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Enlighten Me - NOV 2

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Gerard finds out what is going on back home -

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“I vote we stay here all day.” Christa said biting into a triangle shaped piece of toast.
Ray smiled at her. She looked so beautiful to him at this moment. They were lying in bed savoring the last few bites of their room service breakfast and he wanted to keep this moment in his memory forever.
“What are you smiling about? Does it mean you like my idea?’
“Love your idea but that’s not what I’m smiling about. I’m thinking how lucky I am to have you in my life. I’m thinking how beautiful you look.”
Christa gave him a look that made it plain she thought he was teasing. “Please. I’m wearing Sponge Bob sweats and I have bed head.” She wiped off her fingers and tried to smooth down her hair.
“Babe, you look beautiful.” He said from the bottom of his heart.
Christa looked into his eyes and saw the love. It was a match for the love she felt for him. “You look pretty damn good yourself.” She reached out to touch his cheek.
“If we stay here all day you won’t get to see Vancouver.” He reminded her reluctantly.
Christa smiled, “Stay all day in bed with you or go sightseeing?” She pretended to give the idea a great deal of thought. “Well, it’s a tough decision but I think I’m gonna have to go with stay here.”
Ray carefully scooted off the bed then picked up their tray. Christa watched as he carried it over to the table then returned to the bed. “Last chance to change your mind. Sure you don’t want to go sightseeing?’
“What I’m seeing right here is perfect.” She fell back on her pillow and gave him a come hither smile.
“What I’m seeing is good but not perfect.” He said as her laid back down beside her. Gently his fingers hooked under her sweatshirt inching it up. “To be perfect I have to see more.”
She lifted her body slightly so he could pull the sweatshirt over her head. Once it was discarded his lips touched her neck. Christa moaned as his mouth opened as it traveled to her breast. Yes, this was definitely better than sightseeing.

Monica has just pulled into the school parking lot when Gerard called.
“Sorry, Gee. I can’t talk right now.”
He knew immediately something was wrong. “Monica, are you okay? What’s going on?’
As she walked towards the front entrance she continued to talk, “You haven’t talked to Bob yet?’
Gerard was confused, “What? Why would I talk to Bob?’
“Hon, I’m inside the school now. I’ll call you as soon as I know what’s going on.” With that she disconnected.
Gerard looked down at his phone. What the hell was going on now? More importantly where the hell was Bob? He got out of bed and dressed quickly. So much for relaxing in bed until noon. He tried to call Bob but his cell seemed to be turned off. Either that or he just isn’t answering cause he knows it’s me, Gerard thought. Damn it, he was getting tired of all the drama. Why couldn’t things just be boring?

“Mrs. Knight, please come in.” Mr. Rooney said as he stood back to let Monica enter the room. “We need to discuss something that has come up in regards to Kelly.”
Monica took a seat in front of the desk. As Mr. Rooney sat down in his chair behind the desk Monica asked, “What is going on? Is Kelly okay?’
“Kelly is down in her counselor's office at the moment. I wanted to speak to you privately before she joins us.”
Monica’s patience was wearing thin. This day just kept getting worse. “Please tell me what is going on.”
“Kelly has told Mrs. Moritz some disturbing things about another student. The same student that Kara had the altercation with this morning.”
“Mike” Monica said. “Kelly’s boyfriend.”
Mr. Rooney nodded, “As you know, neither of your daughters would explain what caused the problem between Kara and Mike.”
“Yes, I’m aware of that.” Monica didn’t mean to sound cross by her head was starting to pound. “I told you before I believe it had something to do with Friday night. I believe Kara was trying to protect Kelly.”
“It now appears that was what was going on. Kelly told Mrs. Moritz that Mike was trying to get her to leave the school with him this morning.”
“And she told him no?”
The vice principal looked down at the statement Kelly has written for her counselor. “Kelly states that Mike was pressuring her to leave with him when Kara appeared.”
“He was trying to talk her in to skipping class?”
Mr. Rooney frowned, “Kelly has marks on her wrist where he was physically trying to force her to leave.”
Monica’s heart sank. What happened to Kelly’s eye Friday night had not been an accident. Suddenly her heart started to race as visions of the abuse she had suffered from Kyle flashed into her brain.
When Monica said nothing but continued to stare he added sadly, “She has another very disturbing mark she showed her counselor. The school nurse was called in and a report of the bite mark was made.”
“Bite mark? He bit her?” Monica’s voice shook.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Knight but according to Kelly this abusive behavior has happened before.”

Gerard was still talking to Mikey on the phone when Bob let himself into the room. “Hey Dude.” He said with a nod.
“Bob just walked in. I’ll call you back. “Where were you?’
“I went out for a walk. Why?’ He could see Gerard was very agitated.
“Have you talked to Kara?”
Bob nodded, “Yeah”
“What the fuck?’ Gerard said standing up and walking towards Bob.
Bob was shocked, “Dude, she’s my wife, I can handle this. So don’t get all up in my face about it.”
Gerard stopped, “Handle what? I don’t know what’s going on.”
Bob was speechless. He had thought Gerard was angry at what Kara had done. Hell, the guy didn’t even know about it. “What are you talking about?’ Bob finally asked.
Gerard ran his hand over his face, “I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t know shit about what’s going on. I called Monica just a few minutes ago and she said she couldn’t talk because she was at the school. She asked me if I’d talked to you.”
“Oh”, Bob said, “You don’t know what happened this morning.”
Gerard’s anger erupted, “No, Bob. I don’t know what the fuck happened this morning but Monica really sounded upset. Care to enlighten me?”
Bob crossed the room and perched on the foot of his bed. “Kara got expelled from school for punching Mike.”
“Mike? Kelly’s boyfriend, Mike?”
“Yeah, him.”
“What happened? Why’d she do it?”
Bob looked uncomfortable; “He was trying to get Kelly to leave the school with him.”
“So she punched him? That doesn’t make sense.”
Now Bob had a dilemma. He couldn’t tell Gerard what Kara had told him about Mike. He sighed as he pulled out his pack of cigarettes, “She was angry.”
Gerard took out his own cigarettes and lit one, “So what’s the rest of the story. I know you’re holding out on me."
Bob was saved from having to answer when his cell rang. “Monica, what’s going on?’ He said as soon as the call connected.
Monica had just left the school and was waiting in her car for Kelly who had gone to her locker to get her things. It was decided she should be excused for the rest of the day. “Gee”
He could hear she was crying, “Honey, what’s wrong?”
“It’s Kelly” she tried not to sob, “Mike has been physically abusing her.”
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