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Really sick.

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Chelsea's sickness continued to get worse. It's even starting to take a toll on the marriage...or is it?

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Chelsea and Brendon laid low through out the rest of the trip in New York City. Chelsea’s morning sickness was much worse than it had been when she had Thomas. By the end of the trip, Chelsea along with Brendon was more than ready to get home. As promised, Chelsea and Rob had continued to spend a lot of time together but Brendon still didn’t know that he was gay though he had come out to Chelsea.

‘I’m so ready to be home.’ Chelsea whined as she lay in the back seat while Brendon drove to her parent’s house.

‘I know you are baby.’ Brendon mumbled as he looked out the window at a red light.

‘I’m so tired of being sick like this. I hate throwing up. I hate morning sickness. I hate being pregnant. I hate kids.’

‘Honey, I know you are just tired of being sick.’

‘Was I ever this sick with Thomas?’

‘Not that I remember.’

‘Well then, obviously something is wrong with this baby.’

‘Honey you’ve gone through a lot of stress in the past couple of months, it’s probably just a mix of being pregnant again and the stress.’

‘I just want this to be over and done with.’

‘It’s alright baby. We’re going to go home, get our baby, and then we’ll go home and lay low for a while until we tour again.’

‘I’m ready to be home.’ Chelsea said as he pulled into the drive way. Chelsea got out of the car with Brendon taking his hand as they walked towards the door knocking gently.

‘My baby!’ Chelsea smiled as she picked Thomas up in her arms while he smiled resting his head against her shoulder, ‘I missed you baby, I missed you so much.’

‘Hey little man.’ Brendon said ruffling his hair back and kissing the top of his head.

‘Dada.’ He giggled reaching out for his father.

‘I missed you buddy.’ Brendon whispered kissing his head again.

‘Are you feeling any better?’ Chelsea’s mom asked.

‘No not really. I just don’t remember being this sick with Thomas.’

‘Have you made a doctor’s appointment?’

‘No not yet. I’m going to call them when we get home and get Thomas back into the house and such.’

‘Alright well let me know.’

‘Thanks for keeping him while we were gone.’ Brendon said while he held Thomas.

‘Oh you’re welcome. You know we love spending time with him.’ Mrs. Reeves smiled as she pushed Thomas’ hair back.

‘We’ll see you later mom. Thanks daddy.’

‘Welcome baby, we’ll see you guys later.’ Mr. Reeves said as they all walked out the front door.

‘We haven’t seen him in a week and he goes to sleep as soon as we get home.’ Brendon whined as Chelsea carried the baby in.

‘I’m sorry sweetie.’ Chelsea whispered walking up the stairs to put Thomas down.

‘I’m going to call and make you a doctor’s appointment.’ Brendon said.

‘I can do it babe.’

‘It’s fine.’ Brendon said kissing her softly before walking into the kitchen.

‘Hi this is Brendon Urie; I need to schedule an appointment for my wife Chelsea.’ Brendon said into the phone as Chelsea walked into the room and put her arms around Brendon’s waist from behind as he stood facing the counter.

‘Alright Mr. Urie, when can she come in?’

‘She needs to get in as soon as possible if that is possible.’

‘We have an appointment open tomorrow at 11:30.’


‘what’s her name?’


‘Alright we have her down for tomorrow at 11:30.’

‘Thanks.’ Brendon said and hung up the phone turning around in Chelsea’s arms, ‘Tomorrow at 11:30.’

‘Okay sounds good.’ She smiled.

‘Anything else I need to take care of for you? Do you want me to put your clothes away for you? Fold your panties?’

Chelsea laughed before standing up tall to kiss him, ‘Do you know what.’

‘No but I bet you’re going to tell me.’

‘I love you.’

‘Oh you do huh? Are you sure you love me?’

‘I’m pretty positive. I could be wrong though.’

‘How much do you love me?’

‘A lot.’

‘A lot huh? How much is that?’

‘Well I could tell you or I could show you.’ She smiled taking his hand and leading him up the stairs. Chelsea pushed Brendon down on the bed pressing her lips to his in a hard passionate kiss.

‘What is this? Baby you’re bleeding.’ Brendon said after he had removed her panties.

‘It’s probably just spotting, I’m pregnant Brendon.’ Chelsea said.

Brendon sat back up and looked up at her, ‘What?’ she asked.

‘You’re bleeding; you never bled like this with Thomas.’

‘Brendon I’m fine.’

‘Baby, I don’t know how I feel about you bleeding like this and us having sex.’

Before Brendon could re-think what he said Chelsea had run to the bathroom to throw up, ‘I hate this.’

Brendon walked in and held her hair back as he let out a frustrated sigh while Chelsea began to cry. She got up off the floor and walked back into the bedroom, ‘What is the matter with you now?’ Brendon asked.

Chelsea just continued to cry as she changed and walked out of the room and into the guest room where she slammed the door. Brendon looked at the door for a minute with a confused look, almost waiting for her to come back in. He rolled his eyes and decided to leave it alone thinking it was probably just a side effect of her pregnancy. He walked over and crawled back into bed.

After almost an hour of tossing and turning, Brendon flipped the light back on, unable to sleep. He looked over at Chelsea’s side of the bed and rolled his eyes again before throwing the covers back and walking down the hall in his boxers towards the guest room where Chelsea was at.

Brendon opened the door quietly, as the room was right next to Thomas’ bedroom and slowly walked in seeing the silhouette of Chelsea lying on one side of the bed. Brendon walked over and climbed onto the bed and under the covers with her, ‘What are you doing?’ she whispered as they faced each other.

Brendon soothed her hair back behind her ears, ‘Baby tell me what’s wrong. Talk to me.’

‘I’m sorry I’m sick like this, I’m sorry that we can’t have sex, I’m sorry that I can’t go twenty minutes with out throwing up, I’m sorry about it all but you don’t have to be mean about it.’


‘I feel like this pregnancy is taking a toll on our marriage. I feel like you’re mad at me all the time. I know you want to have sex, I want to have sex too, I feel like you don’t’ want to be with me anymore.’

‘Chelsea, there is no one else that I would rather be with. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t want to have sex because that would be a lie but you’re more important to me, I’m not mad I’m just worried about you.’

‘I just want to be better again. I want to be happy again.’

‘We’re going to go to the doctor tomorrow and find out what is wrong with you and then we’ll be okay again.’


‘I promise.’ He smiled before kissing her and pulling her closer.
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