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Daughters - OCT 25

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Gerard is trying to deal with everything happening back home

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Gerard called as soon as he got back to his hotel room. "Monica, how's Kell?"
Monica looked at the clothes she had been folding and decided they could just wait. She left the laundry room and walked into the kitchen, "She's been up in her room all day moping. I tried talking to her a few times with no luck."
"She open up to Kara?"
"I asked Kara this morning but you were right. Kara won't tell me anything. All she said to me was not to worry about it. That things were gonna be fine."
"Shit, I wish I was there." He sounded so unhappy Monica changed the subject.
"How was the interview?"
He laughed, "Actually it was pretty rad. The guy wanted to do something different so he asked me about 'Three Cheers'. Felt kinda good to reminiscence." He cleared his throat. "He even asked about my first kiss."
"Your first kiss? Really. Do tell."
"Uh, it was okay. Nothing special."
Monica shook her head, "Guess I'll just have to look up that interview."
Gerard remained silent.
"Gerard Arthur, what did you say?"
"Just told the truth. So anyway, I want to talk to Kelly."
Monica made a mental note to find the interview. "She's up in her room. Just a sec." She went to the stairs and called for Kelly.
"What?" Kelly appeared looking like she had just woken up.
"Dad wants to talk to you."
Kelly didn't look happy but she started down the stairs. Monica handed her the cell.
"Hey, Kell. How are you?"
Kelly walked into the family room and sat down by Frank on the sofa. The puppy licked her hand happily. "I'm okay."
"Wanna tell me about last night?"
He was surprised when Kelly answered angrily, "No"
Gerard tried to hide the fact that her answer hurt him "Kell, come on. I'm not gonna yell at you. I just want to understand."
Kelly felt bad. She knew her answer hurt him. "I just want to forget it happened. I did something stupid and I'm sorry."
"Kell, you and I talked about Mike's drinking. I thought you understood how dangerous it can be. Why would you get into a car with him?"
Kelly stroked Franks head, "He got sick. I drove home. Why is it such a big deal? Can't everyone just let it go?"
"People who love you can't just let it go. I'm worried about you. I was scared to death when your mom told me the police were at the door. Waiting for her to call me back was brutal. I had no idea what had happened"
Kelly felt tears in her eyes. She hadn't meant to hurt anyone. "I'm sorry, Dad. I promise not to screw up again."
"I love you, Honey. Are you sure there’s nothing you want to tell me?"
Kelly wished she could tell him the truth. This was such a nightmare. "I'm okay really."
Gerard didn't believe her for a minute. "Kell, did Mike hurt you?" He asked softly. He could hear her crying.
"I'm okay" is all she would say.
Gerard sighed, "Honey, please let me help you."
"Dad, I'm okay. It's over."
Gerard didn't want to push her anymore. Not right now. "Just know I'm here for you. Promise you'll call me if you want to talk, okay?"
"Promise" Kelly whispered. "Bye, Dad."
Gerard closed his phone and sat staring at the wall. Bob walked into the room. "Okay if I come in?" He could tell something was bothering Gerard by the look on his face.
"Yeah, sure." He got up and looked for his cigarettes. "Kell won't talk about what happened. I really thought that maybe she’d tell me something. I mean she talked to me before about Mike but now she won’t tell me anything. Shit, this sucks. I can tell she’s upset.”
Bob gave him a sad nod. "Poor kid."
"Have you talked to Kara?" Gerard asked turning to him.
“I just got back from doing an interview for 'Modern Drummer'. Thought I’d check on you.” Bob replied not really answering Gerard’s question. He didn’t want Gerard asking questions he couldn’t answer. The things Kara had told him were in strictest confidence.
"I hope Kell talked to her. Just so she opens up to someone. Keeping shit like this bottled up inside ain't right.”
"You know for all the bickering those two do, they're pretty close." Bob said with a smile. He was hoping his words would help to ease Gerard’s mind.
"Fuck, I wish I was home." Gerard said finding the pack of cigarettes. He lit one and sat down at the desk. “I want to be there for Kell.”
Bob could see Gerard’s mood worsening. "Wanna go get a bite to eat? We got a couple of hours before the Meet and Greet. Let's get the fuck out of here."
Gerard shook his head, "Thanks but I'm gonna stay here. Think I'll draw for a while. It helps me chill out."
Bob nodded, "See ya later, dude. Try not to dwell on this okay? Kelly will be okay. Monica and Kara will take care of her."
"I know they will. I just wish I could be there to help."
As Bob was closing the door he saw Gerard taking out his art supplies. Hopefully he'd lose himself in his art and clear his mind. The last thing any of them needed was for Gerard to let his stress start building. He'd lose his focus. That was something none of them could afford.

Kelly ran back up to her room and threw herself on her bed. She felt horrible that she had hurt Gerard’s feeling but this was something she couldn’t talk to him about. She closed her eyes and tried to erase the memories from Friday night from her mind. It was impossible to do.

Gerard was glad Bob had left. He needed some time to himself to think. As he started to draw he did so without thought. The artist pencil in his hand seemed to have a mind of it’s own. He worked on the drawing until it was done to his satisfaction. Putting the pencil down he sat back in the chair to study his work. She was beautiful. He smiled to himself realizing that Little Bug would one day grow to be a beauty like her mother. He placed the drawing back on the desk a sadness creeping into his mind. Why had he chosen to draw Elle? Kelly was who he should be thinking about, who he should be helping. He just felt so damn useless.
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