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after their done with their normal morning greeting Chase get`s up togo and take a shower.Kimiko just doesn`t know how to tell him maymbe he will remeber and I won`t have to tell him,though i`m not sure what to tell the guys.Kimiko was so confused so she got out of bed and went to the balcony when she opened it the world was diffferent.When she saw it instead of beautifal trees their was a world that looked as if it had gone bad (just imagine the episode after chse said"And the profecy is fullfilled". Then she found arms wrapping around her waste saying"wow the world is much moore beutifuller now,don`t you think ? Kimiko said but what about the trees and the birds chirping and evrything with a sad look on her face.Chas ejust replied with him just saying hn and he went to turn around and said meet you downstairs for breakfast.
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