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Hera's Memory

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Hera wakes up only to be disturbed again.

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A Long Lost Hero

Chapter 2: Hera’s memory

Hera open’s her eyes, Tera’s laughter echoing in her mind. She sighs and looks to the door. Laughter floods in. Theresa, she thinks. She’s been much happier since her and Jay started going out. Hera stands up and straightens out her dress, sighing remembering what Tera used to say to her when she did that. She walked to the door and opened it only to be face to face with a smiling Theresa.

“Hera! You’re awake. You’ve been sleeping for quiet some time now. You screamed something that no one could understand. You made Chiron jump a mile.” Theresa spoke fast scared that Hera would interrupt.

Hera looked at the two plainly. “I…” Jay cut her off.

“Poor Chiron hasn’t been looking to good since. Freeonna tried to wake you but all you did was hit her.” Jay said very confused.

“I hit Freeonna. Oh dear, I must go apologize.” Hera said walking past the two to find the queen known as Freeonna.

As she walked down the hall she couldn’t help but think about Tera. She heard the familiar voice of Freeonna coming out of Chiron’s study.

Freeonna looked up at smiled at once.

“Well speak of the bloody devil. You’re awake. Did you have a nice sleep? Were you having a nightmare or something?” Freeonna said calmly.

“You can say that. Queen Freeonna, Theresa tells me that I hit you. If I did I am terribly sorry.” Hera said giving a side ways glance at the now laughing Chiron.

“What?” She asked sharply.

“Oh it’s nothing.” Chiron breathed out.

“Hera, please just call me Freeonna. How many times do I have to say that? Hera you are a queen too.” Freeonna said calmly.

Hera looked Freeonna over, the elder woman looked as if she had just turned sixteen she sat there in a short red dress just about to her knees. The skin tight dress was strapless, but she pulled it off. Her golden armor glinted in the light. The bracelet on her upper arm sat nicely a little ways away from her armor. On her left arm was a dragon bracelet. The dragon was on her upper arm, the wings folding nicely to form a link around her arm. The red eye was brightened a bit. Freeonna’s hair was pulled up delicately with a flaming clip. Hera thinks that it’s odd that she can do that. How can she do that?

“Stop giving me up and down looks.” Freeonna said and Chiron started laughing again.

He stopped suddenly. “Hera, why did you mention Tera?” Chiron asked sounding upset at the thought of his daughter.

“I...I don’t know.” Hera stuttered out.
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