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Careful What You Wish For - OCT 12

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Gerard called Monica from the van after the interview. He was feeling great and he wanted to share the feeling with her. He smiled when he heard her voice.
“Hello, Honey.” She answered.
“Hello, what are you doing this morning?” He asked stretching his legs out in front of him and tying to get comfortable. Beside him Mikey had already fallen asleep. He had told Gerard earlier that he hadn’t been able to sleep last night.
“Right now I’m waiting for Liv to bring Elle and around noon the workers are supposed to come and finish up the darkroom.”
He frowned when she mentioned Liv. He shrugged it off. Nothing was going to ruin his day. “So you think Kell is gonna like the darkroom?”
“For sure” Monica said. “She’s been so busy with homework and Mike that the work has gone unnoticed by her. I’ve made sure the workers are gone before she and Kara get home from school.”
“Hey, that’s great. Try to keep her from going to the basement if you can. I really want to see her face when she sees it for the first time.”
Monica laughed, “I’ll try. It’s weird but I hardly see her lately. She comes home from school and disappears to her room every day. The lure of her computer.”
“So how are her and Mike?” Gerard asked. He was still worried about the relationship between Kelly and her boyfriend.
“She hasn’t said anything about him lately. Why? Are you still worried? Do you think I should talk to her?”
He thought a moment, “I dunno. If we start to ask too many questions it might seem to her that were trying to get into her business. So far she’s been pretty damn upfront with me about the relationship.”
“Maybe at dinner tonight I’ll see if I can bring Mike into the conversation.” Monica said as she peered once more out the window.
“Yeah, good idea. Well I gotta go. We’ve got a couple of interviews today and we just arrived at another location. I’ll try to call again but it might not be until after the concert.”
“No problem. I love you, Gee.”
“Love you too.” He said before closing his phone. He glanced over at his brother who was still sleeping. “Mikey, wake up.” He nudged him.
Mikey opened his eyes slowly. “I’m up.” He grumbled.
Gerard smiled, “Well aren’t we all sunshine.”
Mikey shot him a look, “Yeah, I’ve got sunshine coming out my ass.”

Christa rolled over and stretched. Glancing at the clock she was shocked to see she had slept in so late. Ray would be back in a few hours and she really needed to get some work done. She got up and dressed then went downstairs in search of coffee. Luckily the hotel had a huge pot of fresh brew in the lobby. She grabbed a cup then went back up to the room. Opening her laptop she had just begun working when her phone rang.
“Hey bi-otch. How’s it going?”
“Nice to hear from you, Alicia.” Christa laughed. “What’s up?”
“That’s what Jamia and I want to know. You’re supposed to be us posted on all the goings on and we haven’t heard a peep from you.”
“Well let’s see. Right now I’m stuck at the hotel working and Ray and the guys are doing interviews.”
“Well shit, that ain’t exciting at all. So tell me about my husband. He being good?’
Christa didn’t speak for a moment and Alicia picked up on the fact quickly. “Mikey having some problems?” She asked quietly.
Christa took a sip of coffee before answering, “He just doesn’t seem very happy. Ray and I have both noticed it. I don’t really think anything is wrong. Maybe he’s just tired.”
“Maybe” Alicia said slowly. "He getting along okay with Gee?”
“Far as I know. Gee’s been kind of moody but Ray says that’s normal for him. Ray said he was pissed cause we were almost late on Saturday for the Meet and Greet.”
“Actually, I heard you were late.”
Christa laughed, “We spent the day at the zoo. It was so much fun just spending time alone."
“Oh man. You’re a bad influence on Ray. Congrats.”
Christa laughed, “Thanks, I’m trying. So how’s the nursery coming along?’
Alicia waited until Jamia left the room. She swore the woman went to the bathroom every twenty minutes. “It’s going great. The furniture is getting delivered today. I can’t wait until it’s all set up. I’m not supposed to tell you how we’ve decorated it cause Jamia has turned it into a State Secret. She’s gonna send Frank pics of the furniture that’s all. She wants to surprise him.”
“So why can’t I know?” Christa asked.
“Cause you’re with the guys.” Alicia said. “Not my decision, its Jamia.”
“Fine, tell her I’m hurt.” Christa said laughing.
“Will do. Hey I’ll let you get back to work. Do me a favor? Keep an eye on Mikey for me.”
“Are you worried?”
“Kinda of. I just miss the fuck out of him.” She said sadly.
“Want me to give him a kiss for you?” Christa kidded.
“Do it and die, woman.” Alicia said knowing full well that Christa was teasing her. “Talk to ya later.”

Monica was relieved when she finally saw Liv and Elle walking up the front walk. It was almost two hours since Liv had called. She met them at the door.
“Come in” She said getting there before Liv had a chance to ring the bell.
Elle ran to Monica and gave her a hug. Liv stood out on the porch. “I’ll be back in a few hours.”
Elle walked back out to her and she hugged her tightly. “Be good, Mommy will be back before you know it.”
Elle nodded, “Otay, mommy.” She ran back into the house in search of Frank.
“Liv I really would like to talk to you. There are things we need to discuss.”
Liv sighed, “Yeah, there is but not now. When I come back for Elle we'll talk.” She promised.
Monica nodded, “Okay. See you then.”
She watched as Liv walked down the sidewalk. She called out to Elle. “Honey, come here a minute.’ Elle ran up to her with Frank in hot pursuit.
“What Mommyca?”
“Honey, did you and your mommy take a bus to get here?” If so she wanted to talk to Liv and let her know she would be happy to pick Elle up. It wasn't necessary for them to take the bus every time.
Elle nodded, “Yep, the smelly bus. Then we walked here.”
Monica laughed, “The smelly bus?”
Elle nodded looking quite serious. “It’s stinky.” She smiled, “Can me’s and Fwank play outside?”
“Sure, baby. Out in the back yard.” Elle ran for the sliding deck doors.
“I loves it here.” She said happily.
“I love having you here.” She kissed her on the cheek before opening the doors. “Be careful and stay in the yard where I can see you.”
“Mommyca wanna play with me’s and Fwank?”
Monica was pleasantly surprised by her words. “Sure, I was gonna make you some lunch but that can wait.”
Elle jumped up and down. "Mommyca play with me.”
They walked into the backyard with Frank running circles around their feet. The day was sunny and mild. Monica located Franks rubber ball and she and Elle took turns tossing it. Frank happily retrieved the ball each time. It seemed he had endless energy.
"Next time you come over you should bring some of your toys so we'll have something to play with." Monica said to Elle. "I'm afraid Kara and Kelly don’t have anything fun for us to play with."
Elle looked at her seriously, "They's too big for toys?"
Monica smiled, "Yeah, Kara is so old she's married."
"Kawa's married?"
"Yes, she married a really nice guy named Bob. He is the drummer for the band Gee's in."
"I likes drums." Elle informed her.
"Well maybe you'll be a drummer when you grow up."
"Me's got a drum but mommy says it makes her head hurt."
Monica laughed, "Drums are pretty loud."
"Elle's hungry now." Elle said changing the subject.
"Elle's tummy alarm went off?" Moncia teased
"Tummy rummbly" Elle agreed. They went inside to make lunch together.

Mikey pushed open the back entrance to the magazine office going out in search of Frank. He spotted him a short distance away.
"Hey, man. What's ya looken' at?" Frank was smiling at his phone.
"Jamia sent me pic's of the baby beds."
"Let me see." Mikey said getting a closer look by glancing over Frank's shoulder.
"Fuck, I should be there." Frank said suddenly.
Mikey glanced from the phone to Franks face. "Jamia understands why you're not."
Frank nodded unhappily, "I know that she understands being in this band is everything I ever wish for."
"Got to be careful what you wish for." Mikey said softly before walking back into the building.
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