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Cooties - NOV 13

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Gee spends time with Elle. Kelly has problems at school.

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Kara paused the movie to answer the phone.
“Kara, let me talk to Mom.”
“She’s not here. She took Elle and Gerard to the park.”
“I’m coming home sick. Do you think you could come get me? Here, talk to the nurse.” She put the nurse on the phone.
“Who is this?”
“I’m Kelly’s older sister.”
“Would it be possible for you to pick up your sister from school? She’s really not feeling well today.”
“Of course. My husband and I will be right there.”

“Oh my God. Is she ever gonna slow down?” Gerard said as he fell into the chair across from Monica. For the last twenty minutes they had been in the Play Place at McDonalds letting Elle run free. Only thing was, she didn’t want to run free alone. She wanted Gee to play with her.
Monica laughed, “Kids are so fun at this age.”
Gerard rolled his eyes, “Fun? Is that what we’re calling it? First she ran me and Frank around the park all morning. I swear, I must have pushed her on the swing about a million times. Now this.” He looked around then added, “I can’t fit through those plastic tunnels.”
Taking a sip of her coffee Monica realized just how happy Gerard looked while he was ranting. She was going to point that out to him when he spoke.
“Think we should get a swing set for the backyard?”
Monica smiled “Yeah, Hon. I think we should.”
Gerard was watching Elle talk to another little girl about her age. “Damn, she’s so cute and smart.”
“Just like you.” Monica said leaning across the table to give him a quick kiss..
“Yucky, Mommyca. Boy’s gots coodies.” Elle was standing at the table watching them closely.
“Cooties?” Gerard laughed.
“Elle who told you that?” Monica asked
Elle pointed to the little girl they had seen her talking to a moment ago.
“Oh, well you can’t believe everything you hear.” Gerard said reaching out and tapping the end of her nose lightly.
Dissolving into giggles Elle ran off towards the tunnels again. Monica looked at Gerard and noticed a sad look now covered his face. “What are you thinking?”
He shook his head. “Nothing really. Just wondering what she looked like as a newborn. Fuck, I don’t even know where she was born.” He took a sip of Coke. “When are we taking her back to Liv or is she picking her up.”
Monica hadn’t addressed this issue with him yet. “I’m taking her back to Liv at 5:00.”
He caught the wording, “You are taking her back. Why are we taking her back?”
Monica sighed, “Cause I promised Liv I would bring her back alone.”
Gerard looked back towards Elle. “Does she really hate me that much?” He asked quietly.
“No, Gee. I think she really loves you that much.” His head snapped around and he stared at her. “It hurts her to see you.”
He shook his head, “No, I think you’re wrong.”
“Kelly thinks so too.” Monica said sadly.
Gerard looked back at Elle. “It doesn’t matter.” He whispered.
In her heart Monica knew that it did.

“So what did the doctor say?” Jamia had been getting worried the more she waited for Alicia to return from he doctor’s appointment.
Alicia threw her purse down and shrugged. “They’re gonna run some tests. I had to go get blood drawn.” She sighed, “Same old shit.”
“So when will you know anything?”
“Jamia, calm down.” She smiled at her friends concern. “They’ll call me in a few days.” She slipped off her shoes. “Think I’m gonna go lay down. Mikey promised to call me after he does some phone interview. I’m gonna nap until he does.”
Jamia nodded as she watched her friend lay down on the sofa. She walked over, covered her with a blanket and tried to quell her fears. It was hard. Alicia looked even paler then she had yesterday. There was definitely something wrong.
“Thanks” Alicia said snuggling down into the blanket.
Jamia stood looking down at her.
“I’m fine, Jamia.” Alicia said without opening her eyes. She could sense Jamia’s concern.
“You better be. No getting sick on my watch.”
“Just tired.” Alicia answered with a yawn.
Walking into the kitchen Jamia got a glass of water and sat down at the table. She wished with all her heart Mikey was here. God, she thought, please don’t let anything be wrong with Alicia that can’t be fixed. Mikey and Alicia had been through enough. They needed some happiness.
She jumped when the phone rang. Luckily it was still ringing when she finally reached it. Moving was getting harder and harder. Her spirits rose when she heard Frank’s voice.
“Hey” She said breathlessly.
“So, what’s happening little mama?” Frank sounded so happy it made her smile.
“Not much. Just sittin’ here.”
“So what’s wrong?” Frank asked his tone changing.
“Frank all I said was ‘not much. Just sitting here’.”
“I know the tone of your voice. Out with it.”
Jamia glanced into the living room to make sure Alicia was sleeping. She lowered her voice. “Are you alone?”
“Not exactly. Ray’s across the table with me. Well, okay I guess I’m alone. Ray doesn’t count as a life form.”
Ray threw a pen and hit Frank square in the chest.
“We’re waiting to do some interviews. Mikey’s already doin’ his.”
“Alicia is sick. We don’t know yet but she thinks it has something to do with her kidneys.”
“Shit. Has she gone to a doctor?”
“She did but they are running some tests so we don’t know anything yet.”
“Obviously she hasn’t told Mikey. He’s in a great mood today.” Frank said meeting Ray’s eyes. He quickly told Ray what Jamia had told him.
“No she doesn’t want to worry him.” Jamia took another drink of water and sat back down at the table.
“Hey, don’t get all upset. I’m sure she’ll be okay.” Frank was trying to downplay the whole thing. It would be bad for Jamia if she started stressing.
“Yeah, just don’t say anything to Mikey. I shouldn’t have told you.” It was true sometimes she really wished she and Frankie weren’t so connected. It made keeping secrets impossible. She still cringed at the memory of keeping her pregnancy problems from him last time he was gone. It had been a nightmare.
“I will. Hey, they called me in. I’ll give you a call later, okay?
“Sure. Love you Frankie.”
“Love you too.” He disconnected and looked over at Ray.
Ray shook his head. “It’s probably nothing.”
Frank nodded, “Yeah, I hope that’s true.”

Mikey sat down and took a calming breath. Solo interviews always made him nervous. At least this one was by phone. That made it so much easier. Luckily the interviewer had a keen sense of humor and made Mikey feel at ease. He answered questions about the tour and The Black Parade CD. There was still time left so the interview asked some unusual questions.
“What’s the best beach in New Jersey?”

Mikey thought a moment. “If would have to be Wildwood. It’s one of the few beaches in Jersey where you won’t step on a hypodermic needle.”

“Ever gotten lucky on a beach?”

Mikey thought about the last time he and Alicia had walked along in the sand. He cleared his throat. “I found a $20 bill once.”

Would you ever rock a Speedo?”

Mikey almost choked on the sip of CokeZero he had just taken. “If someone put a shotgun to my head.”

“Ever have a regrettable summer hookup?”

“Regret is a sign of weakness. Oh, and girls have cooties.”

“What’s your favorite ice cream truck song?”

The Godfather Theme. Yes, in Jersey, many an ice-cream truck played the Godfather Theme.”

“How do you keep your makeup from running onstage when you get sweaty?”

“I don’t. At the last show eyeliner and sweat streamed into my eyes and I was partially blinded.”

“Ever do socks and sandals?”

“You wouldn’t catch my cold dead body with sandals on.”

There was one final question.

“Is there a body part you hide during the summer?”

“All of them.”

Author Note – Yeah, Mikey’s interview is a real one. I thought it was so funny I had to include it. - SanDee XOXO
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