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Hour of Need - NOV 6

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Alicia comes through for Frank

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Jamia sat up and slowly scooted her way back towards the headboard. Moving around was getting to be more and more difficult. Once she could lean against the pillows she glanced at the clock on the bedside table. She sighed when it saw it was almost 3:00 am. The babies were not going to let her sleep, that was a fact. Leaning over, which was also a challenge, she grabbed her cell phone. Hopefully Frank would be back in his hotel room by now since it was almost midnight his time.
“What’s wrong?” He answered on the second ring.
Jamia laughed, “Frankie, nothings wrong. I just can’t sleep.”
Frank took off his jacket and threw himself down on the bed. “Shit, you scared me. It’s three in the morning there, what are you doing up? Do you feel sick?’
The concern in his voice caused her to tear up. “No” she answered in a small voice.
“Jamia, you’re crying. What’s wrong? Let me talk to Alicia.” He sat up.
“Frank, I’m fine.” She said rubbing her eyes.
“But you’re crying.” He was confused.
“I’m crying cause it’s sweet of you to worry so much. Well, that and the fact that my hormones are all over the place.”
Frank plopped back down. “Stop scaring me like that. So why can’t you sleep?”
Jamia ran her hand over her growing baby bump. “Your children are having a party. Lots of dancing.”
“That’s my kids” He smiled looking up at the ceiling.
They both were quiet a few minutes. Jamia was the first to speak.
“I’m scared.” She hadn’t planned on saying it but there it was out in the open.
Frank nodded to Mikey who had just come into the room. He also had his cell phone to his ear. “Of what?”
Jamia signed, “Being a mom. Oh wait, I guess I should go in order. First I’m afraid of giving birth. It’s gonna hurt like hell and I’m just being a baby but what if something happens during the delivery? What if something goes wrong? I love our babies.” She was speaking so rapidly Frank had to concentrate on each word. “Then these the whole raising them thing. What if we mess that up? What if we spoil them and they grow up to be bad people?”
“Slow down.” Frank said breaking in. “It’s gonna all be alright. We’re gonna have healthy babies who grow up to be good people. Remember it’s the hormones. Don’t work yourself into a tizzy.”
Jamia frowned. “A tizzy? Is that what you think this is, a tizzy? Well, let me tell you mister my concerns are very real and important. These are all things we need to talk about. We haven’t even talked about what school we’re gonna send them to. I was talking to a woman in the doctors office who already has her unborn baby’s name on a waiting list for a very good pre-school. Frank, maybe we should do that. Of course I should check out that school first. Just cause they charge a lot of money doesn’t mean the people who work there would be good for our babies.” She continued to rattle on about schools. When the word college was spoken Frank held the phone away from his ear. He glanced at Mikey.
“Who you talkin’ to?” He mouthed.
Mikey mouthed “Alicia”
Frank listened to Jamia a moment. She was still in full rant mode. Now as she spoke he was Frank, gone was Frankie. She was really getting worked up. He put her hand over his phone. “Please ask Alicia to distract Jamia. Tell her to make up something cause she pissed and getting madder by the minute. Shit, that can’t be good for the kids.”
Mikey smiled and related Frank’s heartfelt plea. Alicia laughed and said to tell Frank she’d do her best.
“Frank, are you even listening to me?” Jamia’s voice was loud enough Mikey could hear it. He made a face at Frank.
“Of course I’m listening, Honey.” Frank said praying Alicia would come through for him in his hour of need.
“Well why aren’t you saying anything? I really….hold on.”
Frank could hear her talking to Alicia. “Frankie, Alicia isn’t feeling good. I’m gonna go out to the sofa and watch a movie with her until the medicine she took kicks in.”
“Oh, okay” Frank answered smiling.
“Sorry, Hon. I really wanted to talk to you.” Jamia said suddenly sounding as sweet as candy.
“It’s okay. Alicia has been taking care of you so I guess it’s your turn to return the favor. I’m kinda tired so I think I’ll just turn in.”
“Love you Frankie” Jamia said sounding like her old self.
“Love you too. Talk to you tomorrow.” He disconnected and looked over at Mikey. “I love you wife, dude.”
Mikey laughed, “Alicia said you owed her one big time.”
“That I do.” Frank agreed with a sigh.

“Comfortable?” Alicia asked as she tucked the blanket around Jamia’s legs. She had gotten her settled down on the sofa. “Want another pillow?”
“Nope, I’m fine.” She leaned her head back and rubbed her tummy. “These kids are wild.”
Alicia smiled, “Sorry I broke up your talk with Frank. It was so late I didn’t think you’d be on the phone.”
“I couldn’t sleep so I gave him a call. He was so happy I called all he wanted to do was talk about the babies.”
Alicia nodded holding back a grin.
“So did you talk to Mikey?”
“Yeah, earlier.” Alicia said “He’s really worried about Gerard. Did Frank tell you about Kelly and Kara?”
Jamia shook her head, “No, he and I really didn’t get much of a chance to talk today. What’s going on?”
“Monica’s day started out with a trip to the high school cause Kara had punched Kelly’s boyfriend Mike.”
“Kara did what?”
“Yep, she punched him and got thrown out of school for a week.”
“Why’d she do it?”
Alicia shook her head sadly, “Cause he hurt Kelly.”
“Hurt? Like in mentally?’
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah so Kara punched him.”
“Good for her.” Jamia said angrily.
“So anyway once Kara was home Monica had to go back to the school cause Kelly told them why Kara hit him. He was trying to force her into leaving the school with him.”
“Kelly told them at the school cause she wanted them to understand that Kara was trying to protect her when she punched Mike.” Alicia shook her head sadly, “He’s been physically abusing Kelly. This wasn’t the first time.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah. Mikey was kinda sketchy on the details. Anyway when Monica got to the school that’s when she found out.”
“You know I sorta thought something was wrong with Kelly when we were over there Saturday night. She seemed so sad.”
“Yeah, shit I’m glad Kara pounded that asshole. Maybe I’ll run into him in a dark alley.”
“Hope Monica’s okay.” Jamia said thinking out loud. “This has got to be rough on her.”
Alicia, who knew Monica’s husband had been abusive, agreed. “Think I’ll call her in the morning.”
Jamia nodded, “That’s a good idea.”
“I’ve been thinking. Wonder if Mike was one of those guys outside their house Saturday night.”
Jamia thought a moment, “Maybe. Think he was trying to get Kelly to come outside?”
“Well Monica said that Kelly was grounded.”
“Come to think about it that was Kelly’s bedroom window the rock was thrown at, wasn’t it?’
Alicia gave it some thought. “Yeah, it was. Well, fuck. Now I really wish I’d caught the asshole.”
Jamia looked at her and saw the anger in her eyes, “I think he’s lucky you didn’t.”
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