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Imagine - OCT 16

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Gee sends a gift, Monica sees the nursery. Donna tell Gerard what she thinks

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Monica was surprised Thursday morning when a delivery truck pulled up in front of the house. She was standing on the porch trying to decide how many planters she needed to buy. She watched the deliveryman get out, go around to the back of the van and bring out a large bouquet of flowers. Bob must have sent them she thought. The last bouquet, which had arrived last Friday, had been for their one-week anniversary. Well, he was a day early for the second week anniversary.
"Morning" the delivery man greeted her, "These are for Monica Way."
Monica smiled, "That's me." She signed for the bouquet and had him wait while she took them into the house and got him a tip.
Walking back into the house she removed the card. It touched her heart to see Monica Way in print. Gerard said in his heart she was already his wife. She reached out and touched one of the roses, it's velvety softness made her smile. Opening the card she read

I love you. Forever and Ever.

She picked up the bouquet and carried it into the living room. This was a great way to start off the day.

"Gerard, do you have time to talk?" Donna asked. She had decided to give her eldest an early morning call hoping he wouldn't be too busy.
Gerard who had just finished dressing sat down on the bed.” What’s up?"
"Well I was going to wait for you to call me but since both of us know that wasn't gonna happen I called."
"Oh, man. Not the mom guilt." He laughed.
Donna smiled, "Yeah, the mom guilt. So how’s the tour going?"
"It's going great. The fans are fantastic. We have a couple of interviews today and then we're gonna meet some fans who won a contest. Things are really going great. Everybody is having the time of their lives."
"I'm glad to hear that. I was sort of worried when I talked to Alicia. She was afraid Mikey was having some problems."
Gerard was surprised, "What?"
Donna sighed, "Alicia said Mikey sounds sort of unhappy when she talks to him."
"Really?" He thought a moment. "I haven't noticed anything unusual. He sure as hell hasn't mentioned anything to me about being unhappy." He laughed, "Well he was unhappy when he got stuck in the elevator."
"I heard about that." Donna said. "I’m sure he was pretty damn unhappy."
"Look, I'll talk to him; make sure he's all good." Gerard looked over at the clock. He had to meet the rest of the guys in the lobby in ten minutes.
"Elle visited me last Saturday." Donna said as a way to bring up the subject she wanted to discuss with him.
"I know. Monica told me she iced a cookie for me."
"She just adorable, Gerard. The sweetest child I've ever seen. Monica told me that you guys are hoping Liv will let you have Elle part of the time."
"Yeah, I want us to have partial custody."
Donna spoke her mind, "Why not total custody?"
Gerard was surprised by the question. "I wouldn't do that to Liv."
"Wouldn't do it to the woman who almost destroyed your life? The woman who treated you like shit?"
"Mom, calm down." He was shocked by the amount of hatred he heard in her voice.
"I'm sorry but l just have to say what I think. Liv hurt you every day she was with you. She tore you down then laughed. I don't want you to forget that. What if she's still doing drugs? Have you considered that? Think about Elle. You're her father. It's your duty to make sure she is safe."
Gerard was starting to get a headache. He rubbed his forehead and tried to concentrate on his mother’s words. "Mom, Monica is dealing with Liv. We'll get it all worked out."
"But Monica wasn't around to see what Liv is really like. She can't understand what a bitch Liv is."
"Mom, just stop. I know you hate Liv. I understand why. But the fact is we have to deal with her cause of Elle."
"You have to deal with her if you have partial custody." Donna said abruptly "But if you had full custody of Elle that wouldn't be the case."
"Mom, even then she would still have the right to see Elle."
Donna took a deep breath, "What if you offered her money?"
Gerard took out a cigarette. "Shit, ma. That's harsh. From what Monica has told me Liv loves Elle. She wouldn't accept money to get out of her life."
"You can't be sure. All I know is it would be better for everyone if she was totally out of Elle's life." She added softly, "And yours."
Bob walked into the room. "Dude, we're all waiting for you."
Gerard nodded, "Ma, I gotta go. The guys are waiting."
"Just think about what I said." Donna told him. "Remember what Liv is like."
Gerard's head was really pounding now. "Yeah, I remember." He disconnected. Trouble was he remembered the things his mom was saying but he also remembered the good. It hadn't been totally bad. It was just he had blocked out all the good while he was trying to get over her. Now the good memories were starting to come back.
Bob was waiting for him by the door. "Dude, you look bad. What's up?"
"Headache" he said, "Come on. Let's go."

Monica walked into the nursery and looked around. Behind her Alicia and Jamia stood waiting for her reaction.
"I love it." Monica smiled, "This is so unique. Who came up with the theme?"
Jamia walked into the room. "Well, truthfully, it was Frank. He just doesn't know it."
"Yeah, now of course you know you're sworn to secrecy. This is gonna be a big surprise for Frank."
"I understand." Monica walked over to one of the baby beds. She smiled sadly, "Babies are so wonderful."
Jamia and Alicia exchanged a look. They both knew how badly it hurt Monica that she and Gee couldn't have a baby. Alicia tried to lighten the mood.
"Yeah, babies are great but just remember they turn into teenagers."
Monica looked at them, "Don't I know it. Its just there's something about babies that makes you forget all that." She decided to share Gee's idea with them. "We might adopt."
"What?" Alice said clearly surprised.
"Really?" Jamia too was surprised.
Monica laughed, "Yeah, I was surprised too when Gee suggested it. I had no idea he would want to adopt."
"Wow. Okay don't take this wrong but I just got a visual of Gerard changing a diaper. Man, it's funny." Alicia said.
"Oh come on. Not any funnier than imagining Mikey changing one." Jamia said.
"Let's all pause and visualize Frank changing a diaper." Monica said joining in.
All three women laughed. "Well, funny or not, he better be prepared to do just that." Jamia said. "Cause I'm not going to be the only one changing diapers."

"Mommy can we go to Mommyca's today?" Elle asked looking up from her coloring book. She had been working on a picture of a house with a dog. Liv looked up from her book.
"What Baby?"
Elle showed her the picture. "Look it's Fwank. Can we go to Mommyca’s? I wanna see Fwank."
Liv smiled, "Frank’s a nice dog?"
Elle nodded, "I luv Fwank. I luv Mommyca's house. I wanna live there."
Liv closed the book on her lap. "It's a pretty house, isn't it?"
Elle agreed, "I luv Kawa's room. All pink."
Liv allowed herself for just a moment to imagine her and Elle living there. She could see herself, Elle, Gee and Frank in the backyard on the deck enjoying the sunshine. The image brought a smile to her face. “Maybe we'll visit Monica in a few days." Finding out Ray had lied to her changed things. She needed to learn more about Monica and Gee's relationship. Just how strong was it?
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