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The Last King

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Cult of the X
Chapter 14: The Last King


The X-men and X-factor gathered quickly in Xavier’s study after receiving word from their mentor that something was up. And if his tone was any indication, it was very serious. Upon gathering in the vast, book-laden room they watched the unfolding news reports intently. They were still blaring on every major network, replaying Magneto’s speech and showing the civil unrest that resulted in its wake.

Anti-mutant fervor gave way to outrage. Many demanded Mayor Kelly’s imprisonment and the arrest of Henry Peter Gyrich. The powers that be had been caught with their pants down and the public was in chaos. But aside from the growing fury, there was also the looming threat of the Orion Prophecy and the actions of an obscure figure named Isaac.

“Man, dis is really lookin’ bad,” commented Remy, who was sitting next to Rogue on a couch as they gathered around the TV.

“Oh really, you think?” quipped Jubilee.

“I don’t know. I can see some benefits,” said Bobby, earning him some awkward stares, “At least we’re not criminals anymore.”

“That may be so,” conceded Scott, “But this could definitely lead to other problems. Now Magneto’s going to have a lot more support and not just from mutants.”

“Yeah, and I wonder who’s going to have to clean that mess up,” muttered Tabitha.

Even for the positives to the truth coming out, there were still plenty of reasons to worry. An emboldened Magneto was usually trouble. Even after he allegedly mellowed after Apocalypse, his old tendencies persisted in many ways. But that wasn’t the only threat.

“So what’s this got to do with the Orion Prophecy, Professor?” asked Jean.

“That’s just it. I’m not certain if there is a connection,” said Xavier with a frustrated sigh.

“Not sure?” said Logan suspiciously, “So why’d ya call us here anyways?”

“Because there are other forces at work, Logan,” said Xavier strongly, “Amanda’s abductor, Isaac, is still at large. I have a strong feeling that he may be making his move.”

“And what makes you say zhat, Professor?” asked Kurt, giving Amanda’s hand a firm squeeze at the mention of Isaac’s name.

“Just look at the unrest as a result of this revelation,” said Xavier, gesturing towards the news reports, “Can you conceive of a better moment such as this?”

The team of mutants exchanged worried glances. The Professor had a point. And more often than not, his hunches were right.

“So what exactly are we facing here, Professor?” inquired Piotr, “This Isaac character seems dangerous, but just how much damage can a reclusive zealot do?”

“If you read the prophecy, plenty,” said Arion, stepping in to answer.

Directing everybody’s attention to the original text inscribed on black stone, the X-men gathered around the source of so much tension. This prophecy had obsessed Isaac and Professor Xavier had spent much of his time dealing with it since his arrival. Nobody else gave it too much thought, but there was no more running from it now.

“The Orion Prophecy has long been touted as a message of hope within our faith,” explained the high priest, “Most agree that it speaks of a time in the future where our people and the mutants who embrace the ideas of Xuthasius will rise up in a turbulent world and bring peace and prosperity. However, it is the details where many disagree.”

“The most accepted view is one of gradual growth,” continued Ayla, “It’s what we preach when we do our sermons. This view states that over time the ideas of Xuthasius will spread through the deeds of the faithful and the heroic acts of the reincarnations of our ancient gods. And through understanding, peace will come to all those faithful and righteous.”

“So what’s the other view?” said Logan, folding his arms skeptically.

Ayla and Arion sighed, having dealt with this many times before. It didn’t make their jobs any easier, but it was a fact of all faiths no matter how hostile or benign.

“There are those in the fringe of our society who have more racial interpretations,” said Arion remorsefully, “They believe that the Orion Prophecy speaks of a bloody end to the current order and the imposition of a new one governed by that which made Atlantis so strong.”

“And Isaac was one of the most vocal proponents,” added Lilandra.

“Great, so he’s just like Magneto,” said Kitty bitterly, “He thinks war will solve everything.”

“I admit Isaac is misguided,” said Arion, “But we never thought he would take it this far.”

“Well clearly he has,” said Laura, “And you didn’t do anything about it?”

“Most of his supporters have long been debunked and he hasn’t caused a stir in nearly two years,” said Ayla in defense, “We had no idea he was up to anything sinister.”

“What about now?” said Jamie in a sarcastic tone.

Ayla and Arion weren’t too enthused with this development. Isaac was supposed to be a non-issue. Clearly, they had greatly underestimated the zealous monk. But there was still no indication of his plans.

“I’m sorry, my lords,” said Arion with a humble bow, “We have failed you. I assume full responsibility.”

“No Arion,” said Xavier in an understanding tone, “This is nobody’s fault. The strength of beliefs like Isaac’s are hard to reason with. All we can do now is use what we know to uncover what he’s be up to.”

“You really think this guy is that big a threat?” said Tabitha skeptically.

“He kidnapped me and said I’d be a witness to the end of the world,” said Amanda dryly, “I think that’s big enough.”

Tabitha was silenced, diverting her gaze from the still embittered Amanda. Thankfully, Kurt’s presence helped calm her down.

“So what exactly do we know about this Isaac character?” asked Scott.

“Very little, I’m afraid,” sighed Hank, “He hasn’t been seen since Amanda was found.”

“Well then what are we waitin’ for?” said Logan, drawing his claws, “Why don’t we get out there and start trackin’? The little weasel’s gotta be hiding somewhere!”

“Don’t underestimate Isaac’s resourcefulness, Wolverine,” warned Lilandra, “He has a way of staying under the radar.”

“I’ll be the judge of that!” growled the menacing mutant, “It’s better just layin’ around waitin’ for some nut to go Apocalypse on everybody and…”

But Wolverine was suddenly cut off by the panicked entrance of Athena. Despite having been gravely injured earlier, she was as active in her duty as ever. And she had little intention of changing that until her job was done.

“My lords!” she said in an urgent tone, “I just got back from Isaac’s rat hole of a study. Look what I found.”

Tossing a small book atop the stone tablet of the Orion Prophecy, Athena held back her bitter frustration for the sake of maintaining her poise as a soldier. Xavier promptly took the book and opened it to find the ramblings of a man obsessed by his faith. Much of it was meaningless scribble, but the last page had an ominous red X, marking its significance.

“What is this?” asked the Professor as he looked over the page.

“It’s Isaac doing what he does best,” said Athena bitterly, “Making a mockery of everything humane.”

Just below the red X, Professor Xavier saw a neatly written message. Clearly, Isaac did not want his deeds to go unnoticed. And for those who could match his dedication, he left behind one last relic for the events to come.

Xavier read carefully as everybody gathered around, listening to the words of a man driven so strongly by his faith.

“Let it be told, by way of this declaration of intent, the final hour of this corrupt world. Just as in the days of Xuthasius, the wicked likes of Magneto and corrupt apes who call themselves civilized seek to bathe the world in blood in an ever increasing struggle for dominance. Like Manthus in the days of Atlantis, humanity has succumbed to tyranny and can no longer function without radical intervention. Let it be said, in this twilight hour, the intent of a single man of faith. I, Isaac, have uncovered the final secrets to the Orion Prophecy. I know now what I must do to ensure the virtue of Xuthaisus’s ideas takes hold and the tyranny of Manthus and his incarnation, Magneto, never come to pass. With the knowledge bestowed upon me with this prophecy, I will purge this planet of wickedness. Though I will die in the process, I know in my heart that Charles Xavier and the X-men will ensure peace and the Church of X will rebuild humanity’s lost perfection. In less than 24 hours it will be done. I have acquired the final resources. All that is left now is to see it through. May the gods bless me in my quest. This is the last entry in this log. To the faithful go the glory. So it is written in the Orion Prophecy.”

An eerie silence fell over the X-men and the high priests of the Church of X. These were the words of a true madman. He was talking of nothing less than destroying all of civilization and rebuilding it from the ground up. Furthermore, he was willing to die for his beliefs.

It was a threat the likes of which the X-men had not faced before. They had faced tyrants like Apocalypse, Magneto, and Mr. Sinister before. But this was very different. Isaac clearly believed he was doing the world a favor. He was driven not by greed, but by faith. That kind of dedication was beyond measure even to them.

“Wow…” said Roberto, “This guy is really off his meds.”

“He’s really going to destroy everything?” exclaimed Amara, “Who does he think he is?!”

“Clearly someone of great faith and determination,” said Xavier, closing the book and tossing it aside, “Furthermore, I don’t think he’s mad. He’s just taking this idea and pushing it to the extreme.”

“Hell of an extreme,” grunted Logan, “So what do we do about it?”

“What can we do about it?” said Jean, taking the book and flipping through it, “The guy’s off, but he’s not stupid. He didn’t leave any clues to what he was doing.”

“But how does someone go about destroying the world?” asked Rahne, “It’s not like ye can do that sort of thing easily.”

“Apocalypse sure came close,” commented Ray, “Who’s to say this nut can’t do it too?”

“But you said the Orion Prophecy didn’t preach this sort of thing,” said Ororo, addressing Ayla and Arion, “What could Isaac be interpreting that we’re missing?”

Ayla looked away in defeat, saddened that she could not give her lords the answers they deserved. For Arion, it was bitterer. He and his wife founded this order in hopes of building a just society. Now they may very well be responsible for the death of billions. It was a not a burden he wished to carry. And it was all because of a prophecy.

“This has gone too far,” said Arion in a low tone, “We should have stopped him.”

“There’s still time, Arion,” said Ayla, standing by her husband, “Perhaps we could…”

“It’s too late!” yelled the high priest in a rage, “You know Isaac! He never leaves loose ends!”

Everyone was shocked by Arion’s outburst. His anger was getting the better of him and one could hardly blame him. He and his wife uncovered this prophecy. Now someone was perverting it in the worst possible way.

“Don’t blame yourself, your holiness,” said Lilandra, trying to comfort her superior, “This isn’t your fault.”

Bowing his head in defeat, Arion gazed over the stone tablets making up the prophecy. A cold expression fell upon his face. It was all because of this text that the world was in peril. Just being near it was enough to get his blood boiling.

“No…” he said coldly, “I found this text. I thought I knew what it meant. But I was too ignorant. I opened a Pandora’s Box and now millions will die! All because of this cursed prophecy! Well no more! Never again!”

Then, in a fit of rage, Arion grabbed the table and tipped it over. He was so sickened by this horrid text that he’d rather see it turned to dust than spend one more minute trying to decipher its meaning. It was an act of blasphemy, but he didn’t care. To him, it was already over.

“NO!” yelled Xavier, watching as their only clue fell to the floor.

“I got it!” said Jean, promptly using her telekinesis to catch the tablet.

Suddenly, the stone erupted in a dark purplish glow. The second Jean’s telekinesis acted on the ancient inscriptions, a mysterious energy inundated the relic. It was so bright that many were forced to cover their eyes.

“Whoa…” said Bobby, taking a step back, “What just happened?”

Letting the tablets go, Jean and the others gathered around the still glowing stones. Even as they were laid back on the table, they kept their radiant aura. The text was shining in a bright golden glow. Ayla and Arion instinctively bowed to the holy light while Lilandra protectively stood besides Xavier in confusion.

“Professor?” said Jean, not knowing what she had just done.

“My Lord…” said Arion at a loss for what he had just done.

A curious look fell over Xavier. He quickly became entranced by the glowing relic. All the mystery and uncertainty surrounding this text had taken an unexpected turn. And the answers they sought were finally at hand.

“It appears Isaac hasn’t uncovered everything about the Orion Prophecy just yet,” said Xavier as he placed his hand over the glowing stone, “I think there may be one last secret.”


In the volatile waters of the Atlantic, Isaac’s plans were taking their final form. The remote island laden with Atlantean technology was active again after 10,000 years and ironically it was being run by the incarnation of humanity’s greatest foe.

Magneto, the self proclaimed leader of mutant revolution, was bound and trapped by this feeble man. His arms and legs were restrained and his powers contained. He was completely helpless, a feeling that did not sit well with him. He didn’t know who this man was or what he was rambling about, but he was clearly disturbed.

While the master of magnetism continued to struggle, Isaac was hard at work on the ancient consoles. Some of the machinery needed fixing after thousands of years of inactivity. But thanks to his fluency in Atlantean scripture, the final step in the Orion Prophecy was at hand.

“How much longer, Isaac?” asked Artemis, who helped move things along while keeping an eye on the Brotherhood.

“Almost finished,” said the excited monk, “Everything is in place. We just have to power it up and the prophecy will be fulfilled.”

“And our main source just happens to be the most disgusting figure on the face of the planet,” said Artemis, casting Magneto a cold stare, “Funny how history works, isn’t it? The man who sought to destroy the world is going to help make it right again.”

“Indeed,” grinned Isaac, making the final adjustment.

Magneto remained defiant, unafraid of the two figures who looked at him with such hatred. He was used to being stared down upon, but these two were different. It was as if he was the devil incarnate when he was merely a freedom fighter. He kept trying to break free, but his fate was sealed.

“Bet you didn’t see this one coming, eh Magneto?” taunted Artemis as she approached the master of magnetism, “All your tough talk about dominating the world and oppressing the weak were meaningless in the end.”

“Don’t talk down to me, woman!” shot Magneto in defiance, “When I get out of here…”

But Artemis cut him off with a hard punch to the face.

“You’re not going anywhere, monster!” spat Artemis, grabbing him by the neck and staring angrily at the evil incarnate, “You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to this day. From the second I learned of your past, I dreamed of being the one to watch you suffer until your final breath. Now I finally have my chance! I shall bear witness to the death of history’s greatest tyrant!”

“Ack!” choked Magneto.

Artemis never felt so good before in her life. This was what she had trained for since the beginning. Before her stood the greatest enemy in the Church of X and Atlantean history. It was finally going to end and she would bear witness to the final triumph of good over evil. She was tempted to watch him die by her hands, but Magneto had to live to face his destiny.

“Artemis…” scorned Isaac, “Let him go. He’ll suffer plenty soon enough.”

With a scowl, Artemis let the tyrant go. The master of magnetism keeled over, gasping for air. He was pitiful, almost human in a way. It was a fitting end to such a putrid monstrosity. And in one final show of disgust, Artemis spit in Magneto’s face.

“Evil scum,” she muttered, “May you burn in hell for a million lifetimes.”

Magneto was still breathing hard. It was a sobering feeling being so weak. And it was before two mere humans no doubt. He didn’t know what they were planning, but he knew how it was going to end.

The console readings were in the green. The ancient machine was ready for what it was destined to do. Isaac’s hands trembled with excitement. The Orion Prophecy was almost at hand. Feeling so close to his destiny, Isaac prayed to the gods for strength.

“It’s ready,” he said breathlessly, “Xuthasius be praised! May the purification begin!”

Placing his hands over two crystal engravings, Isaac’s face contorted in euphoria as the machine burst into life. The gentle hum of the ancient components grew louder with each passing moment. Rows of crystals and electronic circuitry lit up for the first time in 10,000 years. The very ground beneath them started to tremble before the great power taking shape.

The device Magneto was restrained in also came to life. The old holocaust survivor struggled harder, feeling a strange energy surround him. Several concentric rings surrounding his shackles started to move and swirl. The three antennas focusing on his position started to glow an ominous white light.

“No…NO!” yelled Magneto, trying with all his might to escape.

“YES!” proclaimed Isaac, the crystals beneath his hands glowing brighter.

Then Magneto felt it. A rush of energy the likes of which he never felt before surged through his system. His magnetic powers were bent and twisted against his will. Such forces made the antennas glow with increasing brightness, every metal structure within the area vibrating to the intense energy surrounding them.

The master of magnetism was in a world of pain. The power that once made him so strong was ripping him apart. The prophecy was finally upon them. The coming of a new age was at hand. And it would be ushered in by the pained screams of history’s greatest tyrant.



The tablets of the Orion Prophecy were still glowing. The ancient text had yet another surprise for Professor Xavier and the high priests of the Church of X. It was an unexpected turn after much of the text proved nothing short of indecipherable. But it was their only lead.

“What on earth did I do, Professor?” said Jean as everybody crowded around the glowing inscriptions.

“Looks like you triggered something, Jean,” commented Sam.

“I know that!” said Jean with an annoyed glance, “But all I did was catch it with my telekinesis!”

“Calm down, Jean,” said the Professor, “It reacted for a reason. And I think I know why.”

“What do you mean, Charles?” asked Hank, trying to put some logic into this bewildering turn of events.

Placing his hands over the tablet, the text grew brighter. Professor Charles Xavier had seen many strange things in his life, but this was something entirely new. It was as if this ancient relic was connected to him. He could feel it in his being. There was so much to this prophecy, but it all centered around him.

“It all makes sense now,” he mused, “No wonder we couldn’t decode it.”

“What the hell are you talkin’ about, Chuck?” said Logan.

“It was never meant to be deciphered through the text,” the professor went on, “The text were just pieces of the puzzle. The truth was there all along.”

Closing his eyes, the glowing tablets glowed with increasing radiance. It was eerie, yet beautiful. Everyone was enticed by the gentle light. It was soft, yet comforting in a strange way.

“What does it say, Professor?” asked Kitty, fixated on the text.

“Let us see for ourselves,” said the Professor ominously, “Jean, Lilandra…I’ll need your help.”

“You’ve got it,” said Jean in a strong tone.

“What do you want us to do, Charles?” said Lilandra, placing her trust in this man.

Taking a deep breath, the Professor prepared to push his psychic talents to the limit.

“Place your hands over the tablet and focus your telepathy with mine. The answers are there. All that is required is the proper key.”

Following the words of the wise psychic, Jean and Lilandra closed their eyes and placed their hands over the ancient text. The answers to the ancient prophecy were there. They had to know the truth if they were to stop Isaac.

“Stand back everybody,” warned Xavier.

“Don’t need to tell us twice,” said Remy.

The lights in the room flickered as the psychic talents of Jean, Lilandra, and Professor Xavier were focused on a single piece of engraved stone. Both the X-men and X-factor watched with fascination and anxiety at what was transpiring before them. Couples like Rogue and Remy, Kurt and Amanda, and Kitty and Piotr stayed close through the spectacle, not knowing what would come of it.

The bright purple light intensified as the three psychics remained calm and poised. Logan, Athena, and Scott stood ready to intervene if anything went wrong. Suddenly, a miniature explosion of light erupted around the tablet. It forced everyone to look away and fall back, not knowing if this was a sign of danger.

“Everybody get down!” yelled Scott.

“No wait!” said Ayla, “Look!”

When the light faded, a strange figure hovered above the stone tablet. It was like a hologram, only with more radiance. The tablet continued to glow, fueled by the strange power that lay within. The strain had been difficult on Professor Xavier and his two psychic aides, but the discomfort was quickly forgotten as everyone became fixated on the figure.

He was tall, strong, and well-built. He had long black hair and poise worthy of royalty. He wore garments of great elegance, littered with gold and jewels. On his head was a crown worthy of a king. Yet his face bore a solemn look.

“Mien Gott,” said Kurt in a daze.

“My thoughts exactly, man,” said Roberto with equal amazement.

Nobody knew what to expect, but before they could ponder any further the figure spoke.

“Congratulations on uncovering the Orion Prophecy. If the gods have been kind then I am currently speaking to a very wise soul worthy of this knowledge. Though my time is waning, I speak with hope that my words will transcend the loss the world has suffered. May this be the final message from the legacy of our civilization as told by I, King Namor, the last ruler of Atlantis.”

The team of bewildered mutants watched in awe of the hovering figure before them. Athena, Alya, and Arion bowed before the image of the lost king. A message from a lost civilization was worthy of respect. And for Xavier, it was an overwhelming moment.

“Wow, he looks good for a King,” commented Tabitha.

“Quiet!” scorned Logan as they listened on.

“I suppose I should explain why a prophecy of such mystery was inscribed and why we went through so much trouble to ensure that not just anyone could ascertain the truth. Very well. While the records of our civilization were stored in order to keep the devolved masses from exploiting them, the truth about the final moments of our society were kept secret.”

“Secret?” said Arion in amazement, “There was more?”

“It would appear so,” said Xavier as he listened on.

“Before I go into exile, the truth must be told in order for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Many know how our home was destroyed, but few know why. And it is a royal secret that the destruction of our civilization was no accident.”

Such words hit hard, sending a wave of ominous feelings through the team. Ayla and Arion were especially disturbed. Having spent their lives piecing together lost history, there was always more they seemed to miss.

Suddenly, the image of Namor faded and the room was consumed by a holographic landscape not unlike what they experienced in the danger room. Everybody looked around, taking in the strange surroundings. They were standing at ground zero, gazing upon the magnificent continent of Altantis before it was destroyed. Such beauty had few parallels, leaving the bewildered team at a loss for words.

“Oh mah God,” gasped Rogue, “Is that…”

“It is,” said Arion, “It’s Atlantis.”

Suddenly, a deafening explosion shattered the peaceful beauty. It was so realistic that everybody fell back. It was just a simulation, but it was still a horrifying sight.

“The world wailed in pain on that fateful day. Those lucky enough to survive know what happened. The poles of the Earth shifted and the resulting devastation destroyed everything civilization spent 15,000 years building. But this act did not occur by natural forces. Such destruction was our own doing as a result of our hubris.”

The scenery then changed to that of a small island with several Atlantean ships docked outside the rocky shores. The scene traveled into a series of caves, leading into a deep cavern where a massive machine took shape.

“Amazing,” said Beast, the sight of such technology enchanting his intellect.

“I’ll bet Forge would be green with envy if he saw this,” mused Bobby.

A scene of several Atlantean scientists formed at the core of the machine. It was here where Namor’s tone grew strained.

“We marveled in our technological prowess. There was no force we thought we couldn’t conquer. That thinking proved to be our undoing when some of our best minds sought to create a device that would be powerful enough to shift tectonic plates, allowing us to reshape the land in a controlled manner and thus bypassing natural geologic processes altogether.”

“Move the land?” said Amanda in astonishment, “Is that physically possible?”

“I’m inclined to say no,” said Beast, “But I think our descendants found a way.”

Suddenly, the image of the machine erupted in a burst of white light. Sparks flew and waves of energy tore the island apart. And in the skies above, ominous clouds of darkness formed.

“However, we miscalculated. The machine worked, but not in the way we had hoped. By disrupting geologic processes deep within the Earth, we triggered the pole shift. By way of our own pride, we caused the event that destroyed the world. All the progress set forth by our gods was reversed. Mankind became apes again and the achievements of our civilization were wiped out. My entire family perished in the disaster. I, along with an elite few, are the only survivors.”

A tragic sight unfolded before them. Images of once advanced people reverting to barbaric roots filled the world. And image of the earth, covered in dark clouds with massive floods inundating many lands dominated the senses. It was overwhelming watching so many die while those that survived endured having their DNA mutated back to that of an ape.

When the scene was done, the scenery faded and Namor’s figure remained. Professor Xavier and his X-men watched with intent as the last king of Atlantis proclaimed his sorrow.

“I suppose I am to blame. I was responsible, yet I let this happen. May the gods grant me mercy for my inaction. I have shamed Xuthaisus and myself. But before I succumb to my fate, I beseech this message. Humanity may have fallen, but it shall rise to greatness again. I have seen through my endless nightmares that the coming future will be difficult. But in order to regain the greatness of Atlantis, humanity must make a choice.”

“A choice?” said Ray, “I thought this was a prophecy.”

“So did I,” said the Professor, “But I think there may be more to it than any of us suspected.”

Regaining his regal stance, Namor laid out this ancient vision for Charles Xavier and the X-men.

“It will take many centuries to rebuild. Along the way, the effects of human cruelty will do much to inflict suffering. By its own nature, humanity’s corruption will slow the process at times. But a time will come when the divine will of the gods will intervene. After we have endured our punishment for destroying ourselves, Xuthasius and his followers shall return to the living realm where they will begin the process that will lead humanity back to greatness. However, the mortals who must bear this responsibility will have a difficult choice to make.”

“Oh boy,” muttered Jubilee, “I have a feeling I’m not gonna like this.”

“They shall face two paths. In one, they will live and fight in a world that hates and fears them. They will come out as more evolved, but the powers that be will see them as threats. Yet through the strife they face, they will lay out the ideas that will bring humanity back to greatness. Or they could follow the second path…”

Suddenly, a small image of the world appeared besides Namor and zoomed in on an area in the mid Atlantic.

“The machine that originally destroyed Atlantis still stood after the destruction. It is located not far from where Atlantis once stood. And should the powers that be see fit, it shall once again be activated to retrigger the pole shift. Like Atlantis, the old order will die and the survivors will come out of the ashes as rulers of a new society. However, the price of this path comes at the loss of billions of souls.”

A cold feeling came over the team. After seeing images of the destruction caused by that machine, the idea of it happening again was too great to imagine.

“And thus, this is the Orion Prophecy. May the morals who bear this responsibility choose wisely in whatever path they take. Atlantis may have been lost to the waves, but I urge whoever may be listening to my voice to heed the lessons we have learned. Mankind is capable of amazing things, but we are equally capable of great horrors. May the new order outshine the old. So it is written in the Orion Prophecy. I am King Namor. May the gods grant us peace.”

With those final words, the image of King Namor faded and the glowing ceased. The air was calm once more. The tablets were back to being mere slabs of stone. Professor Xavier and the X-men had their destiny laid out before them. They had a choice to make for the future of mankind.

“Oh boy, anybody else feel their lunch making a comeback?” said Amara.

“Don’t even mention food, Princess,” groaned Bobby, “This is not good.”

“No argument here,” said Rogue, “So what do we do about it?”

With an exasperated sigh, Professor Xavier bowed his head in a daze. They had finally deciphered the Orion Prophecy, but now they were faced with a much greater challenge.

“I think we all know the answer to that, Rogue,” said Xavier, “It’s all starting to make sense now.”

“What do you mean, Professor?” asked Jean.

“It’s clear in Isaac’s notes. He must have pieced together the clues in the text to learn of this horrific machine.”

“You don’t think…” began Ayla, but the Professor cut her off.

“No, I’m certain,” said Xavier, “It’s the only logical explanation.”

Ayla and Arion exchanged looks of sorrow. It was hard to believe that one of their own was trying to bring about the end of the world, but they could no longer escape the truth. And Athena was more than willing to act.

“That rat is going to pay!” scolded the leader angrily.

“Never thought I’d say this, but I’m with ya, lady!” growled Logan, itching to introduce this guy to his claws.

“Uh…not to be devils advocate here, but what about the choice Namor told us about?” said Laura.

“Yeah, some choice,” said Rogue in a sarcastic tone, “Save the world or let it die. That’s a real stretch.”

“And I’m guessing we’ll get all the blame and none of the praise,” sighed Tabitha.

“Do we ever?” remarked Kitty.

“Meh, where’s the fun in that?” grinned Ray.

It wasn’t a hard decision to make. It would have been so easy to stand aside and let the world that hated and feared them be consumed by its own madness. But that was not their style. That did not embody the principles they fought so hard for. It did not surprise Ayla and Arion in the slightest. It merely confirmed what they believed about these noble souls.

“You’re dedication never ceases to amaze me, my lords,” said Arion, “Please, let us help in your quest. We have many resources that can…”

Suddenly, Arion was cut off by the abrupt entrance of a panicked clergyman.

“My lords! Please forgive me for my intrusion, but I think you should take a look outside!”

“Oh boy…” said Bobby, dreading what they would find.

Rushing out of the study, the X-men and the high priests of the Church of X stepped out onto the balcony. What they saw sent shivers of dread through their beings. He sky was growing black with clouds with bolts of intense lightning erupting from within. The wind picked up and the seas grew choppy. What had been written in the prophecy was already taking shape and time was running out.

“About those resources, Arion,” said Scott as the clouds spread across the sky, “I think you’ll be needing them more than us.”


Up next: The X-men make a plan while Isaac pushes for the end of all things.
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