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Breaks My Heart - NOV 8

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Gee and Kelly have a heart to heart talk

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“I can’t believe you left the tour to come home.” Kelly said before taking a sip of her Coke.
“I thought you might need me.” Gerard said softly reaching across the table to touch her cheek. “You, Kara” he paused "and your mom.”
Kelly looked into his eyes and nodded. “Yeah.”
“Kell, it’s gonna be all right. You did the right thing by telling the truth.”
Kelly bit her lip, “It was hard but when I heard the terrible things Mike was saying about Kara I knew I had to.”
“He was talking shit about Kara?”
“In the lunch room he was saying all kinds of nasty things about her. He was acting like he had no idea why she punched him.”
Gerard leaned back in his seat. “Kell that shouldn’t have been the only reason. You had to tell for yourself. You have to understand that in no way do you deserve what he did to you.”
Kelly looked down again but remained silent.
“Look at me.” Gerard said. He waited until she looked up. “Can you honestly tell me that you don’t understand what a wonderful girl you are?’
Tears sprang to her eyes. “I’m nothing special.”
Gerard was shocked by her words. He shook his head sadly, “Why do you feel that way?’
She was trying so hard not to tell him the truth. She shrugged.
He looked at her a moment, “Is that what Mike tells you? Does he tell you that you are noting special?”
“Not at first.” Her words were coming fast. “When we first started dating he was so nice to me. He told me how pretty I was and how sweet. Then something changed. I know his friends didn’t understand him dating me. He broke up with his girlfriend who’s the head cheerleader to date me. He said it was cause he felt like he and I connected.”
“So when did things change?”
Kelly brushed away a stay tear, “About a month ago when he started drinking more. He would blow me off and go to parties without me cause he knew Mom wouldn’t let me go. He was mad when I wouldn’t go. He just said I should lie that it was no big deal, that everybody lies. Then he’s tell me about all the fun he had and start talking about all the girls who were there.”
“Trying to make you jealous.” Gerard said quietly.
Kelly nodded, “I guess but it made me feel bad. He was my boyfriend and it wasn’t right he had to go alone.”
Gerard sighed, “ It wasn’t right he wanted you to lie and do things you aren’t supposed to do.”
She sat silently refusing to look up from the table.
“Tell me what’s going on. I’ll understand.”
“You won’t” Kelly said shaking her head.
“I know how high school can be. I remember how shitty some kids act. Hell, I sure wasn’t popular.”
“It wasn’t the same for you. You had friends right?”
He nodded, “Not many but the ones I had were good, close friends. They were outsiders like me.”
“They were like you. You didn’t have to question why they were your friends.”
Understand began to dawn on him. “You think your friends only like you cause of the band.” He said softly.
Kelly took a deep breath, “One day in the bathroom I heard some of the cheerleaders talking. They were all saying how they couldn’t understand what Mike was doing dating me. They said all kinds of things about Kara and me. That we were just spoiled bitches. That the only reason either of us Kansas hicks had any friends was cause of MCR. I snuck out before they saw me and went back to my locker. Mike was waiting for me. I told him what they said.
“What did he say?”
“He said that that was not why he loved me. That he couldn’t care less who my dad was.”
“Did you believe him?’
“I did. I wanted to believe him so much. I was so lucky to have a popular boyfriend who cared about me.”
“So you think that because he’s popular that makes him better than others?” His words sounded harsher than he intended.
Kelly looked at him, “No.”
“Then what Kell? Why would you stay with a guy who hurt you? Was it because it was so important to be accepted by the popular kids?”
Tears ran down her face, “I just didn’t want to be an outsider. I wanted to fit in.”
“Even if it meant staying with a guy who hit you?”
“He didn’t mean it.” She started to say.
Gerard angrily cut her off, “If he didn’t mean to hurt you, he wouldn’t. Kelly stop it. Just stop. Don't defend his actions."
Kelly hated that he was angry with her. "I'm sorry." She whispered as she got up quickly from the table and rushed across the restaurant towards the restroom.
Gerard leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Shit, he thought I'm fucking this up. He sat racking his brain trying to think of what to say to her. She's so much like her mother; never wanting to hurt anyone’s feeling, taking the blame for things because she believes it's somehow her fault. Shit, he had to say the right things to her. After several minutes she returned to the table with a freshly washed face. Her smile was shaky. "I'm sorry. You came home to cheer me up and I'm just being stupid and crying like a baby.
He waited until she sat down to speak. "I came home because I wanted to make sure you were okay. I wanted to make sure you knew how much I love you.” Suddenly he had an idea. “Kell describe yourself to me. Pretend I don't know you at all. Tell me who you are."
She gave him a puzzled look. "Describe myself?"
He nodded, "Yeah, tell me all about Kelly."
"Please, just do it." The waitress arrived with their food and they both sat quietly until she departed. "Okay, start."
She looked uncomfortable. "Uh, well I'm sort of average looking. I do okay in school but I'm not a brain. I've got a sister who's older, prettier and smarter. She’s married to a really nice guy who loves her so much. My mom is beautiful and kind. She’s always doing stuff for other people.” Kelly stopped a minute and then continued, “ My dad is the singer of a popular rock band.” She smiled, “He’s pretty cool and I know he really cares about me. He makes me feel safe.”
Gerard smiled at her. Kelly decided to add what she was thinking hoping it wouldn’t upset him. “I've also got a little sister who's pretty and smart. I’m glad she’s part of our family." she paused "That's it."
He sat for a minute thinking about her answer. He had surprised him when she had added Elle but it somehow felt right. "Kell did you listen to yourself? You described the people you love in such a good light but what about yourself?
She frowned, "I told the truth."
Gerard shook his head, "Ask me to describe my family."
Kelly was wondering where this was going. "Okay. Tell me about your family."
He took a sip of his drink then began, "I'm in love with a beautiful woman who cares more for others than herself. She loves her children and me fiercely. Now the children. There is Kara. She's beautiful and smart and I'm working hard to make her trust me cause I've messed up. At one time she trusted me and I hope one day to have that trust back.” He cleared his throat. “ My youngest is pretty much a mystery to me. Hopefully soon this will change. I know the rest of my family loves her and I want that connection too. Then there is my middle daughter. She is just as beautiful as the other two but there is something very special about her. She tunes into other people's emotions. Sometimes she can even feel things that are going to happen before they do. That's great but sometimes it makes her feel different and I think that scares her. So she tried to fit in and be like everyone else. Sad thing is she's such a wonderful girl but she doesn't realize it and it breaks my heart."
Kelly listened to his words and soon the tears were flowing again.
"I meant every word. You are so special but you need to believe it. You need to love yourself Kell. You need to believe in yourself. Never let anyone hurt your body or your spirit."
She sat looking down, "I love you, Dad,” she whispered.
He reached across the table and with his finger lifted her chin. "I love you Kell. You are a beautiful person. Believe in yourself. Never and I mean never let anyone make you think any other way."

“So dude what did you old man say?”
Mike laughed, “I told him what happened. That the bitch punched me cause I was dating her sister and she didn’t like it. He’s pissed.”
Dylan looked out the car window and wondered where they were headed. Mike had picked him up after school in his dad’s new car.
“So what did he say about Friday night?”
“I told them about that as soon as they got home. Figured they should hear the story from me and not the fucking cops.”
Dylan looked over at him, “You told them you were drinking?”
“Fuck no” Mike said, “I told them I was sick and Kelly begged me to let her drive us home.”
“But the cops..”
“Hey, they had not proof I was drinking. They didn’t give me a breathalyzer cause I wasn’t the one driving.” He laughed as he took a turn much faster than the posted speed, “My mom was all upset and shit. She wanted to know if I was feeling better. She’s so fucking clueless.”
“So I guess you got a week off from school and it’s all good?”
“Fuck yeah, it’s all good. It also gives me time to think about how I’m gonna get even with that bitch Kara.”
Dylan watched the passing scenery fly by the window. “Maybe you should just let it go.”
Mike took his eyes off the road to glare at him, “Are you fucking kidding me? The bitch broke my nose. She’s gonna pay. Her and Kelly. They think they are hot shit cause of Gerard Way.” He snorted, “Like who the fuck cares?”
Dylan was smart enough not to point out to him that just a few days ago Mike thought being related to Gerard Way was cool. “He came and took Kelly out of school today.”
“What? Who took Kelly out of school?”
“Gerard. I was walking by the office and saw him.”
“Kelly told me he wasn’t gonna be back in town for a couple of weeks.”
“Well I saw him today.”
“Fuck, that’s not good.” Mike blew through a stop sign causing another driver to hit his brakes and horn. Mike flipped him off.
“Well I guess I’ll just have to be extra careful.” Mike said thinking out loud.
Dylan looked over at him, “What the fuck are you planning?’
“Nothing too much right now. Just a friendly reminder that you shouldn’t fuck with people.”
Dylan shook his head, “Still think you should just let it go.”
Mike punched the gas making the car shoot past a slower vehicle. “I’m not gonna let this go. I did Kelly a fucking favor, dating her. She ain’t gonna treat me like shit and get away with it.”
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