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A cause for concern

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In this chapter you’ll hear about Omi feelings on Raimundo and how these feeling might cause problems for them both in future chapters.

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An onyx eye opened in sheer frustration. “I can’t explain it but I believe there is something troubling Raimundo”, the seventeen year old thought, finally sitting up from his bed mat. Omi reached underneath his pillow for a pen along with a small brown booklet and began to write eagerly. It was nearly after midnight at the Xiaolin Temple and there had been a thought prodding the young water dragon.

When he was younger, Omi would just channel all of his problems into training, instead of completely facing the problem. Now, in its place, Omi decided to keep a journal to map out his thoughts. Though this problem was like none he had ever faced… Omi’s problem consisted of one spiky haired, emerald-eyed warrior, with flawless tan skin… Yes, the boy’s thoughts had been plagued by the dragon of the wind, Raimundo Pedrosa.

Lately, Raimundo had been acting in the strangest manner, and this deeply worried the young monk. For starters, it had become a daily morning ritual for Raimundo and Omi to train together, but suddenly, just last week Raimundo said he would have to decline from doing so from then on. When the young monk had questioned why, the brunette had simply explained that he needed time to be alone for a little while. At first Omi was a bit downcast, but nonetheless, he respected his friend’s wishes. However, maybe things would have been fine if that had been the only strange run-in…but Raimundo’s odd behavior continued to increase. Now whenever Omi ran into the wind dragon in the hallways of the temple, the older monk would quickly turn in another direction, hindering the two from walking by each other. Despite all of the wind dragon’s previous unusual behavior, Omi decided to let things slide. If the situation was important enough Omi felt that Raimundo would tell him. The boy did not wish to tamper in the wind dragon’s affairs if the Raimundo had not authorized it himself, so Omi thought nothing more of it.

That was until yesterday morning… When Omi realized that Raimundo had overslept, he went to the older boy’s room to wake him up. He opened the sliding door only to find Raimundo mumbling in his sleep, with a twisted smirk on his face. His face glistened from a thin layer of sweat and bore a bright crimson blush. Omi, worried that the wind dragon might have been running a fever, placed a golden hand to the sleeping boy’s forehead. This action managed to wake Raimundo from his dreamland, and he awoke with hazy eyes. The wind dragon was in a daze for moment, but soon came to understand his current situation, or so Omi thought. It was then that Raimundo started to erratically freak out. The older of the two shouted things like “What the hell are you doing in my room?!” and “Can’t you knock?!” Raimundo followed his outburst by kicking up a random gust of wind and blowing the young water dragon out of the room. After the impending slam of the sliding door, Omi, who was now positioned up side down against the wall, wondered, ‘what was that all about?!’

That was it. Omi needed to find out what was wrong with the Raimundo, even if it killed him.

Whenever Raimundo had any kind of problem Omi always took it upon himself to try and fix it. Over time the young monk had become very protective of his green-eyed ally. Omi felt he like he needed to make up for the way he treated Raimundo prior to the wind dragon becoming Shoku warrior. Sure, he might have acted obnoxiously toward Kimiko and Clay as well, but Raimundo had been at the top of his insults. For a time, Omi thought that he had resented the Brazilian boy for once betraying his fellow warriors. That reason would explain why he patronized Raimundo so much. Or least that’s what Omi told himself... Though it tore Omi back then to admit it, Raimundo was not the same wise-cracking, immature, smart mouth he had been when they first met. When Raimundo had acted that way it was easy for Omi to feel superior because the water dragon felt like he was above acting in such a manner. But then over time, Raimundo started to grow stronger, much stronger than him, and that fact angered the young monk. How could someone with no honor code, someone so painfully juvenile, become his leader?

Much sooner than later, Omi realized that he himself was responsible for his own downfall. His supreme arrogance along with his poor judgment had often put he and his friends into so much danger that it was amazing that they were all still in one piece. The most operative thought that ran through his mind was, “How could he have been so foolish?” For while he received much scolding from Master Fung and many disappointed looks from his fellow monks, the boy’s harshest critic was himself.

Omi believes Raimundo started to notice this, which might have been why the wind dragon asked to start training with him. At first the young monk was hesitant because he thought his new leader was just feeling sorry for him, but then Raimundo had explained with the most affectionate sincerity, that if Omi wanted to become the next great Grand Master, he wanted to help him get there.

The daily morning ritual of training with the wind dragon had become a most enjoyable experience for Omi because it had become a pleasant exchange between the two of them. Omi would teach him many different fighting techniques that only he and other masters knew of. In return, Raimundo would tell him about the strange and amazing places far beyond the temple walls. Omi was always so eager to listen to what the wind dragon would tell him, like the many humorous stories about his friends and family in Brazil. Or more serious things, like how his relationship with Kimiko hadn’t gone as well as he would have liked, and how he wished to find the person he would fall in love with. Raimundo commented that he must have sounded “really cheesy” but Omi thought it was sweet. It was adorably strange that the wind dragon could be so sentimental.

It was weird, but… Omi being this close to Raimundo now, made him feel so cheerful. It was odd because when they were younger it seemed as if they could hardly bear liking each other. Of course, they would still argue a lot, but now it was more lighthearted, affection hidden behind the teasing more than anything else. To Omi, the wind dragon was so kind, brave, amazing and…. actually kind of cute…

That’s when it started…

Omi looked up to Raimundo, but somewhere along the lines his simple admiration there became a full blown crush. This realization shook the boy down to his very core… Was it normal for males to like other males? ‘Well, Jack Spicer likes Chase Young’, Omi thought. But then again, Jack Spicer was no where near in the vicinity of the word “normal”…

The young monk could never bring himself to tell Raimundo how he really felt because… it wouldn’t feel right. Omi felt like he had no right to seek affections from the wind dragon. Why would Raimundo love the person who was probably the main reason of why he was driven to Heylin side in the first place? In fact, the mere thought of the tan skinned boy having even the slightest romantic interest in him was so completely ludicrous that Omi had dashed upon the idea in an instant. His silly crush did not matter now… What did matter was him trying to figure out what was troubling Raimundo so he could help his friend.

Omi, (though he would never admit it) enjoyed the wind boy’s company. He missed the many lessons Raimundo taught him about the world, he missed training with him… He even missed the many petty arguments over such asinine matters, but most of all… he missed the wind dragon’s warmth…

Omi decided from that moment, that whatever demons Raimundo had to face he would be right at the wind dragon’s side, fighting those problems with him.

Omi would be there to protect Raimundo with every waking moment.


Uh-Oh … The object of Raimundo’s affection is about to make his life much harder! No pun intended. :)

Shut up…

I’m sorry if this is in no way up to par with Chapter One, horrible writer’s block sucks… >.<

Anyway, for those disappointed by the lack of smut and the increase of severe sappiness this chapter, don’t fret… There will be a least some kind of action next chapter. :) Raimundo’s nightmares are going to start getting worse… MUCH worse, so be ready…

Omi and Raimundo actually interact in the next chapter too.

With that being said, I REALLY need your help… I need for something bad to happen: like an argument or some kind disagreement that would make Omi really upset, without Raimundo revealing what’s going on with him. Once I do that the story might flow more easily for me. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

“tiny” Preview of Chapter 3:

`Yes, Omi had cat ears, and a tail to match. They moved on their own though they were not attached to the boy… sort of. `
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