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Hate When You Say That - OCT 28

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Mikey finds out the truth about Friday night

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“Dude, toss me another.” Dylan said looking over at Mike. Both boys had just woken up from a night of partying.
Mike grabbed a beer from the fridge and tossed it to his friend. He looked around at the disaster that was once a kitchen. “Fuck, I’ve got to get this shit cleaned up before my parents get home.
Dylan laughed, “Dude, you think this is bad? You should check out the rest of the house. Fuck, there’s people crashed in the living room I ain’t ever seen before.”
Mike opened himself a beer and took a long drink. “You gotta help me get this shit cleaned up and everybody out. I got enough fucking problems with Kelly. I don’t need them to know I’ve had a party here.”
“Wasn’t that some shit last night? Man, who was that bitch that tried to tackle you?”
Mike shook his head. “Don’t fucking know but she was tough. Fuck, I had no idea they had that stupid security system. Scared the shit out of me when the lights came on.”
“Should have figured a guy like Gerard Way would have a security system.”
“Yeah, well I wasn’t thinking too straight. All I know is I gotta talk to Kelly before she starts blabbing to people. Fuck, I still don’t know what story she told the police.”
“So what’s your plan? Gonna try to talk to her at school tomorrow?”
“Fuck yeah. I’m gonna go early and wait for her to show. I’d wait in the parking lot but her sister drives her so I’ll wait by her locker.”
“What if she don’t wanna talk to ya? She might be pissed about Friday night.”
Mike laughed, “Are you kidding? Kelly will wanna see me. The girl loves me.”
Dylan laughed, “Yeah, cause you’re so hot.” he said in his best Paris Hilton voice.
Mike threw his now empty beer can at him. “Shut the fuck up.”

Monica was making breakfast when Gerard called. “Hi Hon.” She answered. “What are you doing up so early?”
“We’ve got an early flight. So any more problems last night?”
“Nope, it was quiet. What do you have going on today?”
Gerard sighed, “Just traveling to Vancouver. Found out the show tomorrow night is sold out.”
“That’s great. My plan for today is to finish unpacking your stuff downstairs. I started the other day but didn’t get done. Gotta say Hon, you got a lot of stuff. No wonder your Mom was happy to get all of it out of her house.”
“Hey, I got a lot of cool shit packed in those boxes.”
Monica laughed, “Oh yeah, knives, swords, action figures…”
“All cool things.”
“I’ve just been putting your art stuff in one box. I’m not sure where you want to put it.”
“Shit, most of it can be tossed. I’m sure most of those drawings aren’t anything we need to keep.”
“Yeah, well I saw one I wanted to toss.” She said softly.
Gerard was surprised, “What? Something I drew?”
Monica tried to play it off, “Yeah, a drawing of Liv wearing nothing but a smile.”
“Oh fuck. I thought I’d toss all of the drawings I had done of her that I has stored at Mom’s.”
“It’s okay I’m just being a jealous girlfriend.”
He was quiet a moment. “I hate when you say that.”
“Say what? That I’m jealous?”
“No I hate when you call yourself my girlfriend. You’re my wife.”
Monica was touched by the sentiment. “So then since I’m your wife why are we getting married in September?” She teased.
“Just for the presents.” He teased back.
“Gerard I miss you.” Monica said becoming serious.
“I miss you and the girls. So has Kelly seen the dark room?”
“Nope, she’s not stepped foot down there.”
“Man, I hope she doesn’t see it until I get home.”
“Just get home, soon.” Monica said with all her heart.

“Morning, Baby” Alicia said sleepily into her phone.
“Morning.” Mikey said. “I miss the fuck out of you.”
Alicia sat up in bed, “Miss you too. What’s wrong?”
Mikey forced a laugh, “Who said anything was wrong?”
“I did cause I know by tone of your voice. So spill it. What’s wrong?”
“I just miss you. Nothing is wrong. I woke up this morning and thought to myself shit I wish I was in bed with Alicia. We would sleep late, then get some Starbucks. We’d do nothing all day and it would be all good.”
“That does sound all good. Except the do nothing all day part cause I know something we’d be doing.”
Mikey moaned, “Yeah well sure. We’d definitely do that.”
Alicia stretched, “I’m counting the days until you get back.”
“Me too.” He watched Frank looking through his bag, “So tell me about the excitement at Gee’s last night.”
Alicia cringed. “Well Jamia and I were bored so we went to visit.”
“Had nothing to do with the fact that you wanted to know what was going on with Kelly?”
“You always think I’m nosey, don’t you?”
Mikey laughed, “I know that you’re nosey. So tell me what happened?”
“We got there and there were two guys in the side yard.”
Mikey knew the tone of her voice too. Especially when she wasn’t telling him something. “They were there when you and Jamia got there?”
“Yeah, when we got out of the car and started for the house the motion detectors in the side yard turned on the flood lights.”
“Alicia, what aren’t you telling me?” Mikey asked quietly. Frank looked up from his bag wondering what was going on.
“Nothing. That’s what happened.”
“Alicia” Mikey hated when she tried to protect him from things she thought would upset him. “Did you see the guys?”
Alicia realized she should have known he’d figure out she was keeping something from him. “Okay, so we got there and Jamia and I heard a noise in the side yard. I left her by the front steps and went to investigate.”
“Fuck” Mikey said causing Frank to snap to attention. “What the fuck were you thinking? You could have gotten hurt.”
“See why I didn’t want to tell you. I knew you’d get all freaky on me.”
Mikey took a deep breath, “Okay. So you went to investigate. Then what?’
“I saw two figures in the dark looking up at the windows. One of them threw a rock. That made the lights come on and they spotted me.”
Mikey was trying to remain calm but it wasn’t easy, “What then?”
“They took off running.”
He gave Frank a pained look, “You tried to catch them didn’t you?”
“Not exactly. I mean I didn’t chase them but I did try to grab the one closest to me. I almost had him too but he shoved me and I fell backwards.” She could just imagine the look on his face.
“That was really stupid. You know that right? What if they’d been armed? Alicia that was fucking stupid.”
Alicia scooted out of bed, “Okay I get that. Chill, nothing bad happened.”
Frank was looking at Mikey. “She tried to grab one of the intruders.” Mikey told him in a disgusted tone.
Frank shook his head, “Where was Jamia?”
“She left her at the front of the house while she went to investigate.”
Alicia could tell he was extremely angry. “Honey, would you calm down?”
Mikey closed his eyes, “Alicia, I’ll call you back later. I gotta get dressed.”
“Okay” Alicia said softly.
Mikey closed the phone and threw it on the bottom of the bed. “Fuck, she could have gotten killed.”
Frank tried to calm him down, “Hey, you married a fearless woman. She’s tough, you know that.”
“All I know is if anything ever happened to her I’d die.” With that he got up and walked to the bathroom.

The rest of Sunday passed quickly and rather quietly. Now as Kelly prepared for bed she took time out to sit and look at the photo in her hands. It had been taken on one of the first dates she and Mike had ever gone on. Bob and Kara had gone with them bowling. It had been such a fun day. Mike had been so nice. He had held her hand for the first time. That seemed like years ago so much had changed in their relationship. She wondered how he would act tomorrow at school. Would he be mad at her? She truly hoped not. He could be so scary when he was mad.
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