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I love you baby

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I know what you're thinking WTF AN UPDATE?! haha, kidding, you're probably thinking oh shit this loser is back? hahahahaha

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I leaned against the hospitals brick wall taking in a long drag of my cigarette. I watched as Frank stormed out of the building cursing....and as I looked closer, he
was crying. I ran to catch up with him. I put my hand on his shoulder, once I caught up. “Hey, Frank, what’s going on?”
He stopped but didn’t turn to face me. All I could see were his shoulders shaking, and the cold air mixing with his breath, forming clouds of steam, rising above him.
“Talk to me,”
He violently spun around, “Talk to you! You want me to fucking talk?!”
I took a few steps back. “Calm down,”
“She... was the only person I ever loved. The only person I ever cared about. And you just... took her away from me! Do you know what that fucking feels like?!”
I opened my mouth to speak; nothing but partial consonants passed my lips.
“I didn’t fucking think so,”
“I’m sorry,” I finally spat out, “Frank, I had no idea.”
“Well now you do,”
We stood there for a moment, playing staring contest. “Come inside, we’ll straighten everything out,”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
I sighed and grabbed his jacket, pulling him toward the entrance. His shook his arm loose, but still followed.
I pushed the door to Evan’s room open. Her cheeks were stained with tears, and she was cradling the baby in her arms, softly singing to her. She stood up, looking puzzled.
“Evan, we have to talk,” I said.
“Okay...then why is he here?” she asked, carefully placing the baby in her cradle.
“We all need to talk.” I looked back to see Frank, just as confused as Evan.
I ushered her to the bed and sat down next to her.
“Evan, I want you to know that this is really hard for me,” I started, slowly, grabbing her hands. “But... I really think... I mean, this baby deserves a great relationship with her father.” I looked over at Frank, who was now huddled in the corner chewing on his nails.
“You...should be with Frank, Evan.”
Her lips parted as her mouth slowly fell open. “No,” she whispered.
I stood up. “Evan, he loves you.”
“Yea– but..”
“I know...this isn’t exactly what you want...but it’s the best thing.” I said, standing up. She held on tightly to my hands as tears filled her eyes.
“Please don’t do this...I’m begging you. I can’t do this by myself.”
“You have Frank...”
She stared down at the floor. I leant down and whispered into her ear. “I love you baby, but its just what I have to do okay?”
She stared up at me, her eyes wide. Finally she nodded, and I let go of her hands. As I turned to leave the room, I looked right at Frank. “Happy?”

YES! i am back, miss me? lol doubt it.
okay so yes.. this update is short... and kinda sucks. but it will motivate me to write longer and BETTER chapters. okay? okay. :D
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