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Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 12 - Changes

Granger Residence:

Seven Death Eaters apparated into the Granger back yard. Awave of the leader's wand opened the back door and they eased into the house as silently as possible.

The Leader hissed "Remember, stunners only on Potter and his Mudblood whore. If a single hair on either of their heads is harmed, the Dark Lord will kill us all slowly. Kill the muggles if you can, but we are here to grab Potter!"

The Death Eaters started their silent search.

Ottery St. Catchpole

The Burrow

Molly's Kitchen:

"Bloody Hell Percy. Why didn't you tell us?"

"Language Ronald"

"Sorry Mum. Seriously Percy, you could have trusted us. For more than 2 years we've hated you and bad mouthed you."

"That is precisely why I could not tell you Ronald. Doing so would have jeopardized the task the Headmaster set for me."

"I still don't think that..."

"It no longer matters Ronald. It is in the past; we cannot do any thing about the past. We can only remember that Weasleys are family, now and forever."

The fire suddenly flared green and Penelope Weasley stepped into the room. Percy's normal reserved demeanor vanished in a second as he rushed to his wife's side. He guided his extremely pregnant wife to the table and aided her in sitting down.

"Well, we forgive you Perc."

"But only because you're making us Uncles"

"Unless you buck tradition and have a girl"

"Then we'd be Aunts"

"But either way"

"We're going to pass our skills"

"To your next generation"

"If that doesn't pay you back"

"For the last two years of extreme Pratery"

"Then nothing will!"

"New Sister Penny!"

"We Love YOU!"

"Even if you don't have Red Hair"

"No one's perfect."

"Though if you can put up with Percy"

"You're closer to it than most."

The twins hugged her from either side and kissed her on each cheek.

Penny started to laugh. It was a full-throated musical laugh. It was a Weasley laugh. The family was back together.

Granger Residence:

Unused to the appliances in a muggle kitchen, one of the Death Eaters caught his flowing robe on the handle of a drawer. As he stepped away, he pulled the drawer from the cabinet and its contents clattered to the floor. He whirled at the noise and cast "AVADA KEDAVRA!" and the green flash caused the kitchen counter to explode.

Down stairs in the Game room Daniel and Harry were playing 8ball again (again it would be more accurate to say that Harry was watching Daniel play) while Emma and Hermione were looking through a photo album reviewing what had happened during the most recent school year.

At the sound of the shouted spell, Hermione drew her wand, pointing it at the stairs. "Death Eaters" she hissed. Harry put a billiard ball in each pocket and with his cue at the ready, took up a position out of sight where he could strike at anyone who came down the stairs. Emma pressed herself against the wall behind Harry while Daniel went to the storage closet and removed his venerable Harrison & Hussey Sidelock shotgun as well as abox of shells. Quickly loading a pair of rounds into the weapon, he stuffed his pockets with more shells. He also took up a position of relative safety. Lacking any easy way out, they had nothing left to do but wait for the Death Eaters to make a mistake.

Ottery St. Catchpole

The Burrow

Ginny's Room:

"Ron told us an interesting story about you and Neville Longbottom"

"Care to explain yourself?"

"Your attitude?"

"Don't try to pull this whip saw crap with me. I know all your tricks and they don't work on me." The lithe redhead sat on her bed, arms crossed displaying a clear example of 'go to hell' body language.

"Alright Little Sister" Fred said. "I'll do the talking. What the hell do you think you're doing?"

No response.

"You might have had more luck with your 'I can't touch asquib' crap with a sytherian. Just imagine what Longbottom thinks of you now. You don't love Harry anymore, fine. To be so because he lost his magic to acurse is unspeakably... dark."

"Yeah like you're dating a squib."

"No Fred isn't dating a squib. The fact that we don't know a female squib within 15 years of our age might have something to do with it. But I'll let you in on a little secret, one we were saving for Halloween when Fred plans to introduce her to the Family. He's dating a muggle nursing student. They're close to getting engaged. Is this the treatment that Sarah can expect from the sister we've told her about?"

No response

"Doesn't it bother you that the rest of the family is disgusted with your actions?"

"Mum supports me."

The twins left, shaking their heads.

Ottery St. Catchpole

Lovegood Residence

Luna's Room:

"So, what is that Luna?"

"It's a muggle invention" Luna stood back from the easel, and put the paintbrush behind her ear to examine her progress. "It's called a"Paint by Numbers Picture," Daddy found in on one of his business trips. It comes with these pictures" she showed him the unused canvases) "and this selection of paints, numbered 1 through 10. According to the instructions, you put the paint labeled #1 in the areas labeled #1 and so on. But I've figured that can't be right, so I've been experimenting with shifting all the colors up 3 digits, except 8-10 which I moved to the bottom of the palette" She rotated the canvas on the easle 90 degrees. "I will break this code Ronald. I will discover what the muggles are trying to tell us."

"You sure know how to have fun Luna. Mind if I try one?"

"Certainly Ronald, just not right now. Paint time is over; it is now time to return to my summer holiday school project."

"Ok. I'm not the best student in the world, but maybe I can help. What's the project about?"

"I told you yesterday silly. Molesting you!" once again she leaped upon him, trying to massage his tonsils.

After 15 minutes of constant contact and the removal of several items of clothing, Ron broke the silence. "How is molesting me aholiday school project?"

"If successful, it will ensure that my 6th year has many meetings with you at the lake, Hogsmeade, the greenhouses and the occasional storage cupboard..." She experiments a bit. "Your eyes go all funny when I squeeze this... good to know"

"Yeah" Ron gasped, "Research is good."

Ottery St. Catchpole

The Burrow

Molly's Kitchen:

"Molly, love, what have you done?"

"Arthur, she's terrified of him, of bring infected with what happened him, stealing her magic."

"So instead of talking her through her fears, you send her after Neville? Did it never occur to you how loyal to Harry Neville is? He offered to give Harry his magic for Merlin's sake. What were you thinking?"

"If Neville has problems with her there are many young unattached purebloods..."

"My gods Molly are you listening to your self?"

"So now it's wrong to want the best for your daughter?"

"Who are you? You have never said these things to me before Molly. Is this why you've always been against Hermione?"

"I don't hate muggleborns, halfbloods or squibs, but I don't believe in mixing them into the pure blood lines Arthur."

"HARRY IS A HALFBLOOD! Why were you FOR the relationship when he had his magic? Are you against Bill marrying the quarter Veela Fluer? Are you aware that Charlie is living with a muggle born witch on his dragon preserve? Did you know Fred is thinking about asking a muggle girl to marry him? Ron has been interested in Hermione since his 2nd year. Are you going to destroy all of their relationships, or just hate the women in their lives? How could who their parents were matter to you in the slightest?" He was pacing the room, "I don't understand. Can you explain it to me? Why have you never said a word about this attitude before now?"

He got no response beyond her glare.

"I'm going out for a while. I think I need a drink"


"I'll be back Molly. I would suggest you consider your attitude"

Granger Residence

Game Room:

When the first Death Eater came down the stairs, Harry broke the cue across his face, shattering the mask, breaking his nose and flinging him backwards to fall to the ground unconscious.

Five others apparated into the game room. Two fell to ablast from both barrels of Daniel's shotgun. Hermione dropped one with a Stupefy, Harry beaned another with one of the billiard balls, the last managed point his wand at Emma as she backed into the corner and screamed "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Harry pivoted to shield Emma with his body when the green spell impacted on his back, and Harry slumped to the ground.

Malfoy Manor

Throne Room:

Riddle was slumped on his throne, with his death eaters in abject worship around the dais. Bellatrix was on her knees, tending to his carnal needs, when the Dark Lord bolted upright, his eyes unseeing, mouth open, a deep scream issuing from his soul. He collapsed on top of Bellatrix, bringing the Death Eaters to panic.

Granger Residence

Game Room:

Hermione's magic flared in the room, the magic leaped from her wand without conscious thought and eviscerated the remaining Death Eater, and she fell to her knees sobbing. There was another pop of apparition. Daniel turned his shotgun in the direction of the new arrival, but Emma was too close. The dark robed man stared at Harry's body. His wand clattered to the tile floor and he fell to his knees next to Harry.

"Damn you Potter. You cannot be dead. I need you, you damned stupid noble Gryffindor."

Harry opened his eyes and stared into Draco Malfoy's eyes.
"If this is being dead, it really sucks."



"Harry!" Hermione struggled to her feet and ran to him knocking Malfoy out of the way, holding him "You stupid goof, how could you scare me like that?" covering him with kisses and tears. Emma knelt to hold him as well. It is not every day someone saves your life by taking a killing curse after all.

Daniel pressed the barrel of his reloaded shotgun against Malfoy's back and stepped on his wand, breaking it. "Move and you're a dead man."


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