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Without A Backwards Glance - OCT 3

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Elle's birthday and much more

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Liv and Elle held hands as they walked slowly to the park. For once the weatherman had been right. It was a beautiful day. Liv smiled as Elle bent down to pick up another treasure to give to her mom: a small rock. Liv thanked her and added it to her collection of “treasures” already in her pocket. Elle gave her a beautiful smile then reached up and adjusted her new hat. It was the only gift Liv had been able to afford to buy for her birthday. Liv couldn’t help but compare it to the beautiful coat Elle was wearing. The coat Monica had bought. To Liv the hat looked cheap and shabby but Elle didn’t think so. She had told her that it was the “pwettyist” hat she had ever seen.
The park provided them with hours of fun. Elle tried out every swing and slide in sight. Liv sat on a park bench a few feet away from her daughter and simply watched her play. God, Liv thought, she's so beautiful. Her dark hair flying in the wind behind her as she flew from swing to swing softly singing to herself. Liv wished this day could last forever. A beautiful moment in time she wanted to hold in her heart. She blinked the tears from her eyes when Elle finally announced she was hungry.
They made their way to a small ice cream shop not far from the park. While Elle sat at the table Liv ordered her a small personal ice cream cake. The clerk even placed three candles on it when Liv explained it was her daughter’s birthday. Elle’s face lit up as Liv carefully carried it to their table.
“Make a wish before you blow out the candles” Liv told her as she set it down on the table.
Elle squealed happily and closed her eyes tightly. “Guess what I wished?” She said after she blew out the candles.
Liv laughed, “You’re not suppose to tell or it won’t come true.”
Elle frowned, “But I wanna tell”
“Okay baby, what did you wish for?’
“I wished we could go to the park everyday. Can we mommy?”
Liv tried to smile but it was hard, “We can try, baby.” She said softly.

Alicia, looking over Jamia’s head, caught Monica’s eye. She made a face closing her eyes and bulging out her cheeks. Monica bit her lip to keep from laughing as Jamia, in mid-conversation, turned back to Alicia barely missing the face. Alicia missing whatever Jamia was happily prattling on about managed to plaster on a faux smile, feigning interest. Really, Jamia was her best friend but these babies had stolen her few remaining brain cells. So far they had been in the Baby Mega Store for over three hours and Jamia had not made one decision other than she couldn’t decide. She was ensconced in a big comfy chair surrounded by dozens of catalogues. Alicia tried to concentrate on what Jamia was saying, but the lack of sleep was catching up with her. She was falling asleep standing up.
“That sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it, Alicia?” Alicia blinked and focused on what Monica had just asked her. She looked at Monica with a question in her eyes.
“Don’t you like that idea, Alicia?” Monica asked again putting emphasis on Alicia’s name. She was silently urging her to say ‘yes’ to whatever it was.
“Yeah, Jamia.” Alicia slowly said, “Great idea.” What the hell has she just agreed to?
Turned out Jamia had decided she was hungry again and wanted to get some nibblies while she contemplated her choices some more. Alicia hoped that she made a decision some time before the babies came.
Alicia gathered up the catalogues while Monica helped Jamia out of the chair. Alicia hoped that they went somewhere that served alcohol – she needed a drink.
As Jamia exited the store, her entourage in tow, she suddenly stopped at a bedroom suite.
“This is it. It’s perfect. Where’s that salesgirl?” Jamia started to head back towards the back of the store in search of a clerk. Monica stopped her.
“You wait here. I’ll get her.” She said before sprinting to the service counter.
Within a few minutes, Jamia and Frank were the proud owners of two beautiful cribs, matching dressers and a changing table.
Jamia well pleased with herself again headed out of the store. “Why didn’t someone show me that crib in the first place? What kind of shabby operation is that? I told her exactly what I wanted. All that wasted time.” Jamia kept up a steady stream of dialogue as she left the store.
Alicia and Monica just looked at each other and laughed, shaking their heads in wonderment. Neither wanted to point out that the furniture Jamia had just bought was the first set that the poor salesgirl has shown Jamia earlier.

“Hey Mom” Kelly said as she threw down her book bag and entered the kitchen. “What’s for dinner?”
“Meatloaf” Monica answered as she slid the pan into the oven. “I just got home from shopping with Jamia and Alicia so dinner's gonna be late.”
Kelly grabbed a banana off the counter. “Okay. Guess I’ll go do my homework then.”
The phone rang and Kelly grabbed it. She held out the receiver, “It’s for you.”
Monica set the timer on the stove then walked over to her daughter. “Hello?’
“Monica, it’s Liv.”
“Oh hello. How are you?”
Liv tried to sound as pleasant as she could. “Fine. I was wondering if we could get together sometime tomorrow. I have a few errands I need to take care of and would like to leave Elle with you.”
“Sure, no problem.”
“I can drop her off around ten if that’s okay.”
“Actually I’m not staying with Jamia anymore so I’ll have to give you directions to the house.”
Liv was surprised “Oh, where are you?”
“Gee and I bought a house. We moved into it while he was back.” Monica said softly.
Liv tried to control the anger and jealousy that she felt. “I didn’t realize you two had bought a house. Look if you’re busy.”
Monica spoke quickly, “Liv, I’m not busy. I want to take care of Elle.” She had been afraid Liv would be upset. “Would it be better if I picked her up somewhere?”
“No, that’s okay. Tell me where you are.” She said in a resigned tone.
Monica gave her the address and directions. Since it wasn’t far from Donna’s, Liv was sure she could easily find it. They said their goodbyes.
Liv sat down the phone with a shaky hand. She knew she had no right to be upset that Gerard and Monica had bought a house. They were getting married so of course they would buy a house. Her mind went back to the apartment she and Gerard had shared when they were together. It had been small and dingy but Liv had loved it cause it had been their own space. She shook her head angrily. Stupid memories. She hadn’t thought about that apartment since walking out the door the morning she had left him. The morning she had kissed him softly as he slept then turned to walk away without a backwards glance.
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