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Magic - Fireworks OCT 11

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Kelly and Mike talk about an upcoming party and the band has an interesting interview

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The days passed quickly. The band had a concert in London, Ontario on Monday night that went off flawlessly, except for one minor thing. Frank broke his promise. The lure of the crowed proved too much and he launched himself off the stage. Luckily the fans caught him and he made it back up on stage without injury.
Wednesday morning Monica had just said goodbye to the girls who were leaving for school when the phone rang. It was Liv and she sounded upset. “Monica, can I bring Elle over now?’
“Sure. Is something wrong?”
“No” Liv answered too quickly, “We’ll be there in about an hour.” She hung up before Monica could ask any more questions.
Monica hung up the phone a frown marring her face. Something had definitely sounded wrong. She washed the breakfast dishes then settled down in the living room bay window to wait for Liv and Elle.

“So did you ask your mom about Friday night?” Mike asked Kelly as they walked down the hall and into the classroom. Kelly was happy they had several classes together.
“Not yet. I’ll ask her tonight.”
Mike dropped her hand he’s been holding. “So why haven’t you asked her?”
Kelly shrugged, “I don’t know.”
“So, what? You don’t want to go?” He asked angrily.
Kelly reached out and touched his arm. He shrugged her hand away. “Of course I want to go. I’m just afraid she might not like that it’s a party where there aren’t gonna be any parents around.”
“Why the hell would you tell her that? Just tell her we’re gonna go to a late movie cause I can’t get out of work until close.”
Kelly frowned, “I don’t lie to my Mom.”
Mike smirked, “You’re such a fucking baby sometimes. Shit, your Mom probably wouldn’t even care if she knew it was a party. Come on. She’s engaged to a guy in a rock band. Fuck, I’m sure she parties.”
Kelly shook her head, “No, she doesn’t.”
Mike laughed, “Come on, Kelly. I got an idea, why don’t you ask Gerard? That dude is a partier. My cousin’s friend used to go to parties at the Eyeball Records house. She said Gerard really partied hard. She told my cousin that one time Gerard got so drunk he passed out on the sidewalk outside the house. A bunch of guys had to roll him back into the yard.” Mike laughed like it was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. “Oh, yeah, then there was the time he got so wasted he puked all over this girl.”
Kelly didn’t like hearing any of this. She shook her head, “Dad doesn’t drink anymore.”
Mike burst out laughing, “Dad. That sounds so fucking funny when you call Gerard Way, Dad.”
Turning quickly Kelly walked to her seat and sat down. Mike followed her. “Hey, Babe, I’m sorry. I wasn’t laughing at you, really.” The bell rang and Mike started towards his seat. “Friday night’s gonna be rad, I promise.” He blew her a kiss before taking his seat.
Kelly looked down at her desk. Several other kids in the classroom turned to look at her. She knew they had heard Mike talking about Gerard. Suddenly she wished she and Mike didn’t have so many classes together.

In Winnipeg, the band had just arrived for an early morning breakfast interview. The fans were already in the building as they walked in and took the stage. They took their places on the stage.
“Ladies and Gentleman, welcome My Chemical Romance.” The DJ said. The fans who had been lucky enough to score tickets screamed.
Gerard grabbed the mike, “All right you can all stand up please. You can get pretty close,” he told the audience. “You can get a little closer than that. Put your hands together. We are My Chemical Romance.” He screamed. The fans screamed back.
“One, Two, There, Four…Long Ago…” The band launched into a breathtaking version of “Helena”.
When the final notes faded away the DJ spoke, “Come on. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a mosh pit at this hour of the morning. I really don’t. That was unbelievable. Guys, welcome.”
“Thanks for having us.” Gerard answered still slightly out of breath. He spoke to the fans, “Thanks you guys for coming.”
The DJ laughed, “So Gerard, we tell all of these people right before you come in, you cross that white line and we’ll kill you. Right. And then you took out the first four rows within thirty seconds of playing. I like that.”
Gerard laughed, “You don’t really need to use that white line.”
The DJ laughed, “Oh that’s good advise. Well, we’re here at a secret location with the band My Chemical Romance. We’re gonna go out in the audience and take your questions. The first question was from a male fan.
“My question is to you guys. I know you guys just came back from Europe. What is the weirdest thing you saw in Europe?”
“All right.” Gerard said, “I think we saw some weird stuff.”
Frank jumped in, “Well it was tied. There was this one-footed gypsy. She didn’t want food or anything. She just straight up, ‘do you have any absinthe?’ And then there was a fountain in Madrid with twenty to twenty-five dead birds like sacrificed around it.”
“Way to go man. Way to bring us down.” The DJ kidded.
“What? you asked.” Frank said smiling.
The DJ asked his own question, “What city is the sight of the worst gig you ever played?”
“We never had one of those.” Gerard answered.
“I did’ Frank threw in quickly. Everyone laughed.
“Occasionally yeah, he does have bad ones but I never do.” Gerard said with a grin.” Yeah, like seriously never happened.”
“No disasters yet.” The DJ said.
“No” Gerard answered.
The audience clapped in agreement. Next the band played “Teenagers.” When the song was over the next question was, “What’s it like to write those words in your room or wherever you’re writing them.”
Gerard broke in “My parents basement.”
After the laughter the question continued, “.And then on a morning like this morning you’ve got a dozen people right in front of you screaming the words right back to you. What’s that like?”
Gerard smiled, “That’s one of the best parts. It’s like it’s the best feeling in the world. There’s not a lot of things you can use as a metaphor to describe it. It’s just something that feels amazing inside.”
The interview was going great. They played another live song then answered more questions. The next one was directed to Gerard. “I understand you have a comic book coming out. I was wondering if you could tell us about it?”
Gerard smiled happily, “You know it’s really actually very hard to describe. It’s about this closet space alien who adopts seven extraordinary maladjusted children, raises them badly then dies of a heart attack. It’s a lot of fun, you know?”
The audience let Gerard just how much they were looking forward to the comic. Next came an unexpected question. A young girl asked, “Can you kiss Frank like you did at the last concert?’ The event she spoke of was very popular on YouTune.
Gerard shook his head, “Hell no. That’s not a command thing. IT just happens.”
The DJ laughed, “That’s the elephant in the room. We didn’t want to mention it.”
Gerard grinned, “Really?”
“Yeah so what happened when you kissed Frank?’
Gerard looked over at Frank, “Magic. Fireworks.”
The question was by far the favorite of the interview. The band finished up with several more numbers. All the members were feeling great when they left the building.

AUTHORS NOTE - The interview is taken from KROQ Breakfast With My Chemical Romance. The whole thing is very funny. It was recorded when they were just four dates into Projekt Rev.
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