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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

“Isla!! You’ll never guess who I met!!” Mya whispered excitedly across the breakfast table of the hotel.

“Who?” Isla said, her voice drifting off, as she was to busy eyeing the guy up across the room then actually listening to Mya.

“Your not gonna believe me when I tell you!” She giggled excitedly like a little school girl.

This didn’t get Isla attention, Mya wondered if there was any point in even telling her, the moment was ruined.

“I met GERARD WAY!” Mya screeched.

She definitely got Isla’s attention, as well as 90% of the room.

“What?! Mya don’t make something as important as that up!”

“I’m not lying Isla!! I met him last night when I was waiting for the lift and then again this morning he came to my room and gave me his number…actually told me to call him.” Mya bragged.

Isla snorted with laughter and Mya was confused at what was so funny.


“You make me laugh! Seriously, you are the biggest bullshiter I know!” Isla chuckled.

Mya just stared at her.

“Fine then, if you don’t believe me, I’ll just call him.” She said as she pulled the piece of paper out of her jean pocket.

“Yeah, whatever.” Isla said losing concentration again.

Mya dialled the number into her phone and waited for a reply.

“Gerard? Hi it’s Mya, the one you gave your number to this morning…I’m okay thanks, you? Oh, good to hear…Am I busy later on? No, why?...Really?...Okay then…Starbucks at 2, meet you then…bye.” She put her phone down and smirked at Isla

“You’ve got to be kidding me, your meeting up with Gerard Way for coffee?!” She grabbed hold of Mya’s hand “I’ve so got to come!”

“So sorry, he only invited me.” By that she got up and walked off.
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