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There's more to life than dying (Chapter 6)

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So Gerard and Frank came out to the people....

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Chapter 6

The band all went to their respective rooms, Ray getting his own, bob and Mikey sharing, Gerard and Frank sharing their room.

"So Frank...are you happy that we told everybody?" Gerard asks,
"Yeah truthfully I am. I was nervous at first...but once we told them, I felt better. It was hard keeping us a secret," Frank says, walking over to Gerard.
He sat next to Gerard on Gerard's bed, resting his head on Gerard's shoulder. Gerard leaned his head on Frank's and both men wished that this would never end.
But unfortuately, both men had to go to sleep if they wanted to continue their tour. Gerard was about to lay down in his bed,
"Frankie, aren't you going to go to sleep?" Gerard asks.

Frank shrugs and lays down next to Gerard and snuggles up to his love, "Goodnight my love, see you in the morning," Frank says, "Goodnight. I'll see you in the morning," Gerard says, kissing his lover goodnight and falling into a deep sleep.

In the morning, their alarm had gone off several times.
"SHUT UP!" Gerard yells at the alarm and throws the alarm clock at the wall, crushing it. Then he sits up and looks at his sleeping boyfriend.

He smiles and kisses his lover's cheek, getting up and taking a shower. Once he turned on the shower water, he let the hot water flowing over his body.

Frank slowly batted his eyes open, hearing the sound of shower water running, he sat up and stretched. He waited patiently for the shower to stop, and waited for his lover to come out of the shower so he could kiss him and hug him.

And within 5 minutes, Frank's wish had come true, for Gerard had gotten out of the shower, in nothing but a towel. Gerard walks out and sees Frank sitting on his bed, waiting for him. He walked over and kneeled down to Frank's height, "Hello love, how are you this fine morning?" Gerard asks, "Great now that i've seen you darling," Frank says, kissing him gently on the lips and takes his turn in the shower.

Gerard smiles as he watches his lover walking into the shower, he walks over to his dresser and looks through his clothes, looking for the perfect thing to wear. He wanted to look his best for his knew boyfriend. He wanted his makeup to look perfect. He really wanted his hair to be perfect. He now wanted everything to be perfect, because now he had a reason.

Frank came out of the shower and saw Gerard getting ready, trying to look perfect for him. He smiles at the sight and walks over to Gerard. Gerard was applying eyeliner so he didn't notice Frank coming up to him. Frank wraps his arms around Gerard's waist, watching him put his eyeliner.

Once that was done, Gerard turned around and looked into Frank's eyes. Frank looked into his eyes too and leans forward, closing the space between their faces. Both of them smile and never want this to end. They want to be together forever.

Too bad there's no such thing as forever............................
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