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There's more to life than dying (Chapter 7)

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so chapter 7. MCR is back on the road...what good can come now that Frerard has become public?

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Chapter 7

Frank continued smiling and broke away, still holding Gerard in his arms,

"Well I guess we better get ready to get on the road again huh?" he asks. Gerard sighs.

"I guess so. I just wish that we could have more alone time. You know what I mean?" he asks, Frank smiles,

"Who's to say we can't have alone time on the bus?" he asks, smiling seductively.

Gerard sighs, " know I love you...but we've only been together for a few days, I don't think we can go that far yet. I don't want to lose you by doing that," Gerard says. Frank smiles at Gerard and hugs him, sqeezing Gerard lightly...

"Hun, you couldn't lose me if you tried. No matter how much you want me to go away, i'll always be there to help you," Frank says.

Gerard smiles and slowly breaks away and they both start packing for the bus again, they hear a knock on the door and Mikey comes in.

"Hey guys you ready?" he asks,
"Yeah man, we're ready," Gerard says, taking Frank's hand. Mikey couldn't help but smile. He'd never seen his brother so happy and he was happy for him.

The three of them walk out, with their stuff stowed in the trunk, to the bus. Mikey climbed the few steps first, then Gerard, and finally Frank...only to see that the bus had been raided and invaded by Bob and Ray...seriously. There was crap EVERYWHERE.

"What did you two do? We were only gone 5 minutes?" Mikey asks, "We got bored," Ray says. Mikey sighs.

Gerard and Frank smile and make themselves comfortable on the fake leather couch, snuggling together and watching the TV...seeing more stuff about them.

"In other news, lead singer of the hit band 'My Chemical Romance', Gerard Way, has announced to the world that he's gay the other night at a concert. How does the world feel about this? We've got some people here to speak," says the news anchor.

"So, how do you feel about gay people in general?" the news anchor asks a man and a woman,

"Well I personally think that just because someone's gay is no reason to treat them any differently. Someone's sexual orientation doesn't really make them any different. Just because someone is gay, that's their preference, it doesn't make them any less of a person," the woman says. The man nods in agreement,

"Well it's to bad the entire world can't be like this lovely couple right here," the news anchor says and then goes to some other random thing...

Frank smiles, "Well most of the world seems to be pretty understanding," he says. Gerard sighs. "But you heard what she said. Not everyone feels the same way those people did," Gerard says. Guess where they were headed next?

SAN FRANCISCO...from what i've heard San Francisco is the gay part of California...that's great.
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