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A/N: I own none of this. And boy are you surprised.

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 13 - Triskaidekaphobia

Ministry of Magic

Office of the Minister:


"Yes Weasley?"

"The Branch Manager of Gringotts has sent a response to your request for a meeting."

"He'll be here at 11?"

"No sir, he says that he has opened a slot on his schedule for you to visit him"

"I meant for him to come here"

"I know that sir, and informed him of you wishes." Percy looked distinctly embarrassed.


"Sir, Branch Manager Ragnak said, and I am quoting him sir, that Gringotts pays taxes and isn't at your beck and call. If you would like to speak to him, he is willing to extend his cooperation by not charging you for his time when you come to his office."

That started a rant. Percy wisely exited quietly.

Granger Residence:

"You seemed upset to see me 'dead' Draco. Funny reaction for someone in your line of work."

"I need your help Potter."

"I bet you do Malfoy. Harry, why are you even talking to him, he came to kill us."

"Draco isn't a killer Hermione. I watched him; he had Dumbledore and couldn't kill him. Another 5 minutes and he would have surrendered." Harry stood up stiffly, and offered his hand to Malfoy. Draco ignored it and stood himself, with Daniel's shotgun still pressed between his shoulder blades.


"I need your help to save my mother. She hasn't taken the mark, and father is going to kill her. I can't do it, but you; you do these things all the time. I'll give you anything Potter. I've got to save my Mother."

"Where is she?"

"Malfoy Manor."

Have you still got House Elves?"

"Of course."


Harry waited almost 30 seconds before he sighed. "Hermione, could you try calling Dobby?"


There was a sudden crack of Elvin apparition. "Yes Ms Harry Potter's Grangy?" The tiny elf appeared, wearing looking quite the worse for wear, though his collection of mismatched socks and several hats remained.

"Hello Dobby."

"Harry Potter Sir! Dobby did not see you, or sense your magic... "Dobby stopped in mid sentence "Young Master?"

"Draco isn't your master Dobby, calm down. The Grangers and I need somewhere to hide from bad wizards; Draco and his mother do as well. Do you know anywhere we might go?"

Dobby pondered for a moment "Harry Potter Sir and his friends could stay with Millet and Dreek and Slock."

"There's room for all of us there?"

"Oh yes Harry Potter Sir, Potter Manor has many many rooms. Millet and Dreek and Slock are good elves and work very hard on it."

"Potter Manor?" Daniel asked. "There's a Potter Manor? Where is it?"

"Dobby does not know where Potter Manor is Ms. Harry Potter's Grangy's Sire sir. Potter Manor is under Wizard Hide magic."

"Wonderful. Well it was worth asking I suppose."

"Harry Potter Sir, Dobby doesn't know where Potter Manor is, but Millet and Dreek and Slock do."

Harry knelt down to the elf's level. "How do I find Millet, Dreek and Slock?"

"Dobby will get them Harry Potter Sir!" and he disappeared.

"What now Potter?"

"I guess we ..." Harry was interrupted by multiple cracks of Elvin apparition.

"See Millet, Dreek, Slock? Dobby didn't lie, here is Harry Potter Sir!"

And the three new elves threw themselves at Harry hugging him and chattering.

"You three are Potter House elves?"

"Oh yes Master Potter, we are Millet, Dreek, and Slock. We server the House of Potter."

He gestured toward the Grangers. "Could you take the Grangers to Potter Manor please?"

"Certainly Master Potter." Each of the elves took a Granger by the hand and disappeared with a crack.

"Dobby could you take Draco and Myself?" hoping against hope that Elvin magic would work on him.

"Of course Harry Potter Sir!" Dobby took his offered hand and took hold of the hem of Draco's robe.

Malfoy Manor:

Laying in his bed trying to understand what had attacked him and why his weakness continued, Riddle suddenly felt his stomach heave. Attempting an obscure strengthening spell that required sexual contact, Bellatrix was servicing him while the Lucius Malfoy chanted the incantation. Riddle voided his bowels soiling his bed (and Bella) unable to move, and projectile vomited all over Lucius at the same time, continuing long after his system was empty.

Potter Manor

Gourock Scotland:

Suddenly Harry was in the foyer of Potter Manor staring at athousand years worth of magical family portraits, all of whom started to greet the last of the Potters. Directly in front of him was a portrait of his mother, father and infant self. All three turned their attention to him. "Harry?"

He knelt again to hug Dobby the Free Elf "Thank you Dobby, thank you so much."

Draco cleared his throat. Harry looked up to him and understood. "Dobby could you do me one more favor?"

"Of course Harry Potter Sir!"

"I need you to go to Malfoy Manor, and bring Narsissa Malfoy here."

"Young Master's Dame?" Dobby pondered for a moment. "Right away Harry Potter Sir!"

He disappeared with a crack, and reappeared less than aminute later with a protesting Narcissa.


"Master Potter?"

"What housing is available here?"

"The main manor has 12 bedroom suites; there is also a guest cottage with 3 bedrooms."

"Take the Malfoy's to the Cottage, find them new clothing, take everything they brought with them and destroy it. . Check them both for tracking charms. If they resist, make it hurt."

"You are guests here. Annoy me in any way and I'll deliver the both of you back to your dark lord before I kill him." He watched as the Malfoys were led away. "Dreek?"

"Master Potter?"

"Could we get some dinner?"

"Of course Master Potter, we will let you know when it is ready. Master Potter?"

"Yes Dreek?"

"It is good to have you home sir."

Harry approached the painting of his parents and infant self. It took only seconds to realize that this painting was enchanted for movement, but not with the personalities of the subjects. His parents were seemingly unaware of him, the painting silent.

Diagon Alley

Gringotts Bank:

11:07 a.m.

"Bank Manager"

"Minister. You're late."

"I am a busy man Bank Manager."

"And I am a busy goblin Minister. What can I do for you?"

"Succinctly, the Potter House has been declared extinct."

"Really Minister? I had not heard of young Potter's death. We keep track of our major accounts you know."

"Potter has lost his magic, as such cannot lead or sire anoble house. The House and Line are extinct, despite his still being alive."

"How interesting. Thank you for the information." Ragnak looked pointedly at the clock on his wall. "Was there anything else?"

"Just that the Ministry would like the Potter Family vaults transferred to Ministry control."

Ragnak blinked. Twice. "You would? And why would Gringotts wish to be a party to this act of theft?"

"Hardly theft Bank Manager. There is no longer a Potter Family; therefore the Ministry will confiscate the Potter fortune."

"I see. I do not think you know what you are asking Minister."

"I assure you I do. I have gotten legal opinions that support this position"

"Have you gotten Goblin Legal opinion?"

"Why would I need that?"

"I thought so Minister. Unfortunately I am going to need to conclude this meeting, and fine the Ministry 10,000 Galleons for attempting to involve Gringotts in a blatant theft." An evil snarl crossed Ragnak's face. "One more word Minister, I will fine you personally the same amount. It is within your power to take away young Potter's family name, but you cannot rob his vaults like a common thief. This conversation has been recorded and will be released to the media. Gringott's protects its clients. Good day sir."

Potter Manor

Gourock Scotland:

Following the meal Harry and his new family explored the upper floors finding the bedrooms that they would take. The Master suite Harry offered to the Grangers.

"Take it. It's far too large for me."

"Don't be ridiculous Harry, you are Potter, and you get the master suite in Potter Manor. Any of the suites here are larger than our master bedroom back home." Daniel drew him into a hug. "Thanks for saving Emma, son." he left for the suite at the far end of the hall.

Emma then took him in her arms as well. "How can I show how much it meant to me that you took such a chance for me? Good Night you too."She then hugged her daughter and whispered to her.

Hermione took him by the hand. "Come one Harry, time to get you to bed."


"I don't want to be alone tonight." She led him into the master suite, closing the door behind them "I saw you save my mother's life. Ithought you died, I killed a man. There is no way in hell you aren't going to hold me tonight."

AN2: A few thoughts and explanations. Tom and Harry are linked. Harry's magic is sent to Tom, also magic that Harry encounters is sent to Tom. That means that the unforgivables are visited upon his boney butt in amost unpleasant manner. Harry was knocked down by the killing curse, mostly because he thought it would kill him. In my envisioning of the AK there is an impact portion of the spell (or else how would inanimate thing be shattered by it?) so an AK hurts Harry, but doesn't kill him. The magic is channeled to Tom, who enjoys it to its maximum. Another problem with their linkage is that there are different kinds of magic. Elvin Magic not only makes cookies, but is different from Human magic, as a consequence, when Dobby apparated Harry, Tommy got a sore tummy (and Lucius got a shower, and Bella (presumably) became a scat fan (It's not like she's gonna complain, right?)

AN3: Draco, in my fic, isn't 'Evil'. He IS an ass, bigot, smarmy bastard, and number one candidate to get his ass kicked on adaily basis, but he isn't 'Evil'.

AN4: Practically anything that doesn't make sense when coming out of the Twin's mouths is a joke. Re: 'if it's a girl, we'll be aunts'

AN5: I don't like Ginny. She is shallow in canon, and even more so in my fic. I don't like Molly either. She isn't as much of abitch in canon, but it's my party, we'll play my way.

AN6: I do like Neville. He has taken it up the old poop shoot far too many times in canon. As far as I'm concerned, Tom marked HIM too, and has as much a right to be called the Chosen One as Harry. Look for Nev to kick some ass and take some names in a few chapters.

AN7: Luna is a dedicated Student. This explains her dedication to researching her Project...


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