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Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 11 - Moves

Little Whinging, Surrey

#4 Privet Drive:

The first distinctive pop of apparition signaled the arrival of the first Death Eater. Over the next 2 minutes, 8 others flickered into existence. They quickly determined that the blood wards that had protected the inhabitants for so long had lapsed. They surrounded the house, casting locking charms on the doors, and ultimately Incendio on the structure it's self.

The Dursleys died unaware of the threat. Smoke inhalation ended their lives before the fire reached them.


The Burrow

Molly's Kitchen:

Neville Longbottom stepped from the fireplace dusting stray ash from his robes.

"Neville, it's good to see you again"

"Thank you Mrs. Weasley, my grandmother asked me to offer her best regards and to ask if you would come for tea sometime"

"Please thank her for me. I'll owl her the next time I'm out your way" Molly smiled her thanks "Ginny should be down in a few minutes"she sat Neville at the table, putting a cup of tea and plate of cakes in front of him, and covertly flicked her wand to signal Ginny to make her entrance.

Ron was in the sitting room with a view of the stairs when he saw Ginny come down in what he thought of as her 'hunting outfit'. Short skirt, flimsy top with no obvious bra, hair done just so, if she wasn't his sister she would have been gorgeous. She wore this outfit a lot when she was after Harry. /Is Harry coming over? Why wouldn't he let me know?/ He sat up craning his neck to see into the kitchen just in time to see adelighted Neville Longbottom get his first view of his sister.

/Neville?/ Ron was puzzled. Why was she turning it on for Neville? She was dating Harry. Of course Harry did do that noble 'breakup' with her which fooled exactly no one. Neville was a mate; he wouldn't be sniffing around Ginny. He wanted to, certainly. As Ron knew well, Neville had been very interested in Ginny since 3rd year, but Neville would NEVER do anything about it. Mates didn't do that.

He sat silently listening to his mother steer the conversation to Neville reaching his majority in a few days, his responsibilities when he assumed his position as Head of the Longbottom House(like Augusta was going to let Neville out from under her thumb) and the need ayoung Patriarch had for a Lifemate.

/What the hell? What is Mum up to?/ He watched as Ginny ran her fingers through her hair, and touched his hands, arms, and once on the face. Neville was enjoying the entire episode, though somewhat confused at the attention. Ginny suggested a walk to the village, taking Neville by the hand and leading him to the door. She DID have it turned on. Why is she teasing Neville like this?

/ /

Ron stood and followed them outside, closing the door behind him quietly. He cast the disillusioning spell on himself and cat footed it after his friend and sister.

Ginny was in full cling mode, hugging his arm to her as they walked down the well-beaten path toward town. As they passed the Lovegood home, Ginny stretched up to kiss him on the cheek. Neville stopped and took both of her hands in his, gazing intently into her eyes.

"Ginny, what's going on?"

"I don't know what you mean Neville."

"In the last 40 minutes you've touched me more than you did on our entire date at the Triwizard Yule Ball." He looked a little sad at that."Are you trying to use me to make Harry jealous? It won't work. Harry's too smart to fall for something so transparent."

"Oh no Neville. I'm not trying to make Harry jealous. Harry and I are over. He broke up with me before school let out. And, now the way he is, I need to move on."

"The way he is? What way is that?"

"Oh hell, Neville, you know. He's not a wizard. He's not even a squib, I mean how could anyone expect me to ... to... to even touch him now?"

"I see." Ron was amazed at the change in Neville's face. "Thank you for the wonderful afternoon Miss Weasley. I think I should be going now, before I say something unpleasant. I would ask that you do not contact me again." The young man strode down the path toward the village.

"Finite Incantum" Ginny was staring at Neville receding form and missed her brother's sudden appearance. "You know Ginny..." his words startled her and made her aware of his presence. "I've never been more proud to call Neville my friend, and never more ashamed to know that you are my sister. Tell Mum I'm ashamed of her too" He turned and headed over to the Lovegood home.


Granger's Residence


David's break scattered the balls around the table, dropping 3 balls in the pockets. "I guess that makes me Stripes"

"I'm being hustled aren't I? How much of my money are you going to take?"

David smiled over his cue, casually took aim "How much you got? 10 ball, corner." The 10 ball of course fell into the pocket.

"Would it be easier to just give you the money and same time?"

"Possibly 15, Side" Another down. "This is how I paid my bills while I was at University"

After David ran the table, Harry thought that perhaps betting a pound a ball had been a bad investment.


Emma sat on a lounge chair watching the men play. Well, David played while Harry watched. The young man was on her mind a lot these days. He had stopped being a houseguest in her mind, and had become, well not a son, but a possible father for her future grand children. She had watched Hermione and Harry over the last few weeks. It was obvious to her that Harry had fallen badly for her, but Hermione still seemed to have Ron somewhere in her mind. Though in all the times she had seen Hermione and Ron together all they seemed to do is bait each other and argue.

Emma had never been a fan of the 'a couple fights to hide their attraction' school of thought beyond 10 year old children. The way she so casually touched Harry spoke volumes to her. She hoped that her daughter recognized what was in front of her before she lost him.


Ministry of Magic

Lift to upper levels:


"Morning Stewart. How are things in Magical Creatures?"

"Fur, Feathers and Fangs, same as always. Ah Young Weasley, how are you this fine morning?"

"Just fine Sir, thank you for asking." Percy took his place on the lift next to Arthur "Good Morning Father."

Arthur was a little surprised at the greeting "Morning Percy". He was even more surprised when he found that Percy had slipped a slip of parchment into his hand covertly. He waited until he got into his office before he chanced a look.

/Father/, it said, I believe that the time has come for us to speak. We have much to discuss. If at all possible, please come to#32 Queen's Road tonight for dinner, please bring Mother.


Hermione returned from a shopping trip. A personal private pleasure. She had picked up a pair of shoes, pair of slacks and dress shirt for Harry to wear to Bill's wedding. She went to his room and knocked on the door.

There was no answer, so she opened the door and discovered Harry sitting on his bed quietly crying. She crossed to him, sat beside him and hugged him until his sobbing stopped. "What is it Harry?"

He was embarrassed to have been found in such a condition. "Nothing Hermione, I'm just being stupid"

"I've known you for almost half my life Harry Potter. You don't cry over 'nothing'. Talk to me."

"Hedwig can't understand me." He choked back another sob."I'm guessing that Owls key into a wizards magic somehow. She doesn't know me. She won't even take food from me. For so long she was my contact to magic for every summer holiday. I've spent more time with her than almost anyone or anything other than you and Ron." He wiped his eyes. "She doesn't know me."

"Harry!" Her own eyes were tearing, she had not really thought about everything he was losing bit by bit. "She hugged him closer, burying her face into his neck. His sobs subsided; he rapped his arms around her and hung on as if for dear life. She drew away from him slightly, took his face in both of her hands, and kissed him. He gasped at the contact, then opened his mouth to her and returned the affection.

Wondering where Hermione had gotten to, and wanting to see her new purchases Emma had come upstairs, she passed Harry's room and saw the couple though his open door. Smiling she reached in and eased the door closed. Daniel might not find is as endearing as she did.


Lovegood Residence

Front Porch:

"And then Ron was there. He must have been spying on me. He said some horrible things to me and..."

"Yes I know" Luna was watching a small bee buzz around the flowers in her yard. "Ronald came here and told me about it." The bee landed on one of the bright yellow flowers she could never remember the name of'butter' something. "I must say I agree with him, you behaved appallingly."

"Me? What am I supposed to do? I've got nothing against Harry, it's just since he became a squib..."

"Harry is not a squib. He is cursed. If his magic manifested it's self tomorrow would you love him? Would your rudeness to Neville be forgiven? Ginny you are my first, best, and for most of my life, only friend. After what I've heard today, both from Ron and from you, I find that I don't like you very much. Tomorrow I'll probably love you again, but for now, I'm going to have to say goodbye." She reentered her home.

Ginny blinked. For Luna, that was a display of unbridled fury. Why couldn't anyone see what was really going on?


Lovegood Residence

Luna's Bedroom

Luna returned to her room, Ron was sitting on her bed where she had left him, still staring at his shoes.

"Hi Luna, that Ginny?"

"Oh yes" she stared at him with an intensity almost unknown to the Ravenclaw. "She doesn't understand why what she is doing is wrong, that she is just trying to use Neville. I sent her away because I wanted to do something other than listen to her justify her."

"I'm sorry to bring our family problems to you; you just listen to me and have good advice when I'm smart enough to listen. Enough of my whining. What was it you wanted to do? Could I help?"

"Oh yes Ronald, I definitely require your help in my project, I couldn't do it without you."

"Alright, what's your project?"

"I'm going to molest you." She jumped on top of him, covering his mouth with hers.


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