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Is it simple enough…

Julian stuffed my bags into the back of his black SUV while I sat in the front seat waiting. From the airport to the car I didn’t utter one word to him. Suddenly the car door opened, he hopped in and started the ignition. I could feel his gaze on me, I turned my head to look at him. “Why are you staring at me?” A grin spread across his face. “Your face, its changed since you left.”
“Well it has been a year and a half since I’ve been gone. I wasn’t expecting to come back.”
His fingers drummed the steering wheel of the car. “ Its not that you look older, you look confused…” It was the truth I was highly confused, but how the hell could he tell. I’ve been so good at hiding it. I shifted in my seat uncomfortably, bothered by his tone. I cleared my throat. “Why did you come pick me up?” I asked annoyed by his presence. “Well, your mom called me. She knew Eric wouldn’t get to it’ she knew I would be reliable.” he smiled. “Give it a break Julian. I would appreciate it if you could tuck your ego away.” His smile faded, he didn’t say anything for the rest of the ride.


We pulled up to my oversized and overpriced home. I stood in the driveway looking up at it; 3 stories tall, 7 bedrooms, too many baths, why did I ever leave? You’ll see soon enough.

Julian and I stood on the porch waiting for someone to answer the door. The doorknob started to move; the only one who keeps me sane opened the door. “Heather!” I lunged towards her grabbing her in a big bear hug. She laughed hysterically, the laugh I missed. “I’m glad to see you too Heidi.” Finally I let her go motioning for Julian to bring the bags in. I looked around the living room but there was no one else. “No one was here so I let myself in with the spare key.”
I rolled my eyes. Of course they wouldn’t want to be here when I arrived. I’m the disgrace of the family. Julian sat the bags down on the couch and plopped down on it. Heathers looked at me confused. “What is he doing here?”
“Blame it on my mother.”
While Julian was distracted by some music documentary Heather and I took my bags up to my room.

The old place…

Surprisingly excited I pushed the door open. I hadn’t been in my room since the day I started art school; it looked exactly the same. The walls were still a deep purple, covered in band posters and pictures of old friends. I sprawled out on my old Persian rug while Heather unpacked my bags for me. It was like old times, me and her in my room hanging out.
“So what’s been going on in Tulsa the past year and a half?” I asked slightly interested.
“Not much. I did have a boyfriend for more than month, but ya know me! I don’t like to be tied down.” In her words; she was in it for the sex. I laughed, totally expected of her.
“What about Julian?” I asked curiously.
“Not that you would care but he’s missed you to pieces.” I quickly shot up looking over at her.
“Sit. Tell me all about it.” She dropped the clothes she was folding and sat down to begin the gossip. Wow…22 year olds gossiping.
“The day you left with Gerard , Julian called me in hysterics. All he kept saying was how much he loved you and how he made a mistake by letting you go. I told him straight up that you were over him. For a while there he would call me every night about you and I would hang out with him. Just to make the pussy feel better.”
“He sure didn’t acted extra happy to see me at the airport.” I looked at her somewhat disappointed. “Of course not. Ever since he got the news you were coming back he switched over to man whore/ egotistical pig.” I nodded my head. “Seriously?”
“Yep. I’ve seen him with a different girl almost everyday, I’m sure he’s sleeping with all of them. Look what you’ve done to the poor boy.” I shook my head. “It wasn’t me.”
She looked at me knowingly. “Yea, right. He was madly in love with you. You kind of broke his heart going off with Gerard; we should finish these clothes. I have work but I’ll be back later to see you.” I smiled. “No rush. I’ll be here for a month.”

Just play the game…

After Heather left it was just Julian and I; my parents still hadn’t shown up. I sat down next to him on the couch, I sat there staring knowing it would bother him. “Heidi, you know I hate that.”
“Why do you think I did it for?” he looked over at me briefly then back to the television. The credits of the documentary started to roll down the screen. Julian turned the TV off, setting the remote down on the coffee table. He leaned back against the cushions looking over at me with a mischievous grin. “Want to go to a party?” I sighed. “Might as well. Doesn’t look like my parents are expecting me anyway.” He got up heading for the door, car keys in hand. “Hold it. I have to make a call.” He chuckled sarcastically. “The significant other?”
“If your talking about my boyfriend Gerard, then yes. Don’t’ try anything on me tonight.” He stepped closer to me. “I won’t.” I could tell by his tone that he probably would anyways.
I walked to the kitchen for privacy. First I call Gerard.
“Baby!” I was actually happy to hear his voice. “Heidi! I wish you were here love, some of the fans were wondering where you were.” I smiled to myself. “Well send my love. How’s the band doing?” “They are all doing great; since you left Mikey invited Alicia on the tour.”
“That’s great. Will I see her when you guys break?” He laughed. “Since Mikey is attached at the hip with her I’m sure you will.” I was happy some one would fill my space and maybe Alicia could keep Gerard from drinking too much. “Good.” Suddenly I could hear Frank in the background begging for the phone. “Frankie wants to talk to you. But I have to go sign more stuff so call me tomorrow.” I almost had the guts to tell him about Julian but I didn’t.
“Hello?” Franks voice made me feel even better. “Frank! I miss you already.”
“Same here doll. How’s the home life so far?” “I haven’t even seen my parents, I don’t think they want to see me.” I sighed into the phone. “Don’t worry, the band is your real family anyway. So what are you doing tonight.” I started to bail but I had to tell him. “My friend Julian is taking me to this party.” “Oh really? Please don’t do anything you will regret.”
“If you think I’m going to fuck somebody then you are thinking the wrong thing. I love you, I won’t mess up what we have.” The signal on the phone started to fade out. “Love you too. I will call you alter tonight.” I had something to look forward to. “Okay, bye.”
I hung up and walked back to the living room. Julian looked up at me. “Took you long enough.”
“Lets just get out of here.” He got up and locked his arm around mine. I gave him a look of warning. “I won’t” he responded quickly. We made our way to the party.
In a way I had a feeling I would regret my choices for the night.
Should I keep writing?
Thanks for reading.
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