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Late - OCT 18

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Kelly has Monica were worried.

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It ended up raining most of the day. Monica had been a bit worried about the road conditions when Mike came to pick up Kelly because it was still pouring. He assured her that they would be extra careful. Kara had left for Jamia’s right after school and so now Monica was wandering around the house feeling quite alone. She tried to watch several different T.V. shows but none of them held her interest. Well at least Kelly would be home in about an hour and then she’d have someone to talk to, “Isn’t that right, Frank?” she asked the dozing puppy who was lying at her feet. “When she gets home at least we’ll have someone to talk to.” Frank wagged his tail then promptly went back to sleep.

The music was so loud Kelly couldn’t hear what Mike was saying. She leaned closer to him trying to make out his words.
“Where the fuck ya been?” Mike asked
Kelly had been sitting outside on the back porch until several very drunk guys had made their way out there. Not wanting to deal with them she had returned to living room. To be honest she was surprised Mike had even noticed she was gone. As soon as they had gotten to the party he and his three friends they had come with had been talking and drinking. More drinking than talking.
“I went outside for some air,” Kelly yelled back.
Mike threw his arm around her shoulder. “So wanna check out one of the bedrooms?” His breath stunk of beer.
Kelly shrugged his arm off her shoulder. She didn’t answer but the look she gave him made it clear that wasn’t gonna happen.
Mike laughed and took another drink of beer he was holding. “Fine, you don’t wanna party. That’s okay.” His words were slurred. “I’ll party for the both of us.”
“Mike, I have to get home soon.” Kelly reminded him. “I have to be home by midnight.”
“Fuck, that’s stupid. I oughta date a girl who’s older.”
Kelly stared at him. “I can’t help it. That’s my mom’s rule.”
“Stupid fucking rule if you ask me.”
Kelly thought to herself that she hadn’t asked him but she kept quiet. So far he hadn’t lost his temper with her and that was a good thing. She looked around the room for his friend Dylan. He was the guy who was supposed to be their designated driver. Mike had promised her that Dylan would be able to drive them home.
Once again Mike put his arm around her. “Hey, lets find a quiet place. You know. Just to be alone. I won’t try anything, promise.”
Kelly shook her head. “I really gotta get home soon. You promised I’d be home at midnight.”
Mike gave her a disgusted look but started looking around the room. He spotted Dylan in the middle of a bunch of guys and walked towards him. Kelly stayed behind and waited. When Mike came back he was drinking yet another beer. “Let’s go. Dylan’s gonna drive you home.” He took her hand and they walked outside. The rain had let up a bit but the ground was saturated. Kelly tried not to step in all the puddles on the way to the car but Mike didn’t even notice them. They were both dripping when they reached Mike’s car.
“Hey man, here ya go.” Mike tossed the keys to Dylan who was standing in the rain waiting for them.
Mike opened the back door for Kelly then slid in beside her. Once Dylan was behind the wheel Mike roughly pulled Kelly to him. “Take the long way home.” He told Dylan with a smirk. “Me and Kelly need to make up for lost time.”

Monica glanced at the clock again. It was almost 1:00 am and Kelly still wasn’t home. She tried her cell phone again but it went directly to voice mail. Monica stopped pacing and sat down on the sofa. Frank seemed to realize something was wrong. He laid his head on her lap trying to give comfort. When her cell rang she jumped. It was Gee.
“Gee, I’m worried sick. Kelly went out with Mike tonight and she was supposed to be home by midnight. It’s one in the morning. Where is she?” Her words were so hurried that he had to listen as carefully as he could.
“You’ve tried calling her cell?” He tried to find a quiet place to talk. They were still at the venue. Gerard had noticed she had called him about twenty minutes earlier but he had still been on stage.
“It goes directly to voice mail. Gee, Kelly’s never been late before. What if something’s happened? It’s been raining here all day and the roads are probably bad. I shouldn’t have let her go. Shit, she’s too young to date anyway.”
“Monica, calm down.” Gerard said breaking into her rant. “Have you called the police?”
The question made her stomach sink. “Oh fuck, the police? Should I call them? I mean can I? She’s only an hour late and to them it probably won’t seem that long.” She started to add more when the doorbell rang.
“Shit, someone’s at the door,” Monica said standing. She peered out the front window. “Gee, it’s a police car.” The fear in her voice was apparent. “I’ll call you back.” She closed the phone and threw it down on the sofa on her way to the front door.

Gerard stood looking at his phone feeling helpless.
“What’s up?” Mikey asked seeing the strange look on his face.
“I don’t know. Kelly went out on a date tonight and was supposed to be back at midnight. It’s after 1:00 back home and she wasn’t back yet.”
“So she’s back now?” Mikey asked.
“Fuck, I don’t know. Monica hung up cause the police were at the front door.” He suddenly looked around, “Where the fuck is Bob? Maybe Kara knows something.”
He and Mikey found Bob talking to one of the roadies. “Dude, have you called Kara?” Gerard asked breaking into their conversation.
Bob could tell something was wrong, “No, she’s out with Alicia watching some new band. She’s supposed to call me when they get home. Why? What’s wrong?’
Gerard turned to Mikey. “Why didn’t you tell me she was out with Alicia?”
“Sorry, I forgot.” Mikey said.
“Well fuck.” He tried to call Monica back but it just continued to ring. Suddenly he felt so helpless. “What the fuck is happening?”
Bob was still trying to make sense of the conversation. “I don’t understand.”
Mikey explained, “Monica told him that Kelly had gone out on a date and wasn’t home yet. While he was talking to her the police showed up at the door.”
“What did they say?”
Gerard snapped, “I don’t know cause Monica hung up. If your wife was home instead of out running around then we’d know.”
Bob understood he was upset so he didn’t take offense to Gerard’s comment. “Dude, try to calm down. You don’t know what’s going on. It might be nothing.”
Gerard shot him an angry glance, “Yeah, the police showing up at the door might be fucking nothing.”
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