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Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 10 – Turning the Tip

Malfoy Manor

Draco’s Personal Suite:

“We leave him alone? Father that can’t be right. Why would the Dark Lord spare Potter?”

Lucius backhanded him across the face. “NEVER QUESTION THE DARK LORD! He knows all, he sees everything. You are my son, but if he orders your death, I would happily kill you to serve him, and I would expect you to kill me as happily to serve our Lord.”

The anger built in the Draco. He has suspected his value to his family, but to have his father come out and say it. Until he could get his mother away from these lunatics he would play along. He hadn’t killed anyone yet. His plans required him to go on an attack against Potter, to be momentarily captured so that he could beg scarhead for his help to liberate his mother.

“Yes Father, I understand.”


Ministry of Magic

Special Assistant to the Minister Weasley’s Office:

Percy reached for the next document in his inbox. His eyes scanned the parchment, but his mind was running a mile a minute, not reading a word.

Dumbledore is dead. My only contact in the Order, gone. Why did I let him talk me into this? ‘cut your ties with your family Percy, fight the good fight from within where your talents will come to the fore’ ‘write hateful letters to your brother and sister about Harry Potter so to confirm your legend with the ministry Percy’ Because of my loyalty to the Headmaster my brothers hate me, my only sister would happily kill me. My own father refused to speak to me in the hall just this morning, and every time I see my mother she cries. If it wasn’t for Penny, I don’t know what I’d do. Will they believe me if I tell them the truth? Will they accept me again? What will they say when they find out about they first grandchild? Will they bless our wedding? Damn Dumbledore anyway.

Truth Percy truly DID dislike Harry Potter. His cavalier attitude toward the rules set Percy’s teeth on edge. His willingness to lead Ron and Ginny into danger was something Percy would never accept.

He returned his attention to the document he was supposed to be reading. One has to do his job.

Granger Residence

Sitting Room:



Both men spoke through angry clenched jaws.

“Arthur, Ron, uh …”

“George ma’am”

“George, it’s good of all of you to come… Is Fred here?”

“I am so sorry Emma; my son hasn’t been seen for 3 days. I believe he has chosen to avoid his responsibilities”

“Excuse me? What’s going on?”

“Oh, Fred’s found a hilarious new joke Harry.” A look of fury on his face. “Hermione’s got a great joke too.”

Harry was confused, what was Ron talking about?

“Fred’s not coming?” Hermione looked stricken. “Fred’s not coming?” she sat suddenly, a look of total desolation on her face.

“I would have thought you would have raised better men than that Arthur.”

“I thought I had Daniel. I thought I had.”

George looked to Hermione who was holding her abdomen and rocking in her seat muttering “I need Freddy, I want Freddy. Where’s Freddy?”

“Oh you want ‘Freddy’ do you? Well he doesn’t want you. And neither do I”

“Ron, what the hell is going on? Why are you doing this to Hermione?”

“Open your eyes, Harry, she deserves this and more”

The Grangers were yelling at His father, Ron yelling at Harry, Harry was confused, and Hermione was in pain. George crossed the room and knelt on the floor before her, taking her into his arms.

“It’ll be ok Hermione. Fred will come around, there’s no way Fred would really abandon you, and he’s just having trouble dealing with the idea.” She sobbed into his shoulder. Guilt and desperation drove him on. “If that prat doesn’t come back to you, I’ll take care of you. You and your baby… You and my niece or nephew will never want for anything”

She clung to him, and quietly kissed him on the cheek. “You’re sweet.” Hermione said in a throaty sexy voice “Is this an example of the life fulfilling experience that is the Weasley twins?”

He pulled away from her. “What?”

“Do I get you on even or odd days? I forget. Oh and do I get a discount on the reasonably priced photos?”

“What?” George heard the clink of glass behind him, turned to see Fred hand their father and Daniel Granger each a bottle of beer. All three were grinning at him like madmen. Emma was hiding her laughter behind her hand, and Ron was rolling on the floor in hysterics.


Fred raised his own beer “To the great and powerful Hermione Granger, the greatest practical joker of all time. The Kings are dead, long live the Queen!” he toasted her.

“Well thank you ‘Freddy’. I couldn’t have done it with out George’s general cluelessness.”

“What say I dump the dummy and take you one as a partner? We could wreck beautiful havoc together.”

“Hmm. Granger and Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes… It has a ring.”

“Hey, why would you get top billing?”

“Because the ‘Silent Partner” is frightened of me.”

Fred considered for a moment. “So is the Senior Partner. Ok, you get top billing.”

“Wait a minute.” George was furious. “This was a joke? You put me thought this as a JOKE? “He turned to his father and Daniel “You both threatened me and made me feel ashamed of my brother as a JOKE? All of you conspired against me for a JOKE?”

“Yep.” Hermione started laughing.

He looked from face to face in the room, other than Harry, who was finally figuring out what happened, everyone was laughing. Laughing at him. After a few seconds, he joined them “Good one. You got me”

“Damned right I did dummy. Look at me! I weigh 7 ½ stone. I told you I was 26 weeks gone. Where’s the baby?”

“So why was everyone in on the joke but me? “ Complained Harry. “I can pick on George too.”


A/N: ‘Turning the Tip’ is a circus/carnival term to the speel used to get the suckers uh CUSTOMERS to pay to get into the show… Technically I should have titled this Chapter ‘The Blow off” which is the finale of the show, but thought that that title might inspire some to assume that I was exceeding my rating and make nasty noises… For more details, this way to the Egress→

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