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He Lied - OCT 13

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Liv finds out the truth

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Kelly came into the house after school planning on talking to her mom about Friday night. She was surprised to see Elle watching TV.
"Kewee" Elle said happily jumping up from the sofa.
"Hey, Bug. I didn't know you were gonna visit today."
Elle smiled, "Wanna play?"
Monica walked in from the kitchen, "How was your day?" She asked Kelly.
"Good" Kelly lied.
The doorbell rang. "That's probably Liv." Monica said walking towards the door.
"Me's don't wanna go. Kewee's gonna play with me." Elle whined.
"It's okay. Your mama and I are gonna talk so you and Kelly can play."
Monica opened the door and invited Liv inside. They walked into the family room where the girls were still waiting. "Kelly why don't you show Elle your room?" Monica said.
"Hi Liv." Kelly said smiling.
Liv looked surprised Kelly spoke to her, "Hello" She answered quietly.
"Come on Bug, lets go upstairs." Kelly reached for Ell's hand.
"Upstairs?" Elle said her eyes growing big. "Me's not been upstairs."
Kelly laughed, "Kara is up there. You'll love her room."
Monica shot her daughter a look. Kelly glanced away quickly. She and Liv waited until the girls were gone before they sat down.
"Would you like something to drink?" Monica asked.
Liv who had not removed her glasses shook her head. "Look, you don't have to act like this is a social call. We need to talk about Elle not bond."
"Liv, I'm just tying to be polite. There's no reason to be hostile."
Liv looked down at her hands, "So when are you and Gee getting married?"
"In September" Monica answered softly.
"September" Liv repeated.
Monica took a deep breath, "We would really like to have Elle spend time with us as part of our family."
"You have two daughters, right?"
"Yes, Kara is married now to Bob but is still living here while he's on tour. You’ve met Kelly before." She added looking directly at Liv, "You met her for the first time that day at the park."
Liv shrugged, "You have no idea how surprised I was that day to see Gee."
"You didn't bring Elle there so that Gerard would see her?" Monica asked
"No, it wasn't planned. If I had known he was I wouldn't have taken Elle."
"Why? I don't understand Liv. Why are you keeping Elle from him? You wanted him to know about her. You told Ray and Bert. What game are you playing?"
Liv tilted her head, "My we just went from bonding to accusations."
"No, I'm just trying to understand you."
"Don't" Liv shot back, "It would be a waste of time. I don't want to see Gerard, it's as simple as that."
"Fine, but what about Elle? Are you gonna let us see Elle?"
"Us? I believe you want to see her but I'm not so sure about Gerard. Ray told me what he said when he found out about her. He said he never wanted to see her."
Monica had known all along that this was going to come up. She had been dreading it so much but she had to make her understand. "Ray lied."
Liv froze. "What?"
Monica sighed, "He lied when he told you that Gerard said he never wanted to see the baby.
"Gee didn't say that?" Liv asked softly.
"No, he never said that. He never said anything." She added sadly "Gee never said anything because he didn't know Elle existed. Ray never told him he saw you."
The silence in the room was heavy. "Gee didn't know about Elle?" Liv finally said.
Monica spoke the truth, "If he had know he would have come to you." It broke her heart to admit this to Liv.
Liv could hear the pain in her voice, "It wouldn't have mattered, Monica. Back then I couldn't have gone back to him."
"Couldn't?" Monica repeated "Why?"
Abruptly Liv stood. "Look I don't want to talk anymore today." It was clear the revelation of Ray deception had shocked her.
Monica stood. "But we haven't settled anything."
"I need to think" Liv said. "Next time I bring Elle over we'll talk again." She moved into the hall and at the foot of the stairs called for Elle.
Elle came bouncing down the stairs, "Mommy Kawa's room is so pwetty. It’'s pink.”
"That's nice baby. Come on we need to get home." She stood by the door and watched as Elle gave Monica a goodbye hug. Briefly she nodded to Monica as she and Elle walked out the door.
Monica's mind replayed the conversation. Now Liv knew about Ray's lie. She knew Gerard had never said he didn’t want to see his child. Monica sighed as she remembered the rest of Ray's lie. He had told Liv that Gerard didn't love her anymore. That had been a lie and now Liv knew. Monica picked up her phone to call Gee. She needed to hear his voice.
"Honey, we're just getting ready to go into a fan interview. I can't talk now."
"I just need to hear your voice." Monica said softly.
"What's wrong?"
"I'll talk to you after the concert. Don't worry okay?"
"Are you sure everything okay?" He knew something was bothering her.
"Just tell me you love me. I just need to hear it."
"Monica I love you." He said. She disconnected and he was left wondering what the call had been all about.

That night Mike called Kelly as she was getting ready for bed, "So did you ask your Mom about Friday night?"
"Yeah, I asked at dinner." She replied. Kelly thought back to the meal and wondered why her mom had been so distracted. She and Kara had done most of the talking while her mom had sat silently. When she had mentioned the party her mom hadn't even asked who was going to be there. Well, at least she hadn't lied to her.
"Cool. It's gonna be rad. We gotta stop and pick up a few people on the way."
"Who?" Kelly had hoped they would be going alone.
"Just a few of the guys, chill. We're gonna have fun, I promise. I love you Kelly."
Kelly smiled, "See you tomorrow." She disconnected then got into bed. Sleep proved to be impossible. Too many thoughts kept running through her mind.
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