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There's more to life than dying (Chapter 4)

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Frerard! So Gerard knows it's frank he was talking what happens now?

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"Frank? So it was you I was talking to this whole time? So now you know that i'm in love with you...i'm sorry if i freaked you out, but I just love you so much. But it's okay, I know you'll never feel the same way, so I might as well go kill myself, it wouldn't be worth living knowing that i'll never have you," Gerard says, looking down at the floor.
Frank smiles and walks toward Gerard,
"Gerard, I thought you of all people knew how to read people better than anyone...but if you could, you'd see that I'm exactly like you in every way," Frank says. Gerard looks up.

"What're you saying?" he asks.

Frank walks up to Gerard and tilts Gerard's head so that Gerard is looking down at him, and then Frank brings his lips to Gerard's.

Gerard was in shock at first, but then he relaxed and smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Frank's waist, Frank wrapping his around Gerard's neck. This goes on for about 15 seconds and then they break apart slowly. And I mean slowly.

Then they hear applause coming from the doorway, they look over and see Mikey, Ray, and Bob clapping.

Frank lays his head on Gerard's shouler,
"What now?" Frank asks
"Well, I guess at our next concert, we'll make ourselves public," Gerard says.

Both of them really hoped that that was the right thing to do...because knowing about it themselves was more than enough...but they didn't want all the rumors going around.
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