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[10] Teenagers (Gerard)

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"Hey Frank." Mikey said nonchalantly.
"It's not Frank." I said, it sounded like he dropped the phone.
"H-hey Gerard." He said, trying to recover and failing.
"Benj had her baby a couple of hours ago." I mumbled, I looked up and Frank and he nodded.
"Sweet, is it cute?" He was dying to know, trying not to show it. I put him out of his misery.
"It's a Girl. Her names Lily. She looks just like you..." I said.
"So She's..." He started.
"Yeah. She's yours." I whispered. I told him where the hospital was and hung up. "Happy?" I looked up at Frank and he shrugged. I stood. "I'm getting out of here before he shows."
"No! Stay.." Benji looked at me. She was ordering, not asking. I sat.
About an hour later Mikey stood in the door way and Benji asked a nurse to go get the baby. Mikey sat in a chair as far away from me as he could get. I remembered what I had said to him last time "...You better hope on your life that kid's mine!..."
Mikey sat holding his daughter, smiling, I saw a tear roll down his cheek but ignored it. After about ten minutes, not even, I took back what should have been mine. Mikey looked like he wanted to stop me but he didn't make a move to. Benji glared at me, but I wasn't as forgiving as she was. She shouldn't be so forgiving. What the hell was wrong with her. After what he had done?
"You can leave now." I said, still not looking at Mikey.
"When can I see her again?" He asked, he sounded so pitiful.
"If I can help it...never." I threatened.
"You can't do that!" He stood, but he wouldn't touch me when I had Lily in my arms.
"What are you going to do? Take me to court...fight for the child that you stole from me?!" Lily started crying, Mikey looked stung, but he turned and left.
"That was uncalled for." Benji whispered. "You can't be mad forever."
"Watch me." I mumbled.

~Sixteen Years Later~
My Daughter is fifteen years old. She's beautiful, but every time I look into her eyes I see Mikey, and I miss him. Anger makes you do stupid things. Like isolate your brother from your life. I've spoken to him in passing, since Frank made me let him back into the band, but the bands been over for a few years, we've done side projects and were still around each other alot.
Sometimes I think that Lily knows, she was never told, but she confides more in Mikey, she never tells me anything. She tells him everything. She goes places with him. I hate it, but Benji threatened me in many creative ways until I gave in and let Mikey around her.
It was late and Mikey still hadn't brought her home, I stayed downstairs on the sofa, waiting. Benj had long since gone to bed. It was almost midnight when they came in. I waited till Lily was upstairs when I turned on him.
"What the hell? I told you, home by 11." I tried to keep my voice down, so far without much luck.
"Well, The movie ran late." He shrugged.
"My ass, you can forget about taking her anywhere for awhile."
"That's bullshit and you know it, you're just looking for a fucking reason! She's MY daughter, she fucking hates you!" He looked as if he regreted the last part.
"W-what? No she dosen't." I had to admit that the words had stung.
"She told me that you ignore her, you never try to talk to her."
"That's bullshit, she's always with you."
"Because I ask her to go places with me!" He was yelling at me now. Like I was making the mistakes, and I guess I was.
"Whatever, It dosen't matter, just go."
"No...look Gerard. She want's to come stay with me...."
"You told her didn't you? Why else would she ask?!"
"Look, she found out...Frank and I were talking..."
"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!" I know I was getting out of control. I couldn't stop myself. I was pushing him out the door when I turned to see Lily and Benj behind me. Lily had a bag over her shoulder. "Where are you going?" I mumbled, I already knew.
"With my Dad." She mumbled, pushing past me. No one did anything to stop her. Not even me. I felt sick. I spent my whole life trying to keep her as far away from Mikey as possible, and now she was choosing him.
"Did he tell you what happened?" I mumbled weakly. It was cruel but it was the only way to make her stay.
"What do you mean?" She stopped in the door way.
"Don't-" Mikey was begging his eyes brimming with tears.
"Did he tell you what he did to your mother?" I said, more streangth to my voice.
"What is he talking about?" She turned to Mikey, who looked at me with more hate then I had ever seen in those eyes.
The minute I opened my mouth to say anything Mikey's fist connected with my jaw and I stumbled back. By the time I stood Benji had gotten between us and Lily looked so scared. Mikey looked at her, so sorry, torn, hurt. "Lily...It's hard to explain...I wanted to wait to tell you." He barely whispered.
"What did you do?" Her voice cracked and I saw tears fall down her pale cheeks.
"Lily, maybe we should just go, we'll talk when we get home." Mikey was doing anything to avoid the topic.
"He raped her." The words fell from my lips before I could stop myself. I saw Mikey break, and Lily ran.
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