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Gaydar anyone?

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Read this...It's going to get pretty funny here soon.

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This chapter kinda jumps a little bit but I have a point to the end just'll be good I promise.

‘Okay so we have to wait for five minutes?’ Brendon asked as Chelsea handed him the test before he put the cover back on the bottom setting it down on the counter as Chelsea washed her hands.


‘What about this doesn’t feel right?’ Brendon asked as they sat in the floor in front of the sink.

‘Just something, I don’t know.’ Chelsea started, ‘Call it a mother intuition but something just isn’t right.’

‘It’ll be fine baby, we shouldn’t be worried about it, the stress isn’t good.’ Brendon said as Chelsea laid her head on his shoulders while she held his hand.

‘Five minutes.’ Brendon said setting his phone down on the phone before turning around and reaching up for the stick. Brendon held it facing up and read ‘Pregnant’ written on the screen, ‘We’re pregnant.’

‘We’re pregnant again.’ She said laying her head back down on his shoulder.

‘What do you think it’s going to be?’

‘I have no idea.’

‘How are you feeling today?’

‘Sick, I’m freezing, I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach.’

‘Well let’s go lay back down.’ Brendon said standing up and helping her up and taking her into their bed.

‘Hey mom.’ Chelsea said into the phone as Brendon showered three hours later.

‘Hi sweetheart, how’s New York?’

‘I’m not sure, I haven’t seen too much of it yet, I’ve been in the hotel room since we’ve been here.’

‘Is Brendon not taking you out?’

‘No, I’ve been kind of sick.’

‘Did you take the test?’

‘Yeah mom, I’m pregnant again.’


‘Something doesn’t feel right about it mom. I’m not sure what is wrong but something doesn’t feel right.’

‘Maybe it’s your body’s way of telling you that something will happen to your baby.’

‘What do you think will happen?’

‘I don’t know babe but your body has a way of telling you when something is wrong.’

‘What should I do?’

‘Honey just wait and see what happens, you may just be overacting.’

‘But what if I’m not?’

‘If you really feel like this, sweetheart, just watch how you feel and how you act; if you have a fever, if you feel cramps, anything that is different from the first time you were pregnant then keep an eye on it.’


‘Where is Brendon?’

‘He’s in the shower; he has some press to do in a couple of hours.’

‘Are you going to go with him?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘You should go, you probably need to get out of the hotel and get this off your mind.’

‘You think so?’

‘I do, it’ll be good for both you and him.’

‘How is Thomas doing?’

‘He’s doing well; I don’t think he or you father have gotten up out of that chair since you two have been gone. The only time Thomas moves is to eat, take a bath, or get his diaper changed.’

‘Some how that doesn’t surprise me, he and Brendon love the lazy days. They sit around watching cartoons all day long.’

‘That’s pretty much what your father has been doing. We took him to mass yesterday and poor baby his cheeks were pink by the time we got out of there, they’d been pinched so many times.’

‘Aww, I bet he likes the attention he’s getting from his grand-parents.’

‘I’m sure he is.’

‘Alright mom, I’m going to get ready to go with Brendon, I’ll call you tomorrow.’

‘Alright sweetie.’

‘Give Thomas hugs and kisses for us.’

‘I will talk to you tomorrow.’

‘Love you Chelsea, give Brendon our love too bye sweetie.’

‘Bye mom.’ Chelsea said as Brendon walked into the room kneeling on the bed and kissing her neck.

‘How’s Thomas?’

‘He’s good, being lazy with dad as usual.’ Chelsea laughed as Brendon moved to the other side of her neck.

‘I should have guest as much. Did I hear you say you were going to come with me today?’

‘I need to get out of this hotel room.’

‘We have rehearsal.’

‘Okay.’ She whispered as Brendon laid her back on the bed.

‘What is with you all of a sudden?’ she giggled.

‘I have this amazing wife so I figured I’d love on her a little bit now that I don’t have to worry about getting sick.’

‘I see.’ Chelsea laughed as Brendon looked down at her.

‘So you really think there is something wrong with the baby?’

‘I do, I feel it.’

‘Maybe it’s a way of telling us we shouldn’t have so much sex.’

Chelsea laughed as she rolled out from under Brendon’s towel clad body, ‘I’m sure that’s it get ready to go stud.’ She said walking into the bathroom.

‘Hey Chels.’ Spencer said as she caught him in the elevator after Brendon had opted for the stairs with Ryan.

‘Hey Spence.’ She smiled standing next to him.

‘How are you feeling?’

‘Much better.’ She smiled as the elevator ran slowly down towards the lobby.

‘Ready for the show?’

‘I guess so, I’m kind of ready to go back home.’

‘Are you and Brendon okay?’

‘We’re good.’ She smiled as the elevator doors dinged.

‘Hey baby, what took you so long?’ Brendon joked as Chelsea gave him a look, ‘Or not.’ He said as the smile was replaced with a frown.

‘Let’s go guys.’ Ryan said as everyone followed him out.

Chelsea climbed into the car and into the very back of the van as Brendon followed, ‘Hope you guys don’t mind Brendon and I are just going to make out.’ Chelsea said before grabbing Brendon and beginning the 30 minute long make out session as Ryan and Spencer rolled their eyes from the seat in front.

Chelsea sat in a chair in the middle of the arena that the boys were rehearsing in as Brendon warmed up his vocal cords while prancing around the stage while Ryan and Spencer, once again rolled their eyes. Chelsea’s stomach had been feeling a little queasy lately and during the day. As Chelsea sat contently watching Brendon her stomach felt like it was turning over. She slowly got up and turned around looking at Rob, a roadie as he pointed her towards the bathroom. Soon Chelsea broke out into a run towards the bathroom making it in front of the toilet just in time to empty all of her stomach contents into the porcelain white bowl. She sat down against the wall breathing heavily as the door opened and Brendon walked in.

‘Chelsea?’ he asked looking under some of the stalls. She put her hand on the bright red door and pushed it open looking at him.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Throwing up has never hurt so badly.’ She whispered with her eyes shut and her head against the wall.

‘Come on, let’s go lay you down.’ He said picking her up bridal style and walking out of the bathroom towards the back room where there was a couch.

‘Hey Rob, can you get a damp cloth?’ Brendon asked as Rob held the door open for them.

‘Yeah sure.’ He said scurrying off to find a cloth for Chelsea’s head.

‘I’m sorry I interrupted your rehearsal.’

‘It’s alright, we were about to take a water break anyway.’ Brendon said soothing her hair back from her eyes, ‘Why don’t you get some rest, rehearsal is almost over, when I get done we’ll get something to eat and spend the evening together.’

‘Okay.’ She smiled.

‘Alright, I love you.’ Brendon smiled before planting a soft kiss on her chapped lips.

‘I love you.’ She smiled.

Brendon got up and turned around to find Rob, ‘Hey here is the cloth.’

‘Thanks.’ He said turning around and putting it on Chelsea’s forehead before kissing her lips one more time and starting out of the room, ‘Do you think you could keep an eye on her for a little while?’

‘Sure, no problem.’ Rob smiled before Brendon walked out. Rob sat down on the coffee table and picked up a magazine.

‘I’m sorry he’s making you my babysitter.’

‘It’s okay, I really don’t mind, I don’t like doing manual labor, it makes me sweaty.’ Rob said as he grossed his legs.

‘I see.’ Chelsea said with a smirk on her face.

‘Tell me about yourself Rob? I mean we see each other all the time but I don’t really know you.’

‘Well what do you want to know?’

‘Where are you from?’

‘Miami Florida. Where are you from?’


‘Should have guessed that one.’

‘Do you like touring?’

‘I would like it a whole lot more if the people on this tour were a little nicer to me. So far the only people who are civil are you and the boys in the band. Everyone else has a big stick up their butt.’

‘I know. Don’t worry, unless you play in instrument in the band they are like that to everyone.’

‘They are like that to you too?’

‘Oh yeah, they’ve always been like that to me.’

‘Hmmm, I would think, seeing as how you and the lead singer are together and all, they would at least be a little nicer to you.’

‘Oh no, not at all.’ Chelsea started.

‘So why are you sick?’

‘I’m pregnant.’

‘Whoa! Does the baby daddy know about this?’

‘Brendon? Yeah he knows.’

‘Well you’re just a regular slut now aren’t ya?’ Rob joked. On usual bases that would really bother Chelsea if someone were to call her a slut but for some reason, it didn’t bother her when Rob said it.

‘I am not. We have a one year old at home and we’re married.’

‘Newsflash to me.’ Rob said moving over to sit next to her, ‘How long?’

‘Almost four years.’

‘Oh yeah, I remember you guys getting into trouble about that. Bob Waters is a regular bitch.’

‘I know.’ Chelsea said with a knowing smile towards Rob…

’He’s gay.’ she thought in her head before Brendon walked back into the room.

‘Ready to go?’ he asked with sweat running down his forehead.

‘Yeah.’ She said standing up, ‘I will talk to you later Rob.’ She said with a wink.

‘It’s a date.’ He smiled before she walked out of the door taking Brendon’s hand as they did so.

‘You seem to be feeling better, what happened with that guy, did you have sex with him? How was it?’

Chelsea walked around the corner to a deserted hall way and pushed Brendon against the wall crashing her lips to his. He didn’t argue as he met her lips it a fit of passion, ‘I could not have sex with another man and still feel that way about you. But I do have a feeling about Rob.’ She smiled before kissing him again.

She pulled off Brendon and took his hand continuing down the hall as he caught his breath and looked at her with a glint of lust in his eyes: It was going to be a long night.
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