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I hate summries they're either boring or they spoil the chapter...

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I decided to update early so here it is.


Atlanta opened her eyes, It was still dark she glanced over at her clock, it flashed 5:37. ‘Great’ she thought sitting up. ‘I might as well get up and go for a run’ she thought it might be good to clear her mind of everything Theresa had said the night before.

She got up and went over to her closet pulling out her usual outfit. Putting it on as quietly as possible she crept downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and a box of cereal.

She sat there eating silently for a while deep in her thoughts ‘I understand what Theresa is saying but it just can’t be true, I can’t be in love with him! Never’ she said firmly to herself. Suddenly someone’s hand was waving in her face.

“Hello Atlanta anyone in there,” asked an rather worried Archie.

Atlanta jumped back so suddenly she fell off her chair along with her cereal landing heavily on the floor with a thud. She looked up at Archie going slightly red.

“Are you alright?” he said looking down at the girl he loved sitting on the floor along with the last bit of her breakfast in a small puddle next to her. “You seem really out of it today” he said offering her his hand.

“No you just scared me” she said quickly trying not to blush more than usual. She looked at him and noticed he wasn’t wearing a shirt and was still in his pyjamas. Realizing she was checking him out she quickly let go of his hand causing her to slip.

Archie reached out to catch her but slipped on the cereal and before they knew he knew it he was lying on top of Atlanta.

Atlanta looked at Archie and for that spit second she felt her heart skip a beat. she had to get out of there and fast! Shoving Archie of her, she got up quickly and ran out the door. Leaving a very confused Archie still lying on the floor.

“Atlanta?” he said sadly. Starring at the door.


Atlanta ran as hard as she could her heart pounding she couldn’t seem to get the image of Archie out of her mind.

‘How could I even think that about him!’ she screamed in her head as she ran away. ‘ I have to get outta here before I ruin our friendship.’ she said heading to the only place in New Olympia that felt to her like home. The forest.

“I’m so sorry Archie.” she said tears streaming down her cheeks.


Aint I a stinker? I knew it would be rather painful for whoever reads this I mean all what..2 of you.
I can’t believe that I’m still gonna write this I mean it’s kinda based on what’s going on with one of my guy friends. I know a lot of people have gone through this so all the better to write about it. I might just be extra specially nice and update again on Monday we have it off but I may still be doing a rather important project which I should be working on anyway. I hope you liked this chappie and my writing skills aren’t totally horrible.

“Stories are Dreams written out for the world to see”

Keep the Dreams alive and keep writing!
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