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Nightmares of revelation

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Raimundo questions his sanity after an onslaught of nightmares dealing with the dragon of water. RaiOmi, M/M, angst

Category: Xiaolin Showdown - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Erotica, Romance - Characters: Omi, Raimundo - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-12-16 - Updated: 2006-12-17 - 1105 words

Hi everyone, TL9 here, and I'm actually writing a fanfiction! I haven't written one in about four years, so this is surprising. What's even more surprising is that this fanfiction has to do with Raimundo because... well... let's just say he's not one of my favorite characters on XS. However, reasons of why I am such a huge a RaiOmi fan makes no sense to me what so ever... ^^;

Nevertheless, I would write a ChaseOmi fic but since I'm still kind of rusty, and I wish to do well on it, I went with the pairing that's extremely easy for me to write, though I don't why it is. Besides, even though there's not an over abundance of ChaseOmi fics, RaiOmi fics are -horribly- lacking... Dammit, I always like the unpopular pairings... because I will never like RaiKim or ChasexJack... :(

On a quick side note, please, I beg of you, DO NOT read this story if don't like this pairing. :( Seriously, the last thing I need is some dumb arse leaving an idiotic comment that I suffer through just because they have the inability to press the freakin' BACK button... so, yeah... ^^; Thank you for your time.

Anyway, if my ranting hasn't pissed you off, hope you enjoy! ^__^

I do not own Xiaolin Showdown... god forbid if I did... I might scar the children, lol.


He screamed as Raimundo slammed back into his tight body. His youthful lips crying for more, he needed release.

~He's gorgeous...~

The wind dragon had finally lost all his restraint and had taken the young monk by force. Raimundo ruthlessly pounded into the confining heat of the golden skinned teen.

~Forgive me...~

Whether or not Omi had wanted this, Raimundo was too far gone to be brought back. He was controlled by over whelming lust which took over his body, devouring him whole.

~Accept me...~

"Ah... Ahh... Don't stop!!" The young water dragon was crying for more of this newfound pleasure, brought forth by the frenzied boy above him, each reckless thrust drawing him closer to his impending climax.

~I need to be inside~

"You like my cock inside you, huh? Do you want me to fuck you harder? Hmm?" Raimundo viciously questioned, he wanted to hear Omi beg.

The older teen had been stripped of all his morals. His behavior seemed so unlike himself and yet, at the same time not so revoltingly surprising. It had been merely a matter of time... The string had finally snapped...

"Yes! Please go harder!" Raimundo would not deny Omi of his aching request.

~I love you...~

The increased paced had finally managed carry the dragons of the water and wind to their blinding climax.


All Raimundo could hear was his own screams as he woke abruptly from his latest orgasm inducing nightmare. He had refused to call them dreams, no matter how much he wished for them to come true.

These nightmares had grown increasingly worse over the past few months, each more horribly explicit than the next, each causing him to awake every morning covered with the aftermath of his own erotic explosion.

Raimundo was extremely grateful of the fact that as they had become older, Master Fung had assigned him as well as the other Xiaolin warriors their own private bedrooms. Otherwise, this situation would definitely be something difficult to explain.

Thus far, in Raimundo's nightmares the facial identity of his sexual partner had remained hidden, though he knew to who it pertained to... But lately Omi's face had been coming into perfectly clear view. This had made things a lot more complicated to say the least. The tan skinned warrior could hardly deal with the things he did to the obvious faceless figure, but now, completely seeing the face of young water dragon, screaming in ecstasy for him, then later having to face Omi the real world, put Raimundo in a uncomfortable, confining, bewildering space he could not climb out of.

He could never do some thing so unforgivable, so sickening... In his nightmares Omi had, for the most part, given into Raimundo's forceful endeavors. Though, from time to time the young monk would resist, but after a little bit clever foreplay Omi would eventually succumb. What came after always ended up in a sticky, smutty mess.

Raimundo believed that the only difference from his nightmares and reality was that in real life Omi WOULD reject and hate him and would be forever shunned by the others of the temple. This, would be the true nightmare.

Up to this point, Raimundo had done very well in keeping his feelings secret from Omi and the others, but how long would that last? What if he did the unspeakable? Raimundo's mind was plagued with stomach churning questions. Like, what if he really did snap? What if he and Omi ended up alone at a time when he could no longer control his actions? Raimundo would not forgive himself if he hurt Omi in such a repulsive way that the boy could never fully recover from.

The wind dragon couldn't even begin to think of telling Omi how he really felt, for he knew he would be shot down. Why would Omi love him back away? Half time he and the young monk would argue like no tomorrow, plus Omi seemed to have more trust in the Prince of Darkness, Chase Young, than in a fellow Xiaolin warrior like himself.

It was because Raimundo loved the water dragon so much that he decided he had to distance himself from the boy, push him away. He would have to sever ties with him while still living with him. Raimundo did not wish to hurt Omi, but he did not wish to be hurt either. So even if it hurt Omi in the beginning, in the long run, Raimundo believed it was for the best...

He had reluctantly come to accept this as his one and only option.


Aw, Raimundo angst... ;)

The only time I feel bad about Rai-bunny-bunny's angst is if he's love-sick over Omi, otherwise I don't care ^__^

Sorry if I come off as being a bit harsh... I don't mean to be. ^^; I'm just so bored with seeing fanwork of the same pairing over and over and over again. Plus, since I know no will EVER write about this pairing I decided to.

This story is sort of a prologue to a bigger, up coming story... I just need some motivation to finish it. ^^;

Also, this is my first time writing something even relatively smutty, so if it sucks please don't be too mean... :(

Please read & review, it is most appreciated! ^__^
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