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Maybe It Really Didn't Matter - OCT 8

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Liv bring Elle over. Kelly is surprised by what she sees.

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“Woman, get up.” Christa heard the words but chose to burrow down into the covers. It was Saturday morning and way too early.
“Come on, we’ve got a plane to catch in Ottawa.” Ray said this time pulling the blankets off the bed.
Christa moaned, “Go without me. I’m too tired after last night.”
Ray walked over to the bed and gently rolled her over. He touched her face, “Are you saying that I wore you out last night, babe?”
Christa opened her eyes and grinned. “Yeah, last night was….oh, hell I can’t think of a word to describe it. All I know is you had a not of energy for a guy who just came off stage.”
Ray laid down on the bed beside her. “I always get more energy when we get a couple of dates into the tour. Shit, it’s just so great to be back on stage. Especially after being afraid I’d never be able to play again.”
Christa rolled on her side and looked at him, “I never doubted you’d play again. The accident just slowed you down, there’s no stopping you.”
He leaned over and kissed her. “If we didn’t have to get moving I’d show you there’s no stopping me.”
Christa laughed, “So how about showing me when we get to Toronto?”
Ray shook his head, ‘Nope, I have plans for our day. Got something special to do I think you’ll like.
“Tell me now.” Christa pouted.
“Nope, it’s a surprise. We’ll have from about noon till the Meet and Greet at 6:00. So come on haul you cute ass out of bed and lets go.”
Christa started to get up but Ray pulled her back down. “Now about tonight. After the concert I have something else planned.” He winked.
“I love you, Ray.” Christa said jumping out of bed. “But maybe tonight I have something planned for you.”
Ray watched her start to throw her things into her bag. He tried not to cringe. She was the messiest, most wonderful woman he had ever met. “Okay, I’ll leave the after concert plans to you.”
Christa looked across the room and him and smiled, “You won’t be disappointed.” She purred.

“Kelly can you get the door?” Monica hollered from the basement. She had just moved yet another box when the doorbell rang. The contractors who were building the darkroom were going to be coming Monday morning and Gerard’s stuff had to be moved. She looked at the stack and sighed. All of these boxes had been stacked on top of each other to make room for the wedding shower and now they had to be moved again. It was hard to believe he had had all this stuff stored at Donna’s. One more box to go. As she lifted it the cardboard gave and the contents spilled out. Monica laughed. Graphic novels, plastic action figures and drawings were now scattered. There was even a paperweight with a bat encased within. Monica picked it up and shook her head. She was picking up the last few papers when she noticed the drawing of Liv. Unlike the other drawing she had found at Liv’s this one was quite different. It featured Liv reclining on a bed wearing only a smile. The sudden urge to destroy the drawing was strong.
“Mom, Liv and Elle are here.” Kelly called down the steps. Monica shoved the drawing back into the box and closed the lid. She took a calming breath then started upstairs.
Once again Liv was standing just inside the door. Kelly and Elle were in the living room playing with Frank. Monica plastered a smile on her face and greeted Liv.
Liv nodded. “I’ll be back at 5:00 to get her.” She said curtly.
“Liv if you’d like, you can go with us. Kelly and I are planning on taking her to a movie and then to eat. There’s no reason you can’t come along.”
“No.” Liv said quickly in a sharp tone. “I have to take care of some things.”
Monica tried not to look hurt by her refusal. “Okay, well maybe next time.”
Liv nodded and turned to leave. Monica called after her, “I forgot to tell you that I saw Bert. He’d really like to talk to you. He wants you to call him.”
Liv ignored Monica and instead turned to her daughter, “Elle, be a good girl.” She said glancing in the living room. Without waiting for Elle to reply she flew out the door and down the steps.
“Mommy wait.” Elle pushed Frank away and started to run after Liv.
Kelly got up and followed her. Elle ran outside and down the steps, “Mommy” she screamed.
Liv stopped and turned as Elle ran to her. She scooped her up in her arms. “Baby, mommy will he back. You’re gonna have fun with Monica and Kelly today.”
Elle nodded, “Mommy didn’t give Elle a kiss.”
Liv hugged her and gave her a goodbye kiss. As she was setting her back down her sunglasses slipped off and hit the ground. Kelly who had followed Elle out reached down and picked them up. “Here” she said handing them back to Liv.
Liv muttered thanks and reached for them. Kelly’s eyes briefly met her before she shoved the glasses back on. “See you later, baby.” Liv said to Elle once more before walking down the sidewalk.
Kelly was standing with a shocked expression on her face, “Kewee?” Elle grabbed her hand.
Kelly snapped out of it. “Come on Bug, lets go back inside and see if Mom’s ready.”
Monica was standing at the top of the porch stairs. She smiled, “You guys ready?’
Elle jumped up and down, “Me’s ready.”
Kelly was still thinking about Liv and what she had seen in her eyes. Should she tell her Mom? Would she believe her anyway? Maybe she should talk to Dad. Maybe it really didn’t matter.

Alicia and Jamia sat on the sofa with drawings of the nursery spread out in front of them on the coffee table. “So we paint the three main walls first and then the accent wall?”
“No” Alicia said, “We have to paint the accent wall first cause we need it to dry while we paint the other three. That way we can get started on the mural.”
Jamia smiled, “This is going to be so rad. I can’t wait until it’s all done and Frankie gets to see it.” She ran her finger over the sketch they had done for the accent wall. “I’m happy Kara is helping you since I can’t be around paint fumes all day.”
Alicia didn’t answer.
Jamia looked over at her. “Kara is coming isn’t she? She didn’t call and cancel?”
“No, she’s coming.” Alicia said looking quite guilty.
“Oh, hell. You didn’t tell her about painting, did you? Alicia, how could you? Maybe she doesn’t want to paint.”
“Of course she’ll want to help out, why wouldn’t she?”
Jamia didn’t look convinced, “Then why not just ask her?”
“Look I’m just treating her like she’s one of us. If the situation was changed up and we were painting this for her I wouldn’t have told you if I wanted your help. I’d just ask you to come over and then spring it on you.”
“But Kara hasn’t been around all of us that long. She doesn’t know the devious way your mind works.”
“Well, she’ll get used to it.” Alicia said looking over the sketches again. “Besides I asked her to come over for lunch. You are gonna make your painters lunch aren’t you?’
Jamia smiled, “Yeah, it’s the least I can do.” She looked happily at the designs again. This was gonna be a wonderful nursery. Frankie was gonna love it.
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