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Sometimes I Cry So Hard - OCT 10

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Elle visits with Donna

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“Come in.” Donna smiled as she stepped back to let Monica, Kelly and Elle enter. “I’ve been waiting for you. Kelly, Elle, think you two could ice some cookies I made this morning?”
Kelly nodded, “Sure” She looked down at Elle, “Bug, you know how to ice cookies?” It was obvious by the confused look Elle gave her, the answer was no.
They all walked towards the kitchen. Elle spotted the kitchen table that was covered with freshly baked cookies, “Cookies” she said happily. She pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and crawled up on it to get a better look.
“Cookies that need icing.” Donna told her. “Can you and Kelly put icing on them for me?”
Elle nodded happily, “Me put icing on em’”
Kelly laughed, “Sure but can we use the sprinkles up in the cabinet too.”
Donna nodded, ‘Sure I forgot about those. Go ahead and grab those and I’ll get the icing.”
Monica who was standing by Elle frowned, “Uh, Donna. Do you have maybe an old tee-shirt Elle can put on? I don’t want her to get icing all over her clothes.”
Elle looked up at Monica, “Me’s not messy.”
Monica leaned down and gave her a hug, “I didn’t say you were but we’re just gonna be careful. I’m sure your momma doesn’t want you to get all messy. She probably hates washing clothes as much as I do.”
Elle nodded, “Mommy hates it. We gots to carry them to the clothes washing store.”
“You mean a Laundromat?” Monica asked.
Elle gave her a blank look. Monica tried again. “Is it a big place with lots of washers and dryers?”
“Yep” Elle smiled, “Mommy don’t like me to go there cause she says there’s bad people around. She makes me hold her hand like me’s a baby.”
Donna and Monica exchanged glances. Donna had heard the comment as she walked back into the kitchen with a tee-shirt. “This was Gerard’s tee-shirt when he was a little boy.” Donna said holding up the “Star Wars” tee. “I’m not sure why I kept it but I just couldn’t part with it.”
“She might get it dirty” Monica said while taking it from her hands.
“That’s okay.” She told Elle to stand up so they could pull off the shirt she was wearing and replace it with the Tee. Elle stood up on the chair and they quickly switched shirts for her. Donna then gave each girl a bowl of icing, a butter knife and set them to work. She and Monica walked into the living room to talk. They could hear the laugher of the girls as they “dressed up” the cookies.
“So you think they live in a rough neighborhood?” Donna asked softly.
Monica nodded, “Kind of sounds like that but I can’t say for sure. I don’t know where they live. Hell, I don’t even have a phone number for Liv.”
Donna frowned, “That’s just wrong. The woman needs to stop acting like a bitch” She whispered.
Monica wasn’t sure why but she didn’t like Donna calling Liv a bitch, “Maybe she’s just afraid. Maybe she’s afraid Gee will try to get Elle from her.”
“Well maybe he should” Donna said with anger in her voice. “He has a right, doesn’t he?”
Monica sat back on the sofa and sighed, “He’s not listed as Elle’s father on the birth certificate. I’m not sure legally what his rights are.” She paused a moment, “If I was Liv and Elle was my little girl I would be afraid if I thought she could be taken from me.”
“Even if her father could provide a better life for her?”
Monica was surprised by the question; “Donna, Gee and I don’t want to take her from Liv. That would be heartless.”
Donna still felt the pain her son had endured because of Liv, “The woman is heartless.”
Monica thought Donna’s words were harsh but she understood why she felt like she did. “All I know is I’m hoping that we can get Liv to agree to letting us share Elle’s life.”
Donna shook her head but decided not to discuss this with Monica anymore. She made up her mind to talk to her son. “So you took her to a movie?” she asked trying to change the subject.
Monica nodded, “Yeah, I didn’t tell you but we took her as a late Birthday gift.” She added softly. “Her birthday was Thursday.”
Donna was shocked, “She and Gee have the same birthday?”
“Yeah, I was shocked too.”
“Mommyca” Elle yelled, “Lookie.”
Monica smiled as she stood and walked back into the kitchen. Donna followed her. “What Honey?”
Elle held up a cookie. It had lots of icing and lots of sprinkles. “Can I give this one to mommy?”
“Sure Honey. We’ll take it with us so you can give it to her.”
Elle nodded happily. “This one’s for Mommyca” she pointed to another cookie, which looked suspiciously like the first . “This one’s for you.” She held it up to Donna and this ones for Kawa.” She was all smiles. “This one’s for Gee”
Monica smiled, “That’s nice, Sweetie. But Gee’s on tour right now. But I’ll tell him you made a very nice cookie for him.”
Elle looked puzzled, “Where’s Gee?’
“He’s on tour” Kelly said, “He’s in a band. He sings”
Elle looked confused. Kelly looked at Donna. “Can I play a MCR CD for her?’
“Sure Honey.” Donna said.
Kelly went into the living room to the stereo. Soon the sound of “The Black Parade” filled the air.
Elle smiled, “Mommy and me play that.”
“That is Gee singing.” Monica explained to Elle.
Clearly Elle didn’t believe her. “Not Gee.”
“It really is” Kelly told her as she sat back down at the table. For some reason Elle believed Kelly. “Gee?”
“Yeah” Kelly smiled, ‘It’s really Gee.”
Monica and Donna took seats at the table too. They enjoyed watching the girls ice the cookies. Donna had made four dozen and at the rate Elle was going it was going to take a while. She liked to take her time with each cookie. Donna had just shared a story about Mikey and Gerard icing cookies when Elle suddenly frowned.
“Don’t like this.” She said “Bad song.”
“What?” Monica was confused by her sudden mood change.
“Mommy cwies. It makes mommy sad.” Elle said looking like she might cry herself.
Monica walked into the living room [I]“Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading so sick and tired of all the needless beating.”[/I] Gee’s voice was silenced as Monica turned off the stereo.

It was late Saturday evening and the band was all gathering for the Meet and Greet. “So where’s Toro?” Frank asked looking at the rest of the guys.
Bob shrugged, “Haven’t seen him or Christa since we got to the hotel this morning. He said they were gonna spend the day together and that he’d be back in plenty of time for the Meet and Greet.”
“Well, he was wrong. It’s time to meet the fans and he ain’t here.” Gerard said sounding cranky. Actually he had just woken up from the nap he decided to take when they got back from the bookstore. “Suppose we’ll have to go without him.”
Mikey was concerned, “Hey, Torosaurus is never late. Something must be wrong.”
Gerard frowned at his brother, “Stop with the negativity. He’s probably holed up somewhere with Christa. You always gotta think something tragic is happening.”
Bob saw the hurt on Mikey’s face, “Well I’m worried too. It ain’t like Ray to be late, ever.”
Frank pulled out his cell. “I’ll try calling him again.” He didn’t add that this would be the ninth call. There was no answer.
They all got into the van and were taken to the venue. Bob could tell Mikey was getting more and more upset. “Hey, I’m sure if anything bad had happened we would have heard.”
Mikey nodded, “Yeah, you’re right. Gee’s right, I’m always thinking bad thoughts.” He turned to look out the window at the passing traffic.
Bob wanted to kick Gerard. He waited until they were all standing around waiting to go into the Meet and Greet that he corned him. “Dude, lay off your brother, okay?’
Gerard turned to him, “What the fuck are you talking about?”
Bob looked over at Mikey who was talking to Frank. “Look you know he can’t help the negative thoughts he has sometimes. Why be an ass and point it out to him?”
“I didn’t” Gerard protested.
“Yeah, you did. Just cause your in a fucking pissy mood you don’t need to take it out on him. What’s your problem anyway?’
Gerard’s eyes narrowed, “I’m not in a bad mood.”
Bob shook his head, “Yeah, whatever.” He walked over to Mikey and Frank.
Gerard sighed. Okay maybe when he woke up from his nap he had been a little bit upset. Shit, he’d been having a dream. It had started out fine. He had been at home in his own bed, his arms around Monica. However when he looked down suddenly it hadn’t been Monica’s beautiful brown hair spread out on the pillow next to him. The hair had been long and blond. He was lying next to Liv.
“Come on” Frank said walking up to him.
Gerard followed the other band members into the room. They all took their places and got ready for the fans to enter. Just as the doors opened Ray slipped in through another door and found his chair behind the table with the rest of the band members.
Ray picked up his Sharpie. He glanced down the table to see four pairs of eyes glued to him. He smiled, “Hey, guys. Sorry I’m late.”
Mikey smiled, “Had us worried, dude.”
Gerard glared at him, “Where the fuck were you?’
“Gee” Frank warned him. The fans were walking towards the table.
Gerard didn’t acknowledge him. “So?” he demanded of Ray.
“Christa and I spent the day at the Toronto Zoo. It’s huge.”
Frank laughed, “The zoo?”
Ray nodded.
Gerard frowned, “Look Toro. Just cause your girlfriend’s on tour with you doesn’t mean you can blow off shit like this.”
Ray was shocked, “I’m here. I haven’t missed anything.”
The line of fans arrived putting an end to the discussion. Mikey tried to smile but it was hard. Once again it was obvious to him that something was wrong with Gerard.

Bob plopped into a chair in the green room and dialed Kara’s cell. He had only a few minutes before going on stage, but he wanted to know if Kara and Alicia were playing nice together or if they needed to be separated.
There was quite a delay before Kara answered.
“Hi Bobby.”
Bob could barely hear Kara over the commotion on her end; loud voices and even louder music.
“Kara’ how’s it going? Felling better?”
“Oh, it’s going great. We’re almost done with the painting.” Kara seemed a little distracted.
“Kara, I can barely hear you.” Bob was shouting.
“Oh, okay. Hang on.” Bob could then hear her yelling in the background. “Hey, Alicia. Turn the music down.” Bob then heard someone boo-ing. “I can’t hear and that stupid Mrs. Danvers might call the cops again.”
“That bitch. Let’s cut her phone line.” The girls whooped in agreement, but the music did get quieter.
“Is that better? How’s it going, Bobbykins? How was the Meet & Greet?”
“It went good. We had a couple of kids from Make-A-Wish with us. They’re going to be out front tonight. Oh, and Ray was late to the Meet & Greet.”
“Ray was late? Must have been Christa’s fault. How is Christa anyway?”
For some reason this question sent all 3 girls into fits of laughter. Someone gave a giggle-filed shhhh.
“It doesn’t sound like you guys are painting.”
“Sure we are.”
A buzzer sounded in the background. A cry of ‘pizza’ went up.
“Hey, Bob I gotta let you go. Dinner’s here. Besides, don’t you have a concert or something to go to?” Kara laughed and then said in a quieter voice. “You were right. I’m having a great time. Alicia put me in charge of Jamia’s baby shower and everything.”
Alicia yelled from the kitchen. “Kara, get in here or there won’t be any pizza left. Jamia’s already eaten two pieces.”
“Bye, Pookie. Have a great concert. Love ya.”
“Love you, too. I’ll call you later.”
“Call me tomorrow. I’m spending the night over here.”
“Kara get in here. We’ve got plans to make.”
“Bye, Pookie.”
Alicia had been right. He was beginning to rue the day.
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