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It Was Just An Accident - OCT 20

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Kelly talks to Monica about what happened

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Kelly came down the stairs slowly hugging her robe to her body. Monica stood and walked to the bottom of the steps. As soon as Kelly was close enough she pulled her into her arms.
“Mom I’m so sorry” Kelly sobbed.
“Come on let’s sit down. We need to talk.”
They went into the family room and settled on the sofa. “Start at the beginning.” Monica urged softly.
Kelly took a deep breath and tried to stop crying. “Mike and I want to the party at Mitch’s house. There were a bunch of kids already there.”
"What were you doing at a party?"
“I asked you if I could go to the party and you said it was okay.” Kelly said still looking down. “I asked you Wednesday night at dinner.”
Monica thought a moment and realized Kelly had asked her about the party the day she had talked to Liv. She knew that she had been so preoccupied thinking about Liv that she hadn’t asked the normal questions. Who would be there? Would there be alcohol?
“Were Mitch’s parents there?”
Kelly looked down at her hands, “No, they’re out of town.”
Monica sighed, “So I’m guessing they don’t know about the party?’
“No, Mitch and his brother planned the party cause they’re gone.”
“Okay, so you get to the party and there are no parents. Why didn’t you call me then? You had to know I wouldn’t want you at a party with no parents.”
"Well, Mike said we weren't going to stay very long. I didn't think it would matter."
“Kelly I didn’t ask if adults would be present but you still knew that I wouldn’t have let you go if I’d known.”
Kelly refused to make eye contact.
“So tell me what happened?”
“Most of the time I just sat around. There were some kids I knew there but most of them I didn’t know. Mike just hung out with his friends.”
“Was there alcohol there?”
“Yeah, but I didn't drink anything.”
"But Mike did.” It wasn’t a question.
"He only had one beer."
Monica let that obvious lie go for the moment.
"So, how long were you there anyway?"
"I don't really know. We lost track of time talking to people. I don't think it was too long."
"Kelly, he picked you up at 7:00 and the police brought you home after 1:00. Did you go somewhere else first?"
"Yeah, we picked up a couple of his friends."
"And did what?"
"Just hung out for awhile."
"So, how did you end up driving?"
"Mike wasn't feeling good."
"Why didn't you have me pick you two up?"
"We were almost home. He was so sick and it was only a few blocks. You know I know how to drive. I drove a lot in Kansas, so what's the big deal?"
"You don't have a license, that's the big deal. What were you thinking?"
Kelly patted Frank on the head. He had curled up in her lap to offer moral support. “I was thinking I just wanted to get home.” She started crying again.
Monica fought the urge to take her into her arms. This was her baby crying but she had to stay strong. Kelly had made a huge mistake tonight and she had to face it. “So you got behind the wheel and started for home.”
“Yeah, I almost made it but there was a DWI check point set up. I didn't think it was a big deal but Mike was upset because he's had a beer. He wanted me to do a U-Turn to avoid it but I couldn't get turned around."
"If he had only had only one beer and he wasn't driving, why was he upset?"
"Because he was afraid if he was caught drinking he would get thrown off the football team and lose his scholarship."
"Wasn't he worried about you getting caught driving with no license?"
"Yeah, that was part of it. It was all so messed up. It was stupid. Nobody cares about a little beer."
Monica stroked her hair, “Kelly what happened to your eye?”
Kelly didn’t raise her head, “Mike tried to grab the wheel from me to make me turn the car. His head bumped into me.” Her voice was so small Monica had to strain to hear her.
Monica looked at her closely, “You’re telling me it was an accident?”
Kelly nodded, “Yeah.”
Monica chose not to press the issue for the moment. She continued to stroke Kelly’s hair. “I’m not sure what’s gonna happen now. We’ll have to talk to the police in the morning. Then I’ll talk to Mike’s parents.”
Kelly’s head shot up, “Mom, no. Just let it go. The police will talk to them.”
“Kelly, why are you covering for Mike’s drinking?”
“I not” Kelly said hugging Frank. The puppy wagged his tail.
“You haven’t known he’s been drinking?”
Kelly tried to think how to answer. “Mom, it’s not that big of a deal.” Her voice was almost a whisper. She really didn’t want Mike to get into any more trouble then he was already in.
Monica was suddenly very tired. “Go on up to bed and we’ll talk in the morning.’
Kelly swiped at her tears, “You aren’t gonna tell Dad are you?”
Monica smiled sadly, “I’ve got to call him and tell him what happened.”
Kelly shook her head, “Can’t we wait until he gets home? Why do you have to tell him now?”
“He already knows something happened. I was talking to him on the phone when the police brought you to the door.”
“Shit” Kelly said without thinking. “He’s gonna be so mad at me.”
“Kelly I already told him part of what happened when you were in the shower. He told me to tell you he loves you.”
Kelly looked up at her Mom, “I’m so sorry I screwed up. I didn’t want Mike to get into trouble.”
“I know you didn’t but you still made the wrong choice. We’ll talk more in the morning. Try to get some sleep.” She leaned over and kissed her cheek, “I love you.”
As Kelly stood the front door opened and in rushed Kara. “What the hell is going on?” She demanded. “Bob said Gerard told him the police brought Kelly home.”
Monica stood. “Why don’t you walk your sister up to bed and she’ll tell you what happened?”
Kara glanced over at her sister, “Who the fuck hit you?” She asked looking at Kelly’s swollen eye.
Kelly broke into fresh tears.

Monica watched her daughters walk up the stairs together and sighed. She knew Kelly was lying to her. The police had made it clear that Mike was very inebriated. Monica shook her head. Did Kelly really think that she believed that he’d only had one beer? Was stupid stamped on her forehead? It just hurt that Kelly was lying to her. Why would she do that? They’d always been so close. She hoped that Kelly would open up to Kara and tell her the whole story.
She took out her phone but didn’t call Gee. At least not yet. She was trying to sort through her feelings. This was the first time she’d had any kind of trouble out of Kelly. How should she handle it? She closed her eyes and tried to think. Finally she gave up and called Gee.
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