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You Wear Me Out - NOV 10

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Alicia admits she's sick and Bob and Kara enjoy some time together.

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“So what did you think?” Jamia asked as they walked out of the matinee. “Was it just me or did that ending make no sense at all? I mean, really. He couldn’t go home again because someone had moved it?” She continued on with her discussion of the movie never noticing that Alicia hadn’t contributed one bit to the dissection of the plot.
Once they were in the car Alicia spoke, “So wanna get something to eat?”
“Sure, sounds good. What kind of food?”
Alicia started the car. “You pick today.”
“Mexican.” Jamia answered quickly. “That sounds so damn good. Lots of spicy food to make my little jumping beans really move.” She patted her belly.
“Mexican it is.” Alicia agreed. They chose one of their favorite restaurants.
Once they were seated and had ordered Jamia sat back and looked closely at her friend, “So what’s wrong?”
Alicia looked around the restaurant. “Nothing, I’m just tired.”
“You sure?” Jamia wasn’t buying her answer.
“I just don’t feel very good.” She took a sip of water and sat back.
“So why are we here?”
“Cause you need to eat and I didn’t wanna have to cook tonight.”
Jamia frowned, “Look why don’t we get out food to go. We can go back to the apartment and you can rest.”
Alicia smiled, “That’s what you are supposed to be doing.”
“What do you think is wrong? It’s not that 24 hour flu going around is it?”
“Hope not. Cause I’d hate to be around you if it is. I don’t wanna have to watch you puke.” She teased.
“So do you have any idea what it might be?”
Alicia tried not to lose her patience. “I’m just tired. I had to stay up late last night with a friend.”
“Excuse me, I was the one who had to stay up late with a friend.”
“See, we’re both just tired.” Alicia grabbed a chip, dipped it in the salsa then popped it in her mouth.
Jamia watched her closely. “Talk to me” she said softly.
Alicia sighed, “Look I just can’t be sick right now. Mikey’s gone and I’m taking care of you. This sucks.”
“Frank told me once that you’ve had some bad problems with your kidneys. I didn’t think you still did. Is that what you’re worried about?”
“Look I’ve had chronic nephritis for years. It started with a strep throat infection, that didn’t pass through my kidneys correctly. The doctor said it got "caught" in my kidneys. It became a severe kidney infection with kidney stones. Fuck I was so sick for about six months. I went to the hospital so many fucking times and they just kept testing. They even thought I might have lupus since my case was so severe.”
“Shit, I didn’t know it was that bad. Frank told me you’d had some problems but he didn’t say it was that bad.”
Alicia nodded, “That’s cause I hate to even think about it. Finally I started going to a specialty doctor once a week. Shitty thing is, because the first time it went undiagnosed for so long it caused severe scarring on my kidneys. So now, it happens much easier. I really have to be careful. And I have been.”
“But you think something is wrong with your kidneys now, don’t you?”
“I’m not sure. I mean I’m tired as fuck and my back hurts. Those are two symptoms I always get. Shit, I just can’t be sick now. Not with Mikey gone.”
Jamia understood how she felt. “I know you don’t wanna be sick with him away but I’m here for ya.”
Alicia smiled, “I know that. I’m just in bitch mode.”
“So take out your cell right now and make a doctor’s appointment.” Jamia’s tone was commanding.
“I will when we get home.”
“I said now, Alicia. Look you promised Frank you would take care of me. Well, I promised Mikey I would take care of you. Call.”
Alicia popped another chip in her mouth, “Bossy”
Jamia nodded, “Yep, I am.” She watched Alicia as she waited for the number to connect. She did look pale.
Alicia spoke to the receptionist a few moments. When she ended the call she looked over at her friend. “There. You happy now?”
“Tomorrow afternoon at 1:30.”
“Good, now that’s taken care of don’t you feel better?”
Alicia glared at her, “Fuck no. Now I feel worse cause if something is wrong I’m gonna have to tell Mikey. I can’t keep shit from the guy, He always knows when I’m not telling him something.”
“Cause he knows you so well.” Jamia said with a laugh.
“Yeah, but I worry about him so fucking much. I don’t want him worrying about me.”

The sensation of fingers playing lightly over his chest broke thru Bob’s sleep. As he gradually drifted toward consciousness, the fingers were replaced by a tongue teasing his nipples. A smile played on his lips. He opened one eye to see Kara gradually working her way down his check, trailing kisses lower and lower. His pleasure was evident. He closed his eye again, enjoying the sensation as Kara reached her ultimate goal. He groaned, straining to meet her lips as they enveloped his shaft. Her mouth moved over him. She drew back, instead teasing the tip of his penis, licking off the few drops of liquid already glistening on its head. Bob groaned, relishing the sweet torture. Kara laughed and moved back up his body, straddling him as she kissed him deeply. He could taste himself on her, the sensation bringing him to the brink. He grabbed her hips, looked into her eyes as he thrust into her. Kara sat up, arching her back, squeezing her muscles in response to his rhythm, urging him on. He met her silent challenge, thrusting deeper. Their tempo increased until Kara cried out, her climax sending him over the edge. Kara collapsed against his chest. She buried her head in the crook of his neck, purring with contentment. Bob pulled her closer and they lay entwined savoring the afterglow.
Bob kissed the top of Kara’s head. “Hey, I’m hungry. How ‘bout you?”
Kara lifted her head and pretended to be annoyed. “I guess the honeymoon is over. I’m losing out to food now.” She tweaked his nipple for emphasis.
“Ow. Christ woman. Watch it. Give me a chance to get my strength back. You’re wearing me out.”
Kara gave a Cheshire grin. “Good answer. Guess I’ll let you live.” She sat up. “Okay, Big Boy. Let’s get you some sustenance. I wouldn’t want you to fall over dead from malnutrition or anything. ‘Cause…” She walked her fingers up his chest. “I’m not thru with you yet.” She tapped him on the nose.
Bob immediately went spread eagle, closing his eyes and sticking out his tongue, feigning death.
“Very funny.” Kara laughed, slapping his stomach. Bob curled up, clutching his midsection and laughing, totally spoiling the effect.
The couple quickly got dressed. As Bob watched Kara pull on her sweats, he noticed that she was favoring her right hand. It reminded him of the reason he’s come home. Her hand must still be tender from yesterday.
They made their way to the kitchen where Bob promptly deposited Kara at the table.
“What do you want to eat? Bob asked while digging in the refrigerator.
Kara looked over at the microwave. “Is that the time?” It was later than she’d thought. “Let’s have something light for right now. You wanna go out to dinner?”
“Sure. Where do you want to go?” He pulled eggs out of the fridge, intent on making an omelet.
“I don’t care. You pick.”
Bob searched the fridge for more ingredients. He settled on ham and cheese. He found a bowl and quickly mixed the ingredients as he preheated the pan.
As he poured the egg mixture into the pan, Monica came into the kitchen.
“Hi, Monica. Want some eggs?”
“No, thanks. I just came in to find some batteries. I’ll be out of your hair in a minute.” She dug in the junk drawer until she found some AA’s. She left without saying anything to Kara.
“Kara, the eggs are almost done. Why don’t you grab some drinks for us?”
“What do you want? Orange juice? Milk? Grape juice? Coke?”
Kara pulled two glasses out of the dishwasher and carefully poured it. She picked up both glasses, but immediately dropped the one in her right hand, wincing in pain.
“Crap.” She set the remaining glass on the table before finding a dishtowel to clean up the mess. As she tried to mop it up, Bob came over.
“Go sit down and eat.” He took the towel away and guided her back to the table. Kara sat but didn’t eat. Instead she watched Bob as he cleaned the counter. He turned, surprised to see that she wasn’t eating. “Hurry up and eat before it gets cold.” He poured himself another glass of milk and sat down. He became concerned as he watched Kara eat. She was holding her right hand in her lap, choosing to only use her left hand. He didn’t say anything until she’d finished the meal. After he took the dishes to the sink, he sat back beside her.
“How bad does your hand hurt?”
“It’s not bad. Just sore.” The hand was still hidden from view.
“Let me see it.” He held out his hand.
Kara brought out her hand and placed it in his. It didn’t look too bad, a little red (especially at the knuckles) and somewhat swollen. As he closed her fingers, Kara cried in pain and jerked out of his grasp. He pulled her hand back.
“Where exactly does it hurt?” She pointed to the back of hand.
“Can you wiggle your fingers?”
Kara tried, but quickly stopped dissolving into tears.
“Kara, what did the doctor say about it?”
“I haven’t seen a doctor.” She mumbled.
“Why not?”
Kara just shrugged.
“Come on. Grab your jacket. We’re going to get that looked at.”
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