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Out of His Dreams - OCT 14

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Monica is upset about telling Liv the truth

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"Frank you wouldn't believe how great the nursery looks. It's all done and I can't wait for the babies to get here." Jamia was positively bubbly
"Slow down there, Jamia. Don't want the babies to come too early and as excited as you sound that might happen." He was sitting in a small cafe located down the street from the hotel. This time of night it was peaceful with just a few other late night coffee lovers sharing the space. He looked at the large clock on the wall noting he had about twenty minutes before closing.
"So tell me about the concert. Did the crowd lure you again?"
Frank giggled, "They tried but I thought to myself, ‘No you can't. Jamia will be upset’."
"So you did." Jamia said with a quick laugh. "I thought so."
Several young girls walked in and judging by their MCR clothing they had come from the concert. They noticed Frank and after the initial shock started to giggle. Frank smiled at them, waved and said hello.
"Who are you talking to?" Jamia asked
"I'm in a coffee shop and some fans just came in." He turned slightly in his seat towards the wall so he could continue to talk. "Hey, did you talk to Monica today by any chance?"
"No, not today. Why?"
Frank picked up his coffee and took a sip. "Gee was worried. He said she called earlier and it sounded like something was wrong."
"Did he call her back?"
"We didn't have time before the concert. He's supposed to be back at the hotel calling her now. That's why I'm here so he can have some privacy."
"I'll give her a call tomorrow and see what's up. I should invite her over anyway to see the finished nursery. So how's Gee? I take it not anything like last tour?"
"Fuck, if it was like last time I'd be home. I don't think honestly I could take a load of shit like that again. He's been pretty up beat. Actually everyone has been." he paused then added "Well, except for Mikey but I think he's just missing Alicia."
"She's worried about him. I can tell but she hasn't really told me why. They text back and forth all the time. That night when he was stuck in the elevator she was really worried about him."
Frank took another sip of coffee, "Maybe I should talk to him."
"How come you aren't rooming with him?"
Frank laughed, "We thought it was best to keep Bob and Gee apart. Things seem to have gotten better between them so maybe I'll switch with Bob next hotel."
"That might be a good idea. You know Mikey sometimes he needs to talk but you gotta drag it out of him."
"Yeah, that's for sure. He keeps things all bottled up inside. I really hope it's nothing. Things are going so great right now." He sighed, "Except that I miss you so much."
"I miss you too Frankie."
They talked for several more minutes before disconnecting. Frank left a tip on the table and stood. He glanced over at the girls who were watching him and giggling. He walked over to their table. He was glad he had a few minutes to talk and sign some autographs.

Gerard called Monica as soon as he was in the room. He had been worried since she had phoned earlier. Something was wrong. He had heard it in her voice. "Honey, how are you?" He asked as soon as she said hello.
Monica had been lying in bed waiting for his call. "Hi, Gee."
"Okay. Tell me what's wrong."
Monica had been dwelling all night about her conversation with Liv. She didn't want to overreact so she tried to play it off. "I'm sorry is I upset you. I just needed to hear your voice. You know what I mean?"
He took out a cigarette and settled on the bed, "Yeah, I know how that is but there's something bothering you. Come on Monica, I can tell. Did something happen today I should know about?"
Monica sighed, "I talked to Liv."
"Okay, and?"
"I told her we wanted to spend time with Elle. That we wanted her to be part of our family."
"What did she say to that?"
Monica tried to choose her words carefully. "She said that she was sure I wanted that."
He interrupted her, "But not me, right? She doesn't think that's what I want. Man, I knew she was gonna be a bitch about this."
"Gee, she's not being a bitch about it."
"Well, what would you call it? I've tried to see Elle. When I was home I wanted to spend time with her but Liv conveniently disappeared so I couldn't. She's being a bitch."
"Gee stop and think. Liv believed Ray." She waited for a moment so that could sink in. "She thought you really said you never wanted to see the baby and that you said you didn't love her."
Now her realized what was wrong. "Monica, I love you. Not Liv, not anymore. Please believe me. Don't let this upset you, okay?"
"I know but it was just so hard telling her. She was so shocked. These past three years she believed what Ray told her."
He could hear the worry in her voice, "It's the past. Nothing can change that now. Nothing can change the fact that she left me. If she had cared she could have come back to me. She could have told me herself about the baby."
"I think she wanted to. I don't understand but when I told her that you had never said the things Ray told her, she said it really wouldn't have mattered cause she couldn't have gone back to you."
Gerard exhaled, "Couldn't?"
"That's what she said. I asked her why but she wouldn't answer. Gee, I can't help but think Eliza had something to do with it. There was a reason Liv didn't go to you with the baby."
Gerard was suddenly very confused. That added with the exhaustion from the concert was getting to him. He shook his head, "Look, none of this matters now. I'm in love with you. We're getting married and that's how it is."
Monica listened to his words. While they should have made her feel better it was the tone of his voice that seemed wrong. "When you get home you need to sit down and talk to her. You two need to discuss Elle and what's best for her."
"Agreed. We do need to do that. I want Liv to agree to let us have partial custody of Elle. I'm not heartless. I would never want to take her from Liv. However, she is a part of our family and we have a lot of love to give her."
Monica smiled. She had been praying this was how he felt. "I love you, Gerard Arthur."
"I love you Monica Veronica. Now stop worrying. Promise me?"
"I promise" Monica answered. Still it was hard not to feel badly for Liv. She had believed a lie for three years. Three years that could have been turned out very different. Monica talked to Gerard for several more minutes. After the call she settled down under the blankets and tried to clear her mind. It was strange to think that there was a good possibility that if Ray hadn't lied Gerard and Liv might have gotten back together. Monica was sure Gerard would have taken her back. So why did Liv say she couldn't have gone back to him? What could have kept her from going back to him? As she drifted off to sleep one final thought .Did Eliza have anything to do with it? She had implied that she had gotten rid of Liv. Had she, really?

Frank was back in the room when Gerard came out of the shower. "How's Monica?" Frank asked.
"She's okay. She talked to Liv today and told her that Ray lied to her."
Frank had known this would come up sooner or later. "How did Liv react?"
"Monica said she was upset."
"So does that mean she wanted to get back with you after she had the baby?" Frank hated to think how that would have turned out.
"That's the weird thing. She told Monica that she couldn't have gotten back with me."
"She didn't say."
"That had to be rough on Monica. Shit, she knows how much you loved Liv. You know it's gotta be in the back of her mind that by telling Liv this it might bring you two together again."
Gerard shook his head, "Not gonna happen. Liv is the past and I ain't living in the past anymore. I love Monica and that's that."
Frank got into his bed and closed his eyes. He really hoped Gee meant what he was saying. However he could still remember how far gone in love Gerard had been with Liv. He remembered how when she left him that he had said he'd give anything to have her back. Now she was coming back into his life because of their child. God, he hoped Gerard really was over her.

Lying in his bed Gerard tried to close his eyes and sleep. He didn't want to think about anything. He just wanted to sleep. However sleep didn't claim him. He opened his eyes and stared into the darkness. Why couldn't she come back to him? By saying she couldn't, did that mean she had wanted to come back? Memories of their last night together came crashing back. Her sweetness, the way she had made love to him. All this time he had believed she had left him because she didn't love him. What if that wasn't why she left? He forced his eyes shut and sighed. It just didn't fucking matter now. How could it? He loved Monica. She was the best thing that had ever happened to him. They were gonna get married and have their happily ever after. Monica loved him. She would never hurt him like Liv had. He smiled as he pictured Monica in his mind. Her love had made him feel whole again. She had made him believe in love again. He finally fell asleep hours later. While he could keep Liv out of his thoughts while he was awake, unfortunately he wasn’t able to keep her out of his dreams.
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