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Chloe and Ferdinand

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Who is Chloe and Ferdinand? Why should you care? Why am I asking these questions?! idk.

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NN (New Narrator): Hi I’m the new narrator! We left our characters somewhere in Du WeldonVarden. Let’s see if they’ve found any elf cities yet.


NN: See, everyone told Roran that they were playing hide and seek and left him here. The gang is now miles away, where they could not hear him.

-Now with everyone-

Eragon: I feel kind of bad. After all he is my cousin.

Catie: You didn’t feel bad when Murtagh went away and he was your brother.

Eragon (defensively): That’s different!

Arya (speaking like she doesn’t know she’s saying it aloud in a dreamy voice): Hmm I miss my Ferdinand. Whee! –Spins around like in the beginning scene in Sound of Music holding the ends of her shirt like a dress (the shirt is reallllllllllly long like a dress or a tunic and she has leggings underneath)-

Everyone: Who’s Ferdinand?

Arya: Did I say that out loud? –with a oh no expression on face-

Katrina: Yeees.

Arya: (in an in-love voice) oops silly me!

Katrina: As I mentioned earlier I figure out obvious things that other people may sometime not realize, but what is the plot of this story?

Catie: Hmm I don’t know but I better think of one soon or else we’ll be wandering around Du WeldonVarden aimlessly…
(which they have)

NN: All of the sudden, HP comes rushing up!

Hp: HI!

Everyone: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arya: I love you!

NN: They all turn to look at Arya when she says that

Katrina: Huh?

Arya: Ferdinand!

HP: Chloe!

(Ferdinand and Chloe are their names for each other so if they speak of each other aloud they call themselves that (uh, did anyone follow that but me?????))

Eragon: Allison!

Katrina: Robby!

Catie: Ned!

NN: their just saying random names now… (credit to libi (Yay go libi))

-Eragon Katrina and Catie laugh so hard they fall on the ground and laugh and bleed their stomachs out and die. Thankfully no one stays dead in this parody so they just pop away and pop back. They think this is even funnier so they laugh more and the process continues until they have done it 23 times.-

(yeah. Shorter chapter.)
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