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You're Nobody - NOV 1

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Mike confronts Kelly - Monica gets called back to school

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Kelly walked into the lunchroom hoping to go unobserved. She didn't want to answer any more questions about the incident between Mike and Kara. She just wanted to put the whole thing out of her mind. She spotted her friend Sarah and started to weave her way though the tables. She was shocked when Mike, who had left the school to have his nose looked at by a doctor, grabbed her arm. She really hadn't expected to see him again today.
"Hey, sit. I saved you a spot."
He was at a table with Dylan and a few of his other friends. Kelly reluctantly took the chair he kicked out from under the table. She never felt comfortable around his friends.
What did the doctor say?" Kelly asked quietly
"My nose is fucking broken, that's what he said." Mike spat out "And that fucking Rooney wouldn't call the cops. Wait until I tell my old man. I want her arrested."
"Hey, ain't she married to that guy from My Chem?" Alan asked "Shit man, you should sue her ass. She assaulted you for no reason."
Mike laughed, "Yeah, I was just standing there talking to my girl." He moved his hand up to Kelly's neck to touch her lightly. "All I wanted to do was spend some time alone with you."
Kelly glanced over at him but said nothing. She couldn't believe Mike could consider suing her sister.
"I'll drive you home after school." Mike said, "I know you don't want to ride the fucking bus."
"My mom said to ride the bus." Kelly reminded him softly.
The guys around the table all snickered.
Mike smirked, "Yeah I heard." He took a swig of his soda, "I'll just drop you off at the bus stop and you can walk from there. She'll think you rode the bus."
"No thanks" Kelly said looking down.
"Kelly I want to spend time with you. I can't call you cause you're grounded. Come on she'll never know."
Kelly shook her head, "I don't want to get into any more trouble.
"You won't,” He said as he took her hand in his, "Trust me."
"Dude, your nose looks like shit. Bet that hurts like a mother fucker." Another of Mike's friends said sitting down at the table.
Mike nodded turning his attention back to his friends and away from Kelly. "Yeah, the bitch caught me off guard. My old man is gonna shit. Wait until I tell him what happened. She just fucking punched me from out of no where."
Kelly looked up, "You were trying to get me to skip class and go with you."
"Well yeah. Just so we could be together." He said in a tone that implied she was stupid.
"I would have gone if Kara hadn't hit you." She said more to herself than Mike.
He nodded, "I know that, Babe. Fucking sister of yours ruined it for us. That's why I want to drive you home after school. So we can spend some time together."
Across the table Dylan snorted. Mike shot him a silencing look.
"What are your parents gonna say about Friday night?" Kelly asked
Mike looked down, "I'm not sure. They'll be pissed but since the police ain't gonna do shit to me it'll be okay. Only thing they care about is me not losing my scholarship."
"They won't care that you were drunk?" Kelly asked quietly.
The look on Mike's face changed. He knew he had to hold his temper in check. Kelly could ruin everything for him. "Hey, I wasn't really drunk. I only had a few beers."
Once again Dylan snorted. Mike glared at him.
"You were drunk." Kelly repeated, "I'm not an idiot, Mike."
"Kelly, I never said you were. Really I didn't drink all that much." He hated that she was talking back to him especially in front of his friends.” Don’t worry about it" His tone was a warning.
"What are you gonna tell them when they ask why Kara hit you?"
She was really starting to get on his nerves. "I'm gonna tell them that the cunt doesn't like us dating."
Kelly flinched. "Don't call her that."
The guys at the table all made a "Whoa" sound, soon dissolving into laughter.
Mike flipped them off. "That's what she is." He said. "Look at my fucking nose. This hurts. There was no reason for her to do this."
Kelly had heard enough. "Mike, I'm going to the library to finish my paper." She stood up and attempted to leave the lunchroom. Mike followed her.
"Hey, wait up. I'll walk ya."
Kelly didn't argue but hugged her books to her chest and walked faster.
Mike caught up with her in the corridor. "Hey, let's go out to the car and have a talk." He pulled her into his arms. "We've got time before next period. Hell, let's just blow off the rest of the day. Come on Kell. Let's play doctor. Kiss it and make it feel better". He ground against her.
Kelly pulled away from him. "Mike, I really do have to finish that paper."
Mike's jaw tightened. "Look, I want to talk to you. Meet me after school."
"Mike, I have to ride the bus. There isn't time."
"I told you I'd drive you home."
"No, Mike. I'll talk to you later."
"What the hell's up with you anyway? Now all the sudden you got no time for me? What the fuck is that?"
"Mike, I just don't have time right now."
The fragile hold Mike had on his temper disappeared and he snapped.
"Who the fuck do you think you are?" he hissed. " When did you become so high and mighty?"
Kelly didn't say anything.
"You're nobody girl. I knew I shouldn't have dated you."
At this point Mike waited for the stream of protests that his degradation usually produced. He wanted her to humble herself. It was good for her to remember her place. Instead Kelly just turned and walked away.
Mike stunned, shouted after her. "Fuck, if Gerard Way wasn’t your daddy you wouldn't have a friend in this school. You know I'm right"

“Thank you for drying the dishes.” Monica said helping Elle down off the kitchen chair she had been standing on to reach the cabinet.
“I likes to dwy dishes.” Elle said happily.
The phone rang just as Monica replaced the chair to its spot at the table. Elle watched her listen to the caller. For some reason Mommyca was frowning.
Monica disconnected, “Elle, Honey, I’ve got to go back to the school. I’m gonna leave you here with Kara, okay?’
Elle nodded, ‘Mommyca sad?”
Monica took her hand and led her up the stairs. “I just have to talk to someone.” They reached Kara’s door, which was partly open. “Kara I need you to watch Elle for me.”
Kara, who was laying on the bed, sat up. “Why?”
“The school called. I have to go back.”
“What’s wrong?” She could tell her mother was flustered. Never a good sign.
“I’m not sure. They wouldn’t say much over the phone.”
“Is Kelly all right?” Kara asked quietly.
Monica wasn’t sure, “I have to go. Take care of Elle.” She bent down and placed a kiss on Elle’s cheek. “You and Kara have fun.” With that she took off quickly for the stairs.
Elle continued to stand in the doorway. Kara looked at her, “You just gonna stand there Bug?”
Elle shrugged.
Kara rolled her eyes, “Come on” she patted the bed.
Elle smiled and ran across the room then launched herself into the air to land on the bed. “Me’s luvs this woom.”
Once more Kara’s eyes rolled, “Yeah, it’s super. So what do you wanna do?”
“Pay dwess up?’
Oh man, Kara thought, the things I put up with.
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