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Poke - NOV 7

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When things seem all bad there is a surprise

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Monica unpacked the final box of Gerard's stored "treasures" and collapsed into the beanbag. She had hoped that working on this project would keep her mind off all the problems that seemed to be closing in on her. Kelly had been so reluctant to get out of the car this morning when she had driven her to school. It had surprised Monica that she hadn't feigned illness in an attempt to stay home. Gee hadn’t called to talk to Kelly but she was sure something important had come up. In her heart she knew how worried he was about everything that was happening.
Now looking around Gerard’s "man cave" she at least felt a small amount of pride in finishing the job. She really hoped he liked the shelving units she had purchased for his collections. A smiled appeared on her face when she glanced over at his action figures. A boy and his toys. Crawling out of the beanbag she noticed his box of art supplies and drawings. She crossed the room and lifted out the portfolio. Inside she knew was the nude drawing of Liv. Should she just toss the drawings like Gee had suggested? Unable to stop herself she located the drawing of Liv and pulled it out. Her mind went back to the conversation she and Liv had shared on the porch yesterday. Had Liv meant what she thought? Was she also a survivor of abuse?
"The man who drew that is gone now. He loves another.” The voice behind her said softly.
Monica whirled around, "Oh my God, Gee" The drawing fell to the floor as she threw herself into his arms "You're really here."
Gerard hugged her tightly, "I had to come."
Monica rained kisses over his face, "But you're supposed to be on tour. I know your next concert isn't until Thursday night but you have interviews and appearances."
He laughed as she continued to kiss him while she talked. "Bob and I figured the other guys could cover for us. This was more important."
"Bob's here too?"
"He headed upstairs. I'm sure he's found Kara by now."
"She'll be so happy to see him. I can't believe you're really here."
Gerard's mouth silenced hers. When they finally broke apart he said, "I love you so fucking much."
Without warning Monica dissolved into tears. Gerard understood and simply rocked her until her sobbing lessened. "It'll be okay, baby."
"Oh, Gee. I don't know what to do. He hurt my baby and she let him. Just like I let Kyle hurt me."
"You were protecting your children."
"What fucking good did it do? I never wanted them to know the truth and they both know."
He was surprised by the anger she had for her own actions. "Stop it. You did your best."
"No. I was scared. I should have stood up to him."
"Monica, he would have killed you. How would that have helped your children?"
She had no answers. She simply laid her head on his chest and cried as he held her tightly wrapped in his arms.

Bob bounded up the stairs, anxious to find Kara. He stopped at her door, listening for signs of activity within. All quiet. Maybe she wasn’t in there. He quietly opened the door. At first he didn’t see Kara and started to back out of the room intent on checking the rest of the house. Before he could shut the door the sound of light snoring reached his ears. Ah-ha. He re-entered the room and dropped his bag to the ground. His beloved was taking a late morning nap and snoring to beat the band. Pookie was looking up at Bob, pleading to be released from the strangle hold that Kara had him in.
Bob pause for a few seconds just staring at Kara as she slept. He sat carefully on the edge of the bed and removed his shoes. He went to the edge of the bed, leaned over and carefully removed Pookie from Kara’s grip. She frowned in her sleep. He slid into bed under the sheets, kissing the palm of her hand as he moved it so he could lie facing her. He leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose, causing her to crinkle it in her sleep. That wasn’t quite the reaction her wanted so he kissed her several more times looking for the correct response. Kara, still sleeping, did respond, softly moaning.
“Pookie? When did you get here?” Kara’s voice was thick with sleep and desire.
“Hi there Sleepyhead. I was beginning to wonder if you would ever wake up.”
Kara smiled. “I’m glad you’re here. You are here, aren’t you? You aren’t a dream?” She then proceeded to stab Bob in the shoulder saying “Poke, poke, poke”
“Ouch, stop poking me. I’ll show you who’s really here.” He eased Kara back onto her pillow, kissing her deeply. “Now it’s my turn to poke you, Mrs. Bryar.”

Kelly had endured several hours of school when her name was called to come to the office. She gathered up her books and walked towards the door.
“She’s probably gotta go cause Rooney’s throwing someone else out of school. Someone who touched her.” Jake, one of Mike’s friends, said loud enough for the rest of the class to hear. There was snickering until Mr. Adams called out Jake’s name.
Kelly ducked her head and continued on. In her haste she dropped several of her books by the door. She grabbed the books off the floor and made it to the hall when she heard her name being called out.
“Uh, you dropped this too.” He had followed her out into the hall and was holding a folded piece of paper.
Kelly knew his name was Luke and that he was her age. That was all she knew about him. Well she did know that he was very artistic and several of Mike’s friends made fun of him when the art teacher would praise his work. He handed her the notebook paper that had fallen out of her book.
“Thanks” she said softly.
He nodded and looked up. Kelly found herself looking into the most beautiful pair of green eyes she’d ever seen. He brushed the black hair away from his eyes. “Just ignore the idiots.” His voice was rich and deep.
Kelly nodded and gave a small smile, “Yeah, I guess that might work.”
Luke looked back down, “Works for me.” He turned and went back into the classroom before she could thank him. She could hear several of the guys teasing Luke before the door completely closed.
Kelly sighed and walked on towards the office. As she pushed open the door she looked up. “Dad” she hugged him despite the books in crock of her arm.
“Hey Kell.” He hugged her back.
“Mr. Way I hope you understand when we had to call Kelly’s mom to okay you taking Kelly out of school.” The secretary said.
Gerard nodded, “Yeah, not a problem.” He turned to Kelly, took her arm and led her out of the office.
“Nothing’s wrong is it?”
He smiled, “Bob and I thought we'd come home for a short visit. We gotta be in Seattle on Thursday."
Kelly smiled, "I'm so glad you're here."
“So where do you wanna go for lunch?” He asked as they made their way across the parking lot to the car.
“Is Mom gonna go with us?"
“I thought just you and me could have lunch together.” He looked down at her, “That’s okay isn’t it?”
Kelly smiled "Yeah, that's okay." It was more than okay.
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