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Gratitude - OCT 30

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More problems at school

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“Both of these children are gonna be stage divers.” Jamia said trying to stand up from the sofa but failing miserably. She plopped back down and sighed, “I am bigger than a barn, Frank.”
“I love barns.” Frank said happily. “But why are they gonna be stage divers?”
“Cause they take after you. Right now B number one is dancing and B number two is swimming. Let me tell you it’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world.”
Frank sat down outside the hotel on a small bench. He had been planning on walking down the block to a coffee shop he had seen earlier but suddenly he had needed to hear Jamia’s voice.
“So what are you doing up so early? Isn’t it just a bit after six for you? Jamia asked softly.
“Thinkin’ about you. Wishing I was home.”
“What and miss the concert tonight? Get out there and explore Vancouver.”
He shrugged, “I’m supposed to get out and explore a bit with Mikey later on. I still haven’t gotten him to talk to me. I know something’s bothering him.”
“Alicia said he was really upset about that shit at Monica’s.”
“Yeah, well I was upset too I just didn’t tell you. Jamia, I hate to think of you being in any kind of danger. I couldn’t go on if anything happened to you.”
“Alicia told me to stay put. She’s been taking good care of me. You have nothing to worry about.”
“But I’m the one who should be taking care of you.” His voice held such sadness.
“Frankie, what’s wrong?”
He sat back and watched some pigeons nearby. “Nothing really. I just miss you.”
“I miss you too. Hey, you’re gonna be home in two weeks. Then you can really see the barn I’ve become.” She said trying to cheer him up.
“Two weeks is a long time. Then we only have ten days before we take off your Europe.”
“Yeah, but I talked to Brian and you’re gonna have almost all of July off. Think about it. It will be just you and me and B one and B two.”
Frank smiled, “Yeah, that’s a good thought.” He added softly, “You’re my whole life Jamia, you know that right?”
“You’re my whole life, Frankie. Now go wake up Mikey and talk to him. I got a feeling he needs you.”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“By the way how’s Gee? He behaving?”
“So far, so good. He’s worried about Kelly.”
“Yeah, so am I. The other night when we were over there she wasn’t her normal happy self. I mean I know she’s in trouble and grounded but still something was so different about her.”
“Well let’s just hope this shit with her boyfriend gets settled.”

Monica had just finished braiding Elle’s hair when she got a call from the school. Kara had been involved in an altercation with another student. That was all the secretary from the vice principal’s office would say. Monica had been shocked.
Now she and Elle were pulling into the High School parking lot. “Come on Elle we gotta go talk to the vice principal.” She unhooked Elle’s seatbelt and helped her from the car.
“What’s a vice primcapal?
“Principal” Monica repeated.
Elle gave her a look. “That’s what me said.”
Monica was flustered by the call but still could laugh at Elle’s attitude. “So you did little Bug.” She took her hand and they walked into the school.

“Kara, aren’t you going to give us your side of what happened this morning?” She’d been ushered into Mr. Rooney; the vice principal’s office as soon as her Mom, with Elle in tow, had arrived. Kara wondered what the midget was doing here. The three of them were staring at her intently waiting for her answer. They were going to be disappointed. Kara merely shook her head, refusing to say anything.
“Okay have it your way. Suppose you go wait outside while I talk to your mom.”
Monica looked at her eldest. “Take Elle with you.”
Kara held out her hand to Elle. They exited the office and sat in the chairs right outside the door. From where she was seated, Kara could see Mike and Kelly sitting in the area out front. Kelly was holding an ice pack on Mike’s nose as he leaned his head back.
“I sees Kewee.” Elle said happily. She was kneeling in her chair, craning her neck so she could see over the counter.
“Yeah.” Kara said with a deadpan expression.
“Why’s that guy got a bag on his face?”
Kara tried not to sound annoyed at the child. “His nose got hurt.”
Elle turned her attention to Kara. “Youse hand hurt?” She saw Kara holding her hand and grimacing.
“Okay, suppose you sit in your seat now. You’re going to fall on your head.” Okay it was getting harder and harder not to get annoyed. “We gotta be quiet in here.” She lied hoping Elle would stop talking. Her head was starting to pound.
Elle looked around clearly not seeing any reason to be quiet. Thankfully she sat back in her chair. Soon she was swinging both feet and humming to herself.
Kara sighed. Why had she given in to her temper? All she wanted to do was to keep Kelly away from Mike. She’d seen him hurt her this morning and try to bully her into going with him and yet… As soon as Mike hit the ground, Kelly has been all over him, crying and yelling at Kara for punching him. That was gratitude for you.
Mr. Rooney came out of the office walking past Kara and Elle. “Kelly, come in here for a moment.”
Kelly walked around the counter and passed by Kara and Elle without a glance.
“Kewee” Elle said smiling. “Me’s here too.”
Kelly smiled at her but still avoided looking at Kara, “Hey, Bug.” She followed Mr. Rooney into the office and the door was closed.
“Yeah” Kara said sadly, “That’s real gratitude for ya.”
Elle gave her a puzzled look, “That’s not gwatude, that’s Kewee.”

Ten minutes later Kelly, Mr. Rooney and Monica exited the office.
“Kara you’re suspended from school for a week. Go ahead get your things and head home.”
Kara stared at Kelly who refused to make eyes contact.
“I’ll meet you at the house.” Monica said reaching out to take Elle’s hand. She turned to Kelly. “You’ll have to ride the bus home.”
Kelly nodded.
“I’d be happy to drive her home, Mrs. Knight.” Mike said. He had gotten up and moved closer to the group when they had exited the office.
Kara opened her mouth to say something but Monica held up her hand to silence her. She did not address Mike but instead spoke to Kelly. “Ride the bus home. Understand me?”
“Yes Mama.” Kelly said looking down.
As they started to move away from the office Elle spoke to Kelly. “Bye bye Kewee.”
Kelly stopped, bent down and hugged her. “Bye Bug. See you later.” She didn’t look at Kara.
Kara told Monica she would get her stuff from her locker then drive home. Monica nodded. She sighed as she watched Kara walk down the hall.
“Why’s Kawa sad?” Elle asked innocently.
Monica tried to decide how to explain. “She got into a fight with someone and that was bad.”
Elle seemed to ponder the answer. “Poor Kawa.”
Monica nodded without thinking. In her mind she was replaying the conversation she had just had with Mr. Rooney. She had told him her suspicions that the incident on Friday night was behind this problem. When she had mentioned that the police had stopped Kelly and Mike he had seemed interested until she had mentioned that Mike had been drinking. Suddenly he hadn’t wanted to hear anymore about it. It didn’t make sense to her. She needed to talk to Kara and find out what was really going on.
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