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I can't be in love!

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Somethings bugging atlanta but what? kinda obvious what the stories about...

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I seem to keep spewing these stories out lately instead of doing homework which I will be doing tomorrow…possibly… well anyways I wrote this because I’ve kinda got the same problem :P except I don’t have a psychic friend ..that I know of and none of my friend are battling an evil god of time. Anyways on with the story.


Atlanta stared up at the ceiling of her room for what had felt like hours she had been doing this more and more and she didn’t know why. It had been well over a year since she had met the others and became close friends with all of them. Theresa the only other girl descendant in their dorm came in with a plate of food.

“Hey,” she said cautiously “I just thought you might be hungry since you missed supper.” she said sitting down on the bed handing her the plate.

“Thanks” she said quietly setting in on her bedside table. “I had a lot on my mind”

“So we’ve noticed,” she said smiling. “So what’s on your mind” she asked innocently

“Well…” she began awkwardly “I have uhhh this friend who’s worried because she’s been treating her guy friend differently, and uhhh she asked me for advice,” she tried

Theresa laughed “So your saying your friend likes one of her guy friends? Right?” she said

“No!” Atlanta blurted out going a little red. “She doesn’t like him in THAT kind of way.”

“Oh really” Theresa said sarcastically “So did she used to pick on this guy and treat him like a brother?” she commented casually.

“Uhhh maybe I guess I wouldn’t know…” Muttered Atlanta quickly stuffing her mouth full of food before she said anything else stupid.

“Well, If she used to pick on him like she would a little brother but doesn’t anymore I would definitely say she had feelings for this guy” she mentioned slyly. She grinned to herself at the sight of Atlanta’s reaction.

“WHAT!!!!” she said choking on some potatoes “No she can’t like this guy” she said desperately “She uhhh… could just have got sick of teasing him” she suggested.

“Well if she stopped teasing him then that’s definitely a sign that she likes him it shows she cares about his feelings.” she answered seeing Atlanta getting more and more nervous.

“No way friends can care about each other” she said trying hard to find a way around what Theresa was saying.

“Well to a certain extent your right” she admitted “But as long as she hasn’t found herself starring at him and thinking about him a lot more than usual.” She said watching Atlanta carefully for any reaction.

Atlanta sat there trying to hid her expression of absolute horror. She couldn’t come up with any way to get around this. Her mind thought back to the weekend when she and the others had gone to the beach. Archie still refusing to go any farther than up to his knees in the water, no matter what she had done to motivate him. She had found herself starring at him a lot that day how handsome he looked… wait what was she doing! Her mind yelled angrily at her and forced her thoughts of Archie to go away.

It was then that Atlanta realized Theresa was still there sitting next to her and she had gone bright red.

“A HA!” Theresa shouted triumphantly a huge grin on her face. “I knew I could get it out of you sooner or later!”

“No its not what you think!!!” protested Atlanta desperately. “I don’t like him that way!”

“Oh really…” she said Smirking “ Then tell me why, you refused to stay with Pan, you’ve stopped picking on Archie, and the whole time we were at the beach I saw you starring at him with this weird look on your face. I knew you were checking him out!” she asked a baffled Atlanta.

“Alright, Alright you caught me,” Atlanta admitted turning a shade of red that wasn’t even in the spectrum. “I don’t know how it happened I just started doing this over time and now… I don’t know what to do.” she said quietly.

It’s ok Atlanta you don’t have to beat yourself up about it” Theresa said kindly.

“It’s just I should have fallen for him it was stupid it’ll ruin our whole friendship!” she said angrily “Why did it have to be him? Why did this have to happen?” she said miserably.

“You can’t force yourself to stop liking him Atlanta your feelings don’t work that way” she told her firmly. “You just have to learn to accept it” she said getting up of Atlanta’s bed. “Now if your just going to mope around all night then I guess I might as well go.” she said halfway out the door.”

“I guess now I know how you feel about Jay…” Atlanta said quietly to her.

Theresa blushed a little as she closed the door a small smile on her face.


There ya go hope I wasn’t to miserable. :P Any suggestions on what will happen Next you the readers will DECIDE!!!!!!

DUN DUN DUHHHHHHH!!! (in other words I’m doomed what maybe 3 people will read this and comment)

Korikian 0-0

p.s. yes i will admit to liking one of my best guy friends. I feel rather stupid for doing so :( but who hasn't?
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