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Last Thing in the World - SEPT 30

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lots of stuff happens

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“This is so much fun. I think I should be mad at you.” Christa said. She and Ray were backstage at the Bell Centre in the midst of all the chaos that was going on in preparation for the concert. She had just met the members of the supporting group Muse who were now taking the stage.
“Mad at me. Why?” Ray sat down by her on the sofa placing his arm around her shoulders.
“Cause you never asked me to come with you before. This is great, so exciting. Worm showed me where I’ll be on the side stage. I’ll have a great view of a certain guitar player.” She snuggled up closer.
Ray smiled, “I didn’t know you liked Frank that much.”
She punched him on the arm, “Very funny. I’m on your side of the stage and you know it.” She looked around, “Where’s everyone else?”
Ray shrugged, “They’re here somewhere. Last time I saw Mikey he practicing like he always does. Frank was on his phone with Jamia and I haven’t seen Bob.”
“What about Gerard?”
Ray’s eyes darted around the room. “Dunno. I’m sure he’s around here somewhere.”
“So what happens after the concert?” Christa asked.
“We go back to the hotel and I ravish you.” He answered nonchalantly.
Christa laughed, “So how long are your concerts?”

Gerard sat in a small room he had found backstage trying to block out all the noise. He was trying to get his thoughts together. They had been all over the map since talking to Monica earlier. Okay, he admitted to himself that he really didn’t like Bert visiting her. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust him it just brought back too many memories he never wanted to deal with again. Waking up out of a drunken stupor and seeing him in bed with Liv, for one. In his heart he knew Monica would never cheat on him. So then what was really bothering him? He sighed, knowing the answer. Monica had mentioned that Bert still cared for Liv. Why does that matter to me, he asked himself. He had no answer, it just did.
“Hey, Gee. What’s up?” Frank had found him. He always did.
“Just relaxing, getting ready for the show.” He answered.
“I’m ready to get out there. I hate waiting. This is gonna be a fucking rad show I can feel it.”
Gerard agreed, “Yeah, it will. So you talking to Jamia earlier?”
“Yeah, she told me she saw Monica today.”
Gerard nodded, “Yeah, that’s what Monica said. Bert visited her today too.”
Frank didn’t seem surprised, “Checking up on her?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
Frank looked at him, “You don’t care do you? I mean fuck you gotta know Bert ain’t nothing but a friend to her.”
“I know.” He debated wither he should mention Liv. He decided he needed to talk to someone about it. “He told Monica he’s worried about Liv. He wanted to know if we’d talked to her.”
Frank sat down by him. “Why?”
Gerard lit a cigarette. “Monica thinks it’s cause he still likes her.”
“No shit? What the hell is it about that woman?”
He didn’t exactly know why but he didn’t like Frank’s comment. “She’s a good looking woman.”
“An evil woman” Frank reminded him. “Shit, lets not go into this again. Maybe she and Bert will hook up.”
Gerard stared at him. That was the last thing in the world he wanted to happen but he kept his mouth shut.

The concert that night had been rad just as Frank predicted. All the members had been a bit nervous coming off downtime but they shouldn’t have worried. The whole concert went off like a well-oiled machine. Once Gerard hit the stage all thoughts went out of his head except this moment in time. The crowd gave him just what he needed.
Once back at the hotel he went up to the room quickly. Gerard wanted to call Monica before Frank got back to the room. He had gone with Bob to get a bite to eat. Gerard had declined their offer to go with them. He just wanted to talk to Monica. She answered on the third ring.
“Hey, handsome.”
He reclined on his bed, “Hey gorgeous.”
“So how was the concert?”
“Fucking great. I was kinda nervous going on. Guess cause of the break but it was all good.”
Monica sighed, “Wish I could have seen it. You’re so sexy on stage.”
He closed his eyes, “I miss you so fucking much, Honey.”
“I miss you too. You sound tired. I think getting up so early this morning is catching up with you.”
“Yeah, probably.” He agreed yawning.
“Get to bed. Tomorrow is a big day.”
He frowned, “Tomorrow we just got some interviews. Next concert isn’t until Friday.”
Monica laughed, “Tomorrow is your birthday. Always a big day.”
“Shit, I forgot. It’s not a big deal you know.” He sat up and stretched. “So I found the box you sent in my bag. Can I open it now?”
“No, tomorrow is your birthday.” Monica said sternly.
“But it’s after midnight so it actually is my birthday.”
“Gerard, you can open it tomorrow when you wake up.” Actually she couldn’t wait until he opened her gift. Would he be pleased? She hoped so.
“You’re mean.” He whined.
She laughed, “Yep, I am. Now get to bed. What time are you getting up?”
“Clock’s set for 6:30.” He told her unhappily.
“Ok, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Call me after you open you gift if you get a chance.” The way she said if you get a chance made him feel sad.
“I’ll call you. Hell maybe I should set my clock for 5:30. That way I can open my present earlier.
Monica laughed, “Talk to you tomorrow, honey.”
“Yeah, love ya.”
He hung up after she told him she loved him. Walking over to his case he picked up the small box wondering what was inside. Shit he wanted to open it. He shook his head and placed it on the table. He’d wait cause he’d promised.

Bob was hiding out in the van. He and Frank were going out to eat but Frank could just cool his jets for a while. He hadn’t talked to Kara since this morning. They had sent a few text messages back and forth through the day but that wasn’t the same as hearing her voice. He wanted to call before it got much later.
Kara answered right away, “Hi Pooks, Is the concert over? How’d it go? Burn anything off?”
“No” he laughed. “It was great. How was your day?”
“Pretty good. How was yours?”
“Busy. How’d your math quiz go?”
Kara crossed her fingers before answering. “I blew it away” More like she’d blown it since she’d been a little too busy to study.
“Hey, I forgot to tell you that your entire family called me. They all had some lame excuse for calling. I think they were worried about me. Isn’t that cute? They’re so sweet.”
Bob listened contentedly as Kara shared more of her day. She then prompted Bob to relate several funny stories of the band’s arrival in Canada. He was relating the practical joke that Frank had pulled on Gerard earlier when he was started by a pounding on the window above his head. A high pitched voice yelled.
“Bobby, Bobby, Bobby come out Bobby.”
Without looking, Bob flipped off the intruder.
He spoke into the phone. “It’s nothin’. Just Frank being an idiot. Guess he’s getting hungry.”
Kara sighed, “Guess I should let you go so you can go to dinner. Call me tomorrow. Miss ya, Honey. Love you, Pookie.”
“Love you, Stinkerbell. Talk to you later.” He flipped his phone shut not moving from his seat.
“Pookie, take me out to eat. Oh, Pookie.” Frank was back at the window. Bob flipped him off again before exiting the van.
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