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Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 9 - Discussions

Granger Residence

Dining Room:

"It's good that you could join us Professor McGonagall"

"Thank you for the invitation, Mrs. Granger. It may seem odd to you, but I rarely have the opportunity to partake of food that has not been magically prepared."

"Emma, please. Is magically prepared food really all that different?"

"Minerva. Magical food is quite tasty, and very nutritious, but unvarying. A magically prepared Sheppard's Pie tastes like every other magically prepared Sheppard's Pie that one will ever eat. The 'magic' of the muggle chef is his or her individuality and technique. These stuffed peppers are unlike anything I've ever had. They are quite lovely, I don't even know if there is a magically prepared variation."

Harry looked up from his own plate (he also had never had the Stuffed Peppers, and was enjoying them very much). "Before dinner you said you wanted to speak with Hermione and me Professor?"

"Minerva, please Harry"

"No, I don't think so Professor... Maybe in a few years when Iforget how much you intimidate me."

"The Chosen One is intimidated by an old lady?"

"Merlin, YES. You're the second scariest person I've ever met."

"Only second? I must be slipping. Your father put me at number one." She smiled at the memory. "Who did I lose first place to?"

Harry covertly pointed to his left at Hermione, and got smacked for his trouble when she saw. The adults at the table laughed.

"Well actually, (this wine is marvelous Daniel), I wanted to speak to the two of you about your 7th year." She reached into her pocket and placed on the table in front of the teens a pair of badges, each embossed with an ornate capital letter H.

"Head girl?" asked Hermione in a breathy voice. "You're making me Head Girl?"

"Who else?" Harry asked. Picking the Head Boy badge up wistfully. "Of course I need to decline, for obvious reasons."

"Harry, I'm confident that your magic will return."

"Sorry Professor, I'm not. I miss it every second. I never realized that it was there because it always was, but now it isn't, not awhisper of it. Madam Pomfrey gave me an instrument used to detect the magic in microscopic life. If doesn't see anything in me. I suspect that this is what I am, what I will be. I'm not a wizard anymore. I've just got to learn to live with it." He laughed when he saw the horrified looks on Minerva and Hermione's faces, and the understanding on the faces of the Grangers.

"It's not that bad Professor. I spent the first 11 years of my life living without magic and with horrible people. Then 6 years of having magic and my first friends. If I spend the rest of my life without magic, but somehow manage to keep wonderful people like the Grangers in my life, I am so far ahead of the game I can't even begin to count my blessings."

He took a sip of his water. "In the unlikely event I survive Tom Riddle; I'll be hiring tutors to prepare me for a non-magical education."

"You intend to continue to fight Riddle, but not your education?"

"I have no choice but to fight Riddle, he won't give me achoice. I have some ideas to help me, but I don't expect to win. Hopefully I'll distract him enough so that you and the Order can stop him..."

He handed Minerva the Head Boy badge. "The only way you could install me in the Head Boy suite is to redesign the entire school for me. Not fair to you, not fair to the other students, not fair to me. Putting a non-wizard in Hogwarts would be akin to putting a quadruple amputee on a Quidditch team."

Hermione hadn't picked the Head Girl badge up. Just stared at it. "I can't accept it either Professor." So quiet, so wistfully.

"Ms. Granger?"

"Don't be silly Hermione, of course you'll take it."

"But Harry, the Plan?"

"The Plan was for when we stood a snow balls chance. We don't anymore. The Plan isn't a suicide pact. You need this, you want this. Take it." He smiled at the look on her face. "Looking at it now, the plan was a stupid idea from the start. I'm changing the plan." He took another sip. "It was fine to keep everything a secret when Professor Dumbledore was running things. He's gone, so is the logic for maintaining this super deluxe secret."

He turned his attention to Professor McGonagall. "After we talk Hermione into doing what she wants to do, we need to discuss Order business. Justin would make a good Head Boy."

/Order Business?/ "Justin Finch-Fletchly? Not Mr. Weasley?"

"Merlin no. Being made Head Boy would kill him. Or more specifically, Hermione would kill him. She rode him like a pony when they were prefects together. Ron is my best mate, but he isn't dedicated enough to the rules to be a good Head Boy. If Hermione is going to be Head Girl, the Head Boy will need to be as dedicated as she is, or she'll kill him." That got him smacked again by the blushing bushy haired girl.

Patil Residence

Padma's Room:

"Harry's not a squib. His powers were cursed out of him. There's a difference."

Lavender shrugged "Not a difference that matters Padma. He has no magic"

Parvati looked thoughtful. "Well his came from a curse stone that dissolved into his body. I wonder if he can pass it on via his bodily fluids... You know by kissing, or ..."

"EWWW" both the other girls connected the dots.

"Well the first best sign would be if Hermione squibs out"

"She's with Ron. Lavender. You remember Won-Won right?"

"Ha Ha. Harry's living with her Padma. Who could keep her hands off THAT butt?"

"I know I'd take the chance" Parvati sighed quietly.

"EWWW" both the other girls threw their pillows at her.

Ottery St. Catchpole

The Burrow

Sitting Room:

George responded to his father's call for Fred, who had yet to return to the shop.

"Hi Dad"

Arthur Weasley sat in his chair, more furious than George had ever seen him. More so even than the time he had caught them trying to get Ron to make an Unbreakable Vow. "Where is your brother." A statement, not aquestion.

"Fred and I had an argument, he left, didn't tell me where he was going."

Thought gritted teeth Arthur asked, "What was the argument about?"


"You know about that do you?"

"She mistook me for Fred and told me everything."

"And you approve of his actions?" Arthur asked dangerously.

"What did you two berks do to Hermione?" Ron stuck his head up from the corner where he had been reading. "You hurt her feelings and I'll kick both your asses"

"Shut up Ron" said his father. "What is he planning to do?"

"I don't know Dad, I don't know."

"I had a long interesting talk with Daniel Granger this afternoon. Fred is going to do the right thing. No son of mine would abandon his child."

"His child? Fred and Hermione? No way. She wouldn't do that to me!" Ron looked like he was going to cry. "She wouldn't do that to me. Not Hermione. She wouldn't do that."

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