I’d rather not tell you.”

“Oh…I see,” said Laura, blushing at the subtle undertone.

It wasn’t hard to piece the truth together. She could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. He and Ororo got close, more so than mere friends. While sexuality wasn’t uncommon in the palace given how the servants catered to everyone’s needs, it was somewhat different given this dealt with her father. But at the same time, she couldn’t help but smile.

“I won’t mince words, kid,” said Logan in a serious tone, “What happened between me and Ro was big. She and I have always been close, but after this it may get a lot deeper. I ain’t gonna lie. I may feel something for this woman. I don’t know, but it may be stronger than I think.”

“Sounds like it already is,” said Laura, still smiling, “So does this mean that you and Ororo are…together?”

Logan mused over that for a moment. He was not keen on relationships. He didn’t even have memories of being involved with a woman so this was new to him. But the way Ororo made him feel was special. It went beyond the many tough layers he built over his Wolverine persona. But it was still developing.

“I wouldn’t say it’s gone that far just yet,” said Logan with a sigh, “These things are complicated. You know that.”

“But why do they have to be?” asked Laura, “I’ve seen the way you look at her. I’ve seen the way other couples like Scott and Jean look at each other. I just don’t understand why it has to be so complicated.”

Logan shook his head and laughed. Laura still didn’t have a solid grasp on emotions. She had yet to experience love. She was still getting used to the idea of familial bonds. Logan couldn’t say he knew any better, but after what happened between him and Ororo he was beginning to understand.

“You’ll know one day, kid,” said Logan, as he slipped his arm around his daughter’s waist, “Trust me, it’s never easy. It takes time. But we’ll work things out. I promise ya.”

“So does that mean I’ll be calling Ororo mom from now on?” said Laura with a humored grin.

Logan stammered at such a remark. It was definitely getting ahead of what was going on between him and Ororo at the moment. But the smile never left his face.

“One step at a time, darlin’,” he said as they both shared a laugh.


In Isaac’s now silent study, the air hung still with cold tension. Much of the area was surrounded by walls of books. The only visible amenity was a bed he rarely slept in located in the far corner. It was the place of a man truly obsessed. But the walls no longer echoed with the soft sounds of turning pages. Instead, there was nothing but total silence.

“Issac!” yelled Athena as she broke down his chamber door with a hard kick, “Isaac, show yourself!”

Armed with her energy gun, Athena carefully scanned the area. She took each step cautiously, taking note of every possible angle.

“I know you’re in here you little weasel,” she spat into the silence, “Come out and face me.”

But despite her scathing words, there was nothing but silence. Isaac rarely left his study, hinting he was onto something big. Athena gripped her gun intently, wanting nothing more than to have Isaac attack just so she could blow him away. But he was smarter than that. He was always a step ahead. This time proved to be no exception.

“Damn…” she cursed, putting her gun away.

With a disgruntled sigh, Athena looked over the scattered books and scrolls that Isaac had left all over the room. She was a soldier, not a scholar. She couldn’t even begin to understand what he had been up to. But that didn’t help the sick feeling she had in the pit of her stomach. Isaac was not a stable man. If he was up to something, it couldn’t be for the good of the Church of X.

Her eyes continued to drift over the room. There was nothing she could find on her own. That meant she’d have to order in an investigation, but that would take too much time. If Isaac was gone, then his plans were already well underway.

Suddenly, her eyes fell upon a large layout that was pinned to the wall. Curious, she took a closer look. It wasn’t all that special, just a global map. But what caught her attention was a small push pin over a single island in the Azore chain.

“What are you up to, Isaac?” she said, gazing over the map, “What kind of madness are you trying to pull off this time?”


The world was an incoherent daze for Magneto. The infamous mutant who wielded such great power was lost. He couldn’t remember what happened. One minute he was leaving the UN building with the Brotherhood, the next he was consumed by darkness. His breath was ragged and his vision was blurry. But as he came too, he awakened to an unfamiliar world.

“Wake up, tyrant. We’ve got work to do,” said a cold, menacing voice.

As Magneto’s vision cleared, he came fact to face with a pale man wearing an elaborate purple and white robe covered in ancient symbolism. His eyes were brimming with hatred. Magneto tried to lash out at him, but quickly found out his hands and legs were bound by heavy restraints. Few had the guts to stare down the master of magnetism like this. He tried to use his powers to break free, but for some reason they weren’t working.

“Don’t bother trying to escape. You’re in an advanced nullifier field. You’re powers are useless and so are you.”

“Who…who are you?” demanded Magneto, struggling with the restraints.

“Me? That’s not important,” said the figure, “But given you’ll be dead soon, call me Isaac.”

“Isaac,” scowled Magneto, “Do you have any idea who I am?”

The monk cast him a snide grin, obviously not worried about his wrath. Instead, he took a step closer, grabbing the old holocaust survivor’s face in his palm.

“Believe me, monster, I know who you are,” said Isaac in a dark tone, “I know more than I want to know. You’re a madman…a tyrant who thinks he should rule all just because he’s stronger than the rest of humanity. You’re an insult to evolution! You’re very presence on this planet has caused more suffering than any being should!”

“Don’t talk to me about suffering!” shot Magneto, “Where are we? And what did you do with the Brotherhood?”

Isaac scoffed, the snide grin not fading for an instant.

“Look around, Magneto. You’re in the last place you’ll ever lay eyes on.”

As Isaac took a step back, Magneto was able to take in this mysterious place. It was vast and elaborate. It appeared to be a large cave-like structure with a domed top and elaborate machinery covering every wall. And he was in the center of it all, bound in a ring-like entrapment with several antenna-like extensions protruding from the wall and merging around him.

Along the walls, he also saw the bodies of the unconscious Brotherhood. They were all shackled to the wall above, just beneath the dome. He hadn’t seen technology this elaborate since his encounter with Apocalypse. It all appeared to have a sinister function. Escape was all the more imperative as he struggled harder.

“We’re on an island in the middle of the Atlantic,” said Isaac, punching in a few commands on the console, “Here, the power you wield is worthless. You’ve terrorized enough with your crazed appetite for destruction. And as the gods as my strength, I will end it today!”

“You little…” struggled Magneto, brimming with anger, “Who do you think you are? Another fool who thinks he can stem the mutant tide?”

“You misjudge me, tyrant,” said Isaac with a sinister grin, “I am not a mindless fool like the humans you quarrel with. On the contrary, I am enlightened in a way you can’t even comprehend. And believe it or not, I don’t hate mutants. I revere them.”

Magneto scoffed. This man was getting crazier by the second.

“You’re mad,” he scorned.

“Look who’s talking,” said Isaac, his face now inches from the dangerous mutant ruler, “How many people have you killed in your pitiful life, monster? How many have fallen just because they were in your way? Do you know? Do you even care?!”

Magneto continued to stare down the strange man before him. He was not like the rest of the human scum he dealt with. Clearly, there was much more to him than he ever could have guessed.

“You try and advance mutants when in reality you’ve spend you’re whole life doing the opposite,” scorned Isaac, “You push for war and dominance when you could do so much with your power to help humanity. You see yourself as a product of evolution. You wield great power with impunity. Yet in the end you’re still an ape incapable of the slightest compassion for your fellow man. I’m sickened just to be in your presence!”

Isaac was getting worked up. This was the incarnation of history’s greatest tyrant and he was insulting him. The adrenaline rushed through his system. His hands quivered at the feeling he experienced in talking down to such a horrid figure. But this was just the beginning.

“You think me mad and that may be so,” conceded Isaac, “But you’re the one who has let his rage consume him more than any being on the face of this planet. You’re ever bit as arrogant as your incarnation.”

“Incarnation? What are you blathering about?” demanded Magneto.

Isaac scoffed. He could have spent hours revealing why he had to die. But time was short. Magneto had to pay for the sins of his past. The machinery around him hummed with activity. The time for retribution was nearing. And after 10,000 years, a prophecy was finally taking shape.

“That, tyrant, you do not need to know,” he said, narrowing his gaze on the master of magnetism, “All you have to understand is you will be the medium for which this sick, demented world of hatred will be purified. And through the ashes, the champions of the past will rise again and rebuild a world of virtue while you burn in the darkest pits of Hell. So it is written in the Orion Prophecy.”


Up next: The Orion Prophecy begins falling into place.
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