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A/N: I own none of this. And boy are you surprised.

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 15 - Appointments

Brown Estate

Lavender's Suite:

"Drinks everyone!"

Lavender directed her friends to the table stocked with refreshments delivered by the Brown family House elves.

"Thanks Lav,"Pavarti selected a bottle of Butterbeer. "So, what's the latest news on Harry?"

"Still no magic. The Ministry tried to screw with him last week" Susan said for the benefit of the girls who didn't take the Prophet. "Tried to strike his family from the House Roles. But Neville adopted Harry into Longbottom House and threatened to marshal the Longbottom House against him." Susan smiled at the memory. "Neville has become so...."

"Tasty?" Padma supplied helpfully.

"Sexy?" suggested Hannah Abbot.

"Rich?" added Lavender. "Well he is. Who would have thought that chubby little Neville from the sorting would end up so fancible?"

"None of us were prizes at the sorting." Susan interjected. "Neville's mine girls, back off."

Laughter rang throughout the room. "Ok, what other gossip do we have?

"I've heard that Ron Weasley has hooked up with Luna Lovegood." Offered Hannah.

"No, Loony Lovegood and Ron Weasley? What could she possibly offer him?"

"I think that's obvious Lav." Pavarti stared at her friend pointedly. "She's not putting any pressure on him. And sleeping with him."

"That works for most guys." Said Hannah

"Luna is a sweet girl who would do anything for a friend." Padma looked somewhat sad. "My house hasn't been very nice to her. If she is taking him to her bed, it's because SHE wants to, not a ploy to bend him to her will. There isn't a devious bone in her body."

"At least not until Ron visits" Lavender's bawdy joke reduced the crowd to tears of laughter.

"Moving on, Hermione has only been scene in the company of acertain Savior of the Wizarding World for the last few weeks. Is Harry/Ginny over?"

"I don't think Ginny took Harry losing his magic very well."Padma said. "I think what happened to him scared her horribly."

"You all said I was crazy when I put 10 galleons on Harry/Hermione pairing up." Pavarti smiled. "Ginny was never a good match for him. She's cute and all, but to love someone like Harry, you need more than the little girl fantasies about "the Boy who Lived.".

"That was insightful Pavarti; did Padma work that out for you?" Pavarti flung a biscuit at Lavender.

"Ok, time to embarrass ourselves. Who here had one of those'Harry Potter' dolls that Zonko's used to sell?" Susan asked.

Slowly, with much embarrassment all 5 of the young women raised their hands.

"Who still has the doll?" asked Padma in a quiet voice.

Again, all 5 raised their hands. "Sweet Merlin, we're nothing but a bunch of fan girls."

Padma looked from face to face. "You know one thing Ialways wondered, how Zonko's managed to get such a good image of Harry for those dolls. Ok, sure they took his father who everyone said he looked like when he was a baby, and added his mother's eyes, but how did they know about the glasses? My doll had the same style of glasses he had first year, including the broken frames before Hermione fixed them. The doll was sold BEFORE Harry even knew he was a wizard, living with his mother's muggle relatives. And how did they know about the scar? They say that Dumbledore had Hagrid take Harry from the ruins of his parent's home to his relatives with no stops in-between. My Harry doll had the lightning bolt scar in exactly the same place that Harry's real scar is, every one knows about his scar. Iremember seeing him on the Express, seeing the scar and knowing it was Harry, but HOW did we know this?"

Ottery St. Catchpole

The Burrow

Molly's Kitchen:


Hermione sat at the Weasley table, where she had shared many meals with her favorite other family. "What have I done Ginny? Why are you so angry with me?"

"Who said you did anything? Maybe I just decided I didn't want to be your 'little friend anymore."

"But why? I heard what you said to Harry." Ginny looked up, brown eyes blazing. "Not from Harry. You weren't exactly discreet. You were angry at him for some reason, told him you didn't want him to suck your magic away, like he would do that. You accused him of turning your family against you, as if he COULD do that. Then you told him to 'go hump' my leg." She blinked back tears. "Have you been told by someone that Harry and I were intimate?"

"Why should I care if you let him between your legs?" Ginny stood to leave. Hermione took hold of her arm and pulled her back to her seat.

"Ginny, Harry and I have NEVER been intimate on that level. I have comforted him in the face of the loss of his magic, and in the loss of his family. He never liked them, but blames himself for their deaths. The night my mother was almost killed, and I lost control killing a man, Harry held me all night while I cried, feeling sorry for myself. I haven't tried to take him away from you."

"Don't you get it? The Idea of touching a squib turns my stomach. I don't care what you would do with him, I'm repulsed by the idea, and if you aren't you aren't as smart as I thought you were. I'm leaving; I don't want to talk to you anymore. Just leave me alone." And she stalked off.

Ottery St. Catchpole

The Burrow


"Good Morning Hermione"

"Good morning to you too Luna. How are you this morning?"

"I haven't seen a Slitmor all morning, but the day will improve when Ron and I make love."

Hermione blinked. Well, she is certainly up front about it. "You've reached that level of your relationship then?"

Luna cocked her head to the side. "You know we have, Hermione, you were outside his room following Bill's wedding, why pretend otherwise?"

"I was a little ashamed of intruding on your privacy like that. Just trying to be discreet." How did Luna know I had been outside the room?

"I'm told discretion is a good talent to have. I've never had the knack."

Longbottom Manor

Augusta Longbottom's Personal Suite:

A/N: This chaplet is a slightly modified direct lift of the same scene from Rorschach's Blot's immortal and unsurpassed"Old Soldiers Never Die". Why carve a wheel out of stone when someone leaves acherry '65 Mustang Convertible with the keys in the ignition and a hot pneumatic Blonde with a thing for FanFic semi-Authors sitting in the front seat right in front of you? Just to be clear, this Neville/Gran scene is NOT mine.

"Neville?" His gran asked in shock."What are you doing home right now?"

"I just got back from escorting Susan home, saw your lights still on, and thought that I'd stop in and say good night." Neville said happily.

"Did you have a good time?" She asked.

"Yeah," the boy agreed. "I . . . is there someone else here?"

"Why would you ask that dear?" The old woman asked nervously."

"I can hear them," Neville said as his hand dropped to his wand.

"He's old enough to know Augusta," agravely voice said. "Tell him."

"Tell me what? Neville demanded.

"Your grandfather, my husband is alive." The old woman said. "He's been hiding his relationship with us to keep us safe."

"From who?"

"Half the bloody world," Moody said as he stepped out. "I have lots of people wanting to kill me and many more that would be happy to get you instead."

"You're my grandfather?" Neville asked in shock.

"That I am," Moody agreed.

"I . . . I don't know what to say?"

"Say teach me to kill Death Eaters," Moody said with a grin. "And we'll have something to bond over as your grandmum likes to say."

"Teach me to kill Death Eaters," Neville said eagerly.

A/N: Very slightly modified for my story. I think Ichanged 25 words.

Malfoy Manor

Riddle's Bed Chamber:

"I have found the witch that fits your requirements my Lord. She is the daughter of one of your followers, a pureblood so as to not contaminate your essence and a Virgin for the purity the Rite requires."

"Bring her to me Bella, you will perform the incantation to return me to power."

Her heavily lidded eyes glistened in anticipation. "My Lord, I present Amanda Parkinson

She is Research Librarian Level 5 at the department of Mysteries, 43 years old and pure.

Riddle shuddered slightly. The woman looked like the south end of a north bound skrewt. "Very well my lovely Bella. You shall be rewarded Amanda Parkinson. We will perform the ceremony in 20 minutes." The Parkinson woman left to prepare. "Bella"

"Yes My Lord"

"I will require two large Canvas shopping bags."

Potter Estate


A high pitched scream of Elvin terror tore Hermione's attention from the book she was reading. She ran from the room, wand ready, to the entry foyer where she saw Harry, unconscious, hovering in mid air, surrounded by a glowing pulsing sphere of magic.


Insanely ancient bad joke department:

After Poor Tom and his Librarian friend, I couldn't resist asmall joke... Please note, this has nothing to do with the story.

When the Idea of the 'virgin sacrifice' idea to strengthen Tom, this old joke kept playing in my head:

"My Lord. We have determined that to restore you to health, you will need to deflower a virgin." Lucius fought to keep the smile off his face. A crucio first thing in the morning can ruin your whole day.

"Very well. The girl will be well rewarded. I require her to be of pure blood to keep from contaminating my essence.

"Yes My Lord" said Bellatrix, taking notes.

"She must be blind so that she will not know who had done this to her"

"Yes My Lord" said Bellatrix.

"She must be deaf, so that she will not hear what I am doing to her."

"Yes My Lord" said Bellatrix

"She must be mute, so that she can never tell anyone what Ido to her."

"Yes My Lord" said Lucius, starting to get into it.

"And she must have huge tits..."


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